Hiccup sighed, resting his head in his hands as he listened to his mother. She was ranting about his father, again. The minute he had stepped off the plane, Vahallamara had begun mothering him, especially after seeing the new scar on his shoulder (actually, it ran across his chest, but she really didn't need to know that).

"—You won't be going back to that reserve again—"

With a groan, he tuned her back out, rolling his eyes and resting his forehead against the cool glass. The rest of the ride home was spent with the teen's thoughts rolling and jumbling together. Luckily, his mom had run out of air by the time they got to the apartment. It had no new tags on the wall, but Hiccup would be sure to fix that soon.

He walked straight to his room, dumping all his bags on the floor and flopping down on the mattress. There was a small shuffling sound, but Hiccup ignored it, humming the same gentle tune Zalath had taught him at the hospital. When the shuffling came again, he sat up, frowning and looking around; it had certainly came from inside the room.

Dear lord he prayed it wasn't a rat.

The redhead stood up slowly, looking around, listening. The sound came again, but from the most unlikely of places; his bag.

"Oh no," he whispered. If there is a God, there as hell better be no—the teen unzipped the bag and looked into a pair of large, yellow eyes. Hiccup sat down with a thump on the floor, staring at the proud Terror as it climbed clumsily out of his duffle. Groaning, the teen placed his head in his hands. The small dragon sat down on the carpet, tail curling around his body.

"Hello, Dragon speaker."

"Hi, Zalath."

*finishes eating apple*

Edit* Guys, this is a crack chapter. It has no refrence to the story what so ever! XD It just popped into my head today so I wrote it!