*Author's Note*

This is one of her blurry memories that she has. They keep increasing and coming as she becomes closer with everyone.

A young woman was staring at the girl with sad sorrow eyes.

Why would she be sad?

And be staring at her?

No one ever felt sad for her or cared for her in anyway.

I just don't get this.

Why would she?

The woman gently placed her hand onto the glass as she began to study her with those sorrowful sad eyes. She tried her best to hold the tears back, but to fail. They silently began to pour down her cheeks. This shouldn't be happening again. Not to anyone. I gave up everything for him so he wouldn't be alone. This way....I can't let this happen again! The woman moved away from the glass as she stopped in front of the controls. She was going to stop this...Even if it meant her life....I won't let it go any further. She quickly punched in a few simple buttons as the glass opened. The woman walked away from the control panel as she stared down at the baby on the floor. She was small and innocent. She gently picked up the baby. What is happening? Who the hell is she? Why? What is she doing? She gently held the baby in her arms as she left the room. She smiled as she saw that the baby had fallen asleep. She finally stopped at a building in the far back of the city. She gave the baby one final look before knocking on the door. A woman dressed in a nun outfit answered.

"How can I-My goodness! Is this your child?"

"No. I'm afraid not. I need to leave the baby in your care."

"We'll be happy to take the child in."

"Thank you."

"Is there something you wish to leave the child with?"

She smiled. Yes there is. Even though she didn't openly admit that she was the mother of the child. Maybe when the baby was old enough to start searching for her...Then yes, she would explain everything. She reached into her pocket as she pulled out the dog tag that was decorated. She gently kissed it before placing it with the baby. The nun smiled.

"We thank you."

"I'm grateful."

"By the way what is your name?"

"My name is Kaleda Orchid, but I would like to remain ammnyous for giving the baby up."


Kaleda handed the baby over as she walked away. The nun gently looked at the pendent. It was a rather unique and strange piece of jewelry. She carefully examined it closer when she noticed writing on the back of it. She looked at it more carefully. Her eyes widened.

Parents are Kaleda Orchid and Sion Barzahd

Both aren't in the condition to care for the child

But I hope that when the time comes, she'll look

Then we'll be ready to explain

Everything to her

We both love her...

Very much...


Our little angel

The nun quickly looked back where Kaleda had left. She wasn't anywhere in sight. She had completely disappeared! Where did she go? Why would she...? The nun shook her head as she walked inside with the baby.


Crimson's eyes fluttered opened as she stretched out. She slowly pushed herself out of the chair as she looked over to her right. Kou was sound asleep. Geezs figures the idiot wouldn't be the first to wake up. Crimson sighed as she looked to her left. Ah, how sweet. Dominique was still asleep with the girl in her lap. The wound wasn't that visible anymore. The squirt actually did a good job. Crimson took two steps over to Kou before halting. Wait! Girl? Where the animal go? Crimson whirled her head around. She gently rubbed her eyes. Nope. I am definitely not dreaming here. Crimson walked over until she was an inch away from her. She squatted down as she placed her hand out. Yep. She was breathing all right. That doesn't...Suddenly her thought process froze. She could be? She couldn't have? Crimson gently fell back landing on her butt. This is absolutely crazy. There is no...Suddenly she noticed something giving off a small glitter. What is that? She gently took it in her hand as she began to examine it further. It was like a mixture of a dog tag and pendent. It was beautifully made and crafted. There was some writing. She looked closer as she read the writing.

Parents are Kaleda Orchid and Sion Barzahd

Both aren't in the condition to care for the child

But I hope that when the time comes, she'll look

Then we'll be ready to explain

Everything to her

We both love her...

Very much...


Our little angel

She completely froze. Sion and Kaldea actually had a d-daughter? Then how come-Mikado. They ruined her and the chances that Sion could have had with Kaleda. Those bastards. Her eyes soften. They destroyed and ruined everything they touched. Her heart pounded with empathy and anger. Even though they now had dealt with them, personally....The spark that made her want to tear them apart was reignited. She forced her other hand closed. She tightened her grip so that way she wouldn't be destroying the bar's property. Sure it would release the anger that she now gathered....but she didn't want to be charged at her work for destroy something. The repairs would had come from her own paycheck. She was about to place it back down when she saw eyes staring fiercely at her.

"You touch that again and I'll break your arm."

Wow, she has the cocky attitude. Just like Mr. Genius has....Great. This isn't going to be fun to explain...To either one of them.

She released her hand as she allowed the pendent to fall back into place. The girl now awake began to look around the bar. There right beside her was Dominique. The one who took care of her. She smiled. The first time in god, years someone has done anything for her. She was grateful for this Dominique. She looked past Crimson as she saw...Kou..Wasn't that his name? He was sitting in the chair fast asleep. Oblivious to anything here. She looked back to where she had the wound. Dominique did a good job on fixing her up. She looked back at the girl staring at her. Crimson I think was her name. She was gawking at her. That is going to get annoying if she's going to do it everyday, all day.

"Stop staring. I'm not a show, Crimson. Right?"

Damn. So far she is confirming my thoughts on this...But the question is does she know....

"Yes. I am Crimson. So then do I assume that you all ready know the names of the people who arrived here last night when Dominique brought you in?"


"Great...Sion is going to kill me..."


She wasn't sure how to put or ask the question. Dominique knew nothing about that day in Mikado's industries. Expect for the so called nightmare. Sion refused to let anyone tell Dominique about the events that took place there. She still didn't know who or what she truly was. Sion wanted her to be happy, unaware of the fact that she was used/made to be a weapon. Crimson had mixed feelings about all of this. She wanted to tell Dominique...but at the same time she understood where Sion was with all of this. It was a tell her and hope for the best or tell her and receive the damage. Both options seemed to suck in her view. Even if she would be happy about it she would be damaged inside.

"Well, Dominique....She doesn't know about...Ughh."

"About what?"

"Either way I'm going to get pounded by someone...Especially Sion. Ugh, I hate it when he's so overprotected."

"Over-protected about Dominique?"

"Yes. I'll show you something. You can't let Dominique know that I can do this. The only people who know I can do this so called trick is Sion, Kou, and Volt. It isn't mentioned around Dominique. Understand?"

"Not really."

"Once I show you, you'll understand."

"Whatever. I'm not able to go anywhere."

"All right."

Crimson stood back. She hated doing this, but over the years she had come with terms. She closed her eyes as she inhaled a breath. Slowly she let it out as she changed. She opened her eyes as she stared at the girl. The girl was now gawking at her in surprise.

"Holy shit."

Crimson laugh a bit. At least she was being honest. Most people would run the other direction within a heartbeat. She was rather amused in this. She wasn't freaking out. She was about to turn back when an idea struck her. Smiling she decided to give it a whirl. She made it where she was near to her, but not right in her face as she spoke as she could in this form.

"Your the first to not run like a mad person out of here. Why?"

That made her gawk even more.

"I can hear you."

"Seriously? Your not joking with me?"


Crimson shrugged before changing back. She was confused. Why can she hear me? Usually no one can hear me in this form...Sure they can figure it out by the emotions that I put out...So why in the world can she hear me? Let alone understand me? This was starting to get her to be on edge. If she was at Mikado's place and they did do something-well of course they had to have done something. They turned her into a weapon...Just like her. A weapon for mass destruction. Great. Just freaking flipping great. This was going to be a field day for everyone, especially Sion. And I'm the one who is going to get pounded for all of this. Well, at least he'll take the first hit at me anyhow. This isn't going to be fun.

"How long have you been able to do this so called trick?"

"Trick? More like a curse, but for as long as I can remember. So ever since I was born."

"..Just like me."

"Really? When did you first notice it?"

"When I was a small kid..."

"You didn't kill anyone, did you?"

"Nope..I've never killed when I changed into that form...Have you?"

"...No...I haven't.."

"That forms terrifies you, doesn't it?"


Crimson wanted to question her further but was interpreted by a surprise gasp.

"Crimson where did the animal go?"

"Hey! I'm not an animal here!"

"Huh? What?"

Crimson rubbed her head gently. She was feeling a massive headache coming on. I fricking hate this!

"Kou, stop yelling. Your giving me a headache here."

"But where is-"

"Stop for a second. Who do you see in this room?"

"I see you, Dominique, and a new face."

"The new face is the animal.."


"Think of what I can do and it should click."

It took Kou a couple of seconds before his eyes grew big, got uncomfortable, and face palmed himself.

"So, what are we going to do?"

"I hate volunteering myself for this, but I'll be the one to tell Sion..."

"You sure?"

"Yeah and no."

"What are we telling Sion?"

Shit. For the love of god that is there please don't let it be Sion standing behind me. Please. Crimson and Kou immediately grew stiff. Kou let out a groan of frustration. Crimson wanted to high tail it and run. She knew better though. She slowly turned to find Volt standing there with his arms crossed over his chest. He had a stern look on his face. Well this is freaking great. At least it wasn't Sion. That would be ten times worse. She should be terrified of Volt, but in reality no one scared her that much...It's just right now the situation...


"Er...Hi Volt."

"We didn't hear you come in."

"Answer the question you two."

"Well you see...."

This was going to be a long day and night. Whatever you wanted to call it.