Characters and concept belong to Stephanie Meyer. That said, I have made one MAJOR change in her world and taken a look at the repercussions as I saw them. More on the scenario at the bottom. Suffice it to say, Carlisle's only son is Jasper. This is his story.

I stared blindly at the sandwich before me. I followed the holes created by the exhalations of yeast in the pristine white bread, trying to remember why I was here. Why had I agreed to this? My memories quickly dredged much worse hells that I had endured, and I blinked, bringing my current purgatory back into focus. At least I wasn't fighting for my life. At least I wasn't fighting myself. I was just actively ignoring the constant dull burn in my throat that meant it was a weekday - another day of High School.

I heard the conversations around me without really listening to any of them.

"Can I steal a chair?"

I looked up from my sandwich to the freshman in front of me. He flinched and started perspiring. Damn. My throat throbbed a little as his scent intensified. I felt the anxiety tearing at him.

"No, go ahead." I picked up the sandwich and brought it to my mouth, breaking eye contact. I also made an effort to be less scary, gave the guy a little confidence, just enough to get him out of my face. I dropped the sandwich again as soon as he was gone. That was my gift; I could scramble peoples emotions. I could also sense them, which I generally considered a curse.

Teenagers. I wondered that I hadn't developed a complex myself after being bombarded by self-doubt, anxiety, frustration, sexual frustration, depression and out-right fear for two years. Some days, I was sure my father was the only contented creature on the planet.

Speaking of sexual frustration, cue cute girl, enter stage right.

"Hey, Jasper? Do you have your notes on you from Calculus? I think I missed some of it."

I slowly turned my head, preparing for the increase in lust my eye contact was likely to cause. Jennifer Deering was one of the few unattached seniors who hadn't tried her luck in the last two years. Maybe she realized time was running out.

"Yeah." I pulled my bag into my lap and grabbed out the notebook that held my math doodles. She wouldn't even open it, I was sure. As I handed it over, I made a point of grazing her hand with mine.

I saw and felt the effect. Her forearm broke out in goosebumps and her pulse sped up. Adrenaline flooded her system in an instinctive fight-or-flight response.

She was no fool; she flew. "Thanks. I'll have this back to you before next period."

"No rush." I set my bag back on the floor.

My other curse, courtesy of a vampire named Maria, was the desire to eat the lovely girl who only wanted a date, as well as the strength to crush her head when I kissed her. Not exactly the most attractive or stimulating of relationship traits.

The overall timbre of the room changed, lust on the rise. I almost growled as I fought my body's natural response. What the hell had gotten everyone so horny and excited? There was a sense of anticipation and giddiness.

For the first time today, I listened to the conversations around me.

"... Chief's daughter. She moved back with him. Why would she want to live in Forks?"

"Isabella Swan, but she prefers Bella. She's really shy."

"I'm telling you, I need to get a piece of that."

I groaned quietly - a new girl. No wonder the testosterone quotient had just tripled. I would have expected some catty jealousy from the female student body, but they didn't seem intimidated by the new arrival. Why?

My gaze slowly took in the entire room. I let my eye linger on the new girl half a second longer than anyone else. I looked back at my sandwich while I contemplated what I had seen. A pretty girl, somewhat plain, no doubt the reason the girls weren't having territorial responses. She wore little to no make-up. Her brown hair was loose and simply styled. She wore a plain cotton shirt with long sleeves. No diva here. So what were the guys hung up on?

I dared another glance and she was just rising. Ah. She had a body like any boy's wet dream. Even if she didn't dress it up, it was hard to hide the perfect curves she had been graced with. If she had wanted, Isabella Swan could give any of the girls in this school a run for their money. As it was she assumed the girl-next-door allure that was tempting almost every male in the room.

I sighed wondering how long it would take them to get over it.

"Thanks, Jasper." My notebook landed next to my sandwich with a thump.

"Anytime, Jenn." I tried smiling and sending her a little confidence as well; not enough to try again, just enough to not be scared to approach me. I liked being aloof, but I wasn't out to frighten people.

Isabella Swan didn't cross my mind again in the next twenty hours. I was on my way to Calculus when I heard a book clatter to the floor and a hushed, "Crap."

I sighed, feeling the familiar lust cum anxiety that inevitably came with an ogling girl. As I inhaled, though, the burn in my throat rose from a dull ember to flame. I spun toward the scent. My feet took an inhumanly fast step toward her. Then my brain caught up with my body, and I stopped. Carlisle had warned me this would happen. So many humans over so many years, I'd dulled my senses to their differences. All their blood was the same to me, all tainted by their final emotions, fear and remorse being most common. Now, after nearly six decades, I was sensitive to the particular aroma of Isabella Swan, as I now saw she was. I was not going to give in to the thirst. I'd made Carlisle move on enough times. However, I did hold the breath I had, not wanting to test my limits.

I saw her Spanish book under my toe and pulled my foot back, bending to retrieve it.

She stooped at the same time, and I took the opportunity to diffuse this situation as I had the previous day with Jennifer. I stretched my hand over the cover of the book to brush her fingertips with my own. I didn't meet her gaze, waiting.

After a second, I did lift my eyes to hers. Her emotions hadn't changed. She was feeling awkwardly embarrassed and mildly attracted.

Mildly? What the hell?

Then the lust rose and I felt bad about meeting her eyes. I pulled my hand back and continued on my way. She hadn't been afraid of me, hadn't felt endangered by my presence. That had never happened to me before.

Isabella Swan filled my thoughts for the next twenty hours, several of which I spent discussing her with Carlisle. Through the years, I'd heard tell of a number of flight responses from his patients. Everything from requesting another physician — no big deal — to jumping off tables and fleeing the room — not a great idea when your gown has no back. He didn't seem entirely surprised by her lack of response, though. "I have had that happen with a few patients. Usually when they are so completely overwhelmed by whatever situation brought them to me."

"She dropped her book. I don't think she was overwhelmed."

"True. No response at all?"

"Not until I looked her in the eye."

"And what happened then?" Carlisle had his doctor cap on. He wanted a symptom run down. It wasn't that complicated.

"She got turned on."

"Oh," was all he answered.

I rolled my eyes. He was so used to being an unnamed ER doctor that he probably didn't even notice the hearts he sent fluttering. I did whenever I was in the room. Damn that man could drop panties had he wanted to. Neither of us wanted to. Humans were just too fragile. Kate had been a nice handful when we'd stayed with the vampires in Denali, but I hadn't even considered taking any of these high school girls up on their offers. It hadn't been a problem; one ice cold touch and they ran for the hills.

I wondered what I was going to do about Bella Swan, as she preferred to be known. I decided, just before jumping in my Viper, that I wouldn't worry about it. She'd only been mildly attracted, possibly nothing would come of it. And why the hell was she only mildly attracted anyway? I was sex on legs for Christ's sake. Well, except maybe all the scars I sported, but she couldn't really make those out with her eyes anyway. I had been good looking before I was a vampire, I was goddamned gorgeous now. Who the hell was she?

I shook my head. Teenagers were giving me a complex. I zipped into the parking lot and took the spot next to a god-awful red Chevy pickup that looked like it should have been scavenged and scrapped decades ago. It made my car look even prettier next to it. I smiled a little at my fast and shiny car. It was completely inappropriate for Forks, but I didn't give a damn. My Dad was a doctor; I could claim money. Not like he had anything other than me to spend it on anyway.

Now that I was looking at my car, I looked at the truck again. I didn't remember it. I was pretty sure I would have noticed that hunk of junk. I looked over the box but didn't see the driver on the other side. Maybe this afternoon.

The day was dull, like so many were. I really couldn't wait to finish this high school crap and maybe do something useful with my days. I could never do anything like Carlisle, with actual blood, but I could definitely put that psychology degree from Colorado State to use. Hell, even just slapping together houses would be more productive than sitting here listening to Berty drone on about Romeo and Juliet. Did the man have a romantic bone in his body? He wasn't even particularly excited by the topic. At least Senora Goff got into what she taught. It didn't matter that I was already fluent, I enjoyed sitting in that class because she enjoyed teaching it. Amazing what you can endure as an empath.

I hurried to my car, but didn't jump in. I was really curious who had the self-confidence to drive that into the lot. And there she was, Bella Swan. I had already guessed but appreciated the confirmation. She was flanked by a couple of girls and trailed by a blonde boy. The girls seemed happy enough, strange in and of itself. Swan was down though. Homesick maybe? That would make sense. She said her goodbyes and hopped into the Chev. I'm pretty sure she didn't even see me. I could have sworn I heard people saying she was shy, and she certainly had an unassuming demeanour, but when she turned that engine over, I knew this girl had guts and didn't actually give a damn what other people thought of her. That thing roared like a tiger smoking Camels. I chuckled and finally got into my drive, pulling her quietly out of the lot behind the rumbling red beast.

Thanks to my Beta Sharebear.

Regarding the scenario. So, what if Elizabeth Masen never asked Carlisle to save Edward? Or if she asked and he chose not to. Would he still have changed Esme? I think not. So we have no Edward, no Esme, no Rose, no Emmett. Would Alice still see Carlisle? What about Jasper? In this scenario, Alice didn't meet Jasper at the Diner, Carlisle found him in Philadelphia a little later. Jasper was still able to take comfort in Carlisle's way of life and joined him in the years following. Alice is still a vampire. Jasper knows nothing about her, though. Don't be shocked when she shows up, please.