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Three months later…

Juggling being a mom, a college student, and having a fiancé who is still a high school student/ werewolf was a lot of work. But being all those things made me the happiest person alive and I wouldn't have it any other way. Even though I don't start college until this fall, I've started prepping by taking some summer classes.

Emily is a big help and the rest of the pack when they have free time often baby-sit Percy. Embry and Quil are with him most often. He has the whole wolf pack wrapped around his tiny finger, which is getting bigger every day. He seems to have a taken a real liking to Embry and Quil. I wouldn;t be at all surprised if he grows closest to them considering they are Jacob's two best friends.

Emily gave birth three weeks ago to fraternal twin boys Jason Shamgar and Galen Uley. Shamgar is the Hebrew word for sword. Now that Sam is a father I think it's softened his heart of steel and made it less black.

Renee finally got to meet Jacob. She told me she thought he was 'very hot' and 'a very charming guy'. When she shook his hand for the first time she commented on how warm he is. He lied that he had a rare but non-life threatening medical condition that causes an abnormally high body temperature of about 108 to 110 degrees. She believed him, which makes her more gullible than I thought she was, but now that I think of it, it is a rather good cover up. I think she also liked that Jacob is Native American.

Today was the day I had waited for many years; the day Jacob and me would exchange our vows. Everyone I knew was in attendance: the whole pack, Angela, Jessica; who is now dating Mike, Ben, Renee and Phil and probably half of La Push. All of the Cullen's were there too. They even helped us plan the wedding. I couldn't forget them for both Jacob and me knew this day would have never come if it hadn't been for Edward. We never would have escaped Volterra. That cities name still frightens me every time I think of it and how close we came to losing each other.

We arrived at the church around ten. Alice, Esme and Rosalie made the final adjustments to my white dress.

''Bella you really do look magnificent. You and Jacob are going to be so happy together.'' Alice said joyfully.

''I agree. You and Jacob are perfect for one another and you have a wonderful child. He looks a lot like Jacob. I envy you in some ways Bella. '' Rosalie said.

''Don't be envious Rosalie. Even though it didn't work out between you and Edward it doesn't matter. Your happy Bella and that's all that matters to Edward and the rest of our family.'' Esme said with a kind heart that made mine feel a whole lot better.

''Thanks guys I hope we'll stay friends. This day would have never come if it hadn't been for Edward and the rest of your family.'' I said as Alice handed me the bouquet of flowers.

''I hope so as well Bella. We'll be leaving Forks soon but we'll come back to visit on occasion.'' Alice said with sadness in her voice.

''Where are you moving too?'' I asked.

''Juneau, Alaska.'' Rosalie answered. Just as I was about to reply Charlie walked in who was wearing a beautiful tuxedo.

''Bella you do look fantastic. I have dreamed of this day since you and Jacob were kids. I knew it was inevitable. Your old man's wish has come true at last. I never thought my daughter would first have a vampire for a boyfriend and then wind up marrying a werewolf.'' Charlie said with hint of laughter and much joy. How did he know Edward was a vampire though? We never told him the Cullen's were vampires.

''Charlie how did you know?'' Alice asked.

''I figured it out. You don't give your old man much credit do you? Werewolves are the enemy of vampires. I came across a book you left at the house last week. It had a story in there about the Cold Ones and the Quileute's being descended from wolves. I then recalled how you told me once Edward was never in school when the sun was out, how pale he always seems to be and how cold he is to the touch. I put all the pieces of the puzzle together. '' Charlie announced. I was wondering when and how he'd figure it out. The book I left at his house certainly helped even though it was technically a violation of the treaty.

''I'm amazed you put that all together.'' Alice said.

''Being a being police officer certainly helps.'' Charlie said.

''I'll see you guys inside.'' Alice said as she and Rosalie and Esme left the room.

''You have no idea how overjoyed I am this day has come. You and Jacob were meant to be from the moment you first met.''

''Thanks dad, I know.'' I said as joy overwhelmed me from within. Charlie linked his arm with mine as walked towards the doors. The organ began to play as the doors opened and everyone stood up as Charlie walked me down the aisle. The rest of the pack and their imprints were our bridesmaids and bridegrooms. I looked at Jacob standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me. He had the most beautiful smile on his face as well as a beautiful tuxedo Alice rented him for the wedding. She rented tuxedos for the rest of the pack as well. As we walked down the aisle I felt a very strong feeling of joy that this was meant to be. I reached the end of the aisle and Charlie went to sit down. Jacob placed his blazing hands in mine and the priest spoke.

''Dearly beloved we are gathered here today in the sight of God to join this man and this woman in the bond of holy matrimony. If there is anyone who could show just cause as to why these two should not wed please speak now or forever hold your peace.'' The priest paused for a moment. Jacob was glancing towards someone with only his eyes. I glanced with only my eyes to see Edward smiling. It was quite a joyful sight to see that. Edward did say once he only wanted me to be happy and as long as I was he would be too.

''Do you Jacob Black take Isabella Swan to be your lawful wedded wife and to honor her and be faithful to her and care for her in times of sickness and in health?''

''I do.'' Jacob said placed the ring on my finger.

''Isabella Swan do you take Jacob Black to be your lawful husband and honor him and be faithful and care for him in times of sickness and in health?'' The priest asked of me. I laughed internally at the part about sickness. Jacob's high body temperature protected him from illness so I wouldn't need to worry about that.

''I do.'' I said with a smile as I placed the ring on his finger.

''Then I pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Black. You may kiss the bride.'' The priest said as Jacob gave me the passionate kiss he had ever given me to date. I was now officially Isabella Marie Swan-Black. Everyone applauded as we kissed. I knew Jacob probably wanted to quit being a wolf so he could spend the rest of his life with me but Jacob and the pack as well as I knew that would not be possible for some time to come probably several decades or longer perhaps. As long as Jacob kept phasing I couldn't age. When I tossed the bouquet Kim Connweller was the one who caught it and immediately gave Jared a huge passionate kiss.

We had our wedding reception at the Hall at La Push the same place Sam and Emily had theirs. We did all that is traditional at a wedding reception. When it came time for the first dance I starting thinking out loud. The song we selected for the first dance was At Last by Etta James. After all we had been through together especially the last two years it seemed like the perfect pick. .

''This day almost never came. I was ready to give up everything to join the vampire world. I have always loved you Jacob. I have since you were a little boy. That day you were hurt badly in the field it made me I realize what had been in front of me all along. You rebuilt my broken heart and brought me back from the brink of depression. I saw the light before it was too late. If I had chosen him years later I would realize what I had given up and there would have been no going back. True love begins with friendship first. It was right when I thought I was going lose you I realized how much I love you. You are my personal sun. You are the light of my life Jacob Black. I can't be without you. I love you very much. At last you are mine and I am yours.''

''I knew from the moment you fell off that bike and you said I was sort of beautiful this day was unavoidable. I love you too Bella Swan. You are my soul mate. We were meant to be. I love you too.'' Jacob said with his beautiful smile.

''You're right Jake. From that moment on there was no stopping this. You cannot stop destiny. You and me have our happy ending. I love you so very much.'' I said with a smile as I kissed him again.

''That we do. I love you too Bella very much. '' He said as he kissed me with his warm lips.

In that moment I thought maybe there are relationships out there between vampires and humans that work out but my place is in the werewolf world. At last my dreams had come true. I had found true love and true happiness. He was and always will be my Jacob. This love is the kind of which I thought only existed in fairy tales. At last my happy ending had come. Together we were joined as one, inseparable and together for all time. The boy I had loved since childhood was my husband and we have a beautiful son who will one day grow up to be a werewolf. What more could I ask for? I have everything I ever wanted. My life is perfect at least for now.

A/N: If only Eclipse could have ended like this. Although this is the last chapter Bella and Jacob's story isn't over. Their story will be continued in the sequel The Ultimate Werewolf.