Checking Up

Summary: Gibbs follows up on Katie's first day news. Part of the 'Future Perfect' series. Sequel to First Day Marine Blues.

Disclaimer: Katie and Leigh are mine; the rest belong to other people.

A/N: This takes place in the 'Future Perfect' universe, which features Katie and Leigh, the twin daughters of Tim and Abby. This follows shortly after First Day Marine Blues and alludes to the events remembered in Degrees of Separation.

Yes, I know, it's short. This one is just a ficlet providing a snapshot of a moment between two stories in a larger plot arc. It doesn't really fit as part of either of those stories, so here it is on its own.

Gibbs snapped the phone shut with an audible 'click'.

He hadn't let on to Tim, but the news that Katie's new boss was indeed the same Bill Montgomery that he'd known a lifetime ago had done nothing to reassure him about his goddaughter's temporary assignment as a technical consultant with the Marines.

He was pleased to hear that one of his 'projects' had turned out so well. Montgomery had had a lot of potential, and he was glad that he had risen so far after his selection for the Enlisted Commissioning Program.

But the young Private he'd worked with all those years ago had not appreciated the extra attention from his hard-ass Gunny. If he was still harbouring the resentment that he'd clearly felt at the time, then he might see having Katie under his command as the perfect opportunity for revenge. The paperwork for her security clearance would have made him aware of her connection to him, and the civilian would appear an easy target.

He'd have to find a way to ask Katie if she was being treated appropriately, without making her even more uncomfortable than she already was.

And if Katie was bearing the brunt of Montgomery's bitterness, then it would take more than a pair of oak leaves to protect him from the wrath of this old Gunny.