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Craig ended up sleeping over again—not that they did anything, really, but purely for the reason that Tweek was far too terrified of what lingers in the dark to let Craig walk home alone again by the time they were through talking…and making out.

"It's cute that you're nervous for me," Craig had said. And Tweek had wrinkled his nose, as always.

The next morning, Cindy didn't act remotely surprised to see Craig bound down the stairs after Tweek. "Oh hello again, Craig," she said with her gracious hostess smile. "It's nice to see you again."

"Thanks, Mrs. Tweak," Craig answered, his tone dripping with syrup and honey. Luckily, Tweek's mom never noticed anything, so she didn't realize he was being a bratty kiss-ass. He sat down at the kitchen table. "Is there any of that delicious coffee you make left in the pot?" He winked at Tweek, who blushed as he sat down, setting Thomas on the table.

As Cindy fixed two mugs of coffee, Tweek whispered, "Don't say anything obvious."

"Why? She won't notice," Craig whispered back, sitting up just in time to flash a dazzling smile at the woman setting coffee down in front of him.

Tweek rolled his eyes. "Eventually, she'll get suspicious. She's an airhead, but she's not retarded."

Craig snorted. "Why does it matter anyway? She wouldn't care."

But Tweek had an answer prepared. "No, and she'll probably proudly spread it to every adult in town," he warned, and this made Craig freeze. "I don't care if anyone else knows," Tweek went on. "But not her. Not now."

"Agreed," Craig said, nodding quickly.

They soon had to head to the car, since Tweek rejected Craig's idea of skipping school. "Why not?" he whined as Tweek threw his backpack in the back seat. "We could have the day to ourselves. Without you being in denial." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"I wasn't in denial!" Tweek argued. "It wasn't all my fault. You never said anything."

"Not directly, no, but I thought it was kind of obvious."

"Obliviousness to the obvious runs in the family," Tweek said gravely, which made Craig laugh. "And besides," he continued, backing out of the driveway, "I've only known you for like, a week."

"Nuh uh! Longer," Craig protested. When Tweek raised an eyebrow at him, he began to sing, "I know you; I walked with you once upon a dream…"

This earned Craig a punch in the arm, but it was really Tweek's fault for leaving his collection of classic Disney movies lying around.

"But seriously, let's not go to school," Craig mused. "Screw everyone for a day. Just you and me, we could drive up to Colorado Springs. Or—" he slapped his knee "—Loveland!"

"You're a riot," Tweek said dryly. "But what do you propose we do with Tommy?"

Sighing, Craig thought a moment. Then: "Isn't there some 'babysitter' thing? Your mum could watch him and do the bracelet thing!"

"Do you know where that thing is?"

"No," Craig admitted.

"Right. School it is." And Tweek turned into the parking lot.

"Wait," Craig said, once Tweek had parked and was about to get out. "So, uh, what is the plan for today? Is this a secret?"

Tweek shook a little more noticeably in nervous anticipation. "I dunno," he said in a panicky voice. "What are we supposed to do!"

"Well, first, you need to calm down. Either way I'm here for you, right?"

Tweek stared into Craig's calm brown eyes and softened a little. "I think so," he guessed. "What were you thinking we should do?"

He watched Craig close his eyes for a minute, considering. A minute later they flew open and he asked, point-blank, "Tweek. Are we an 'us?'"

"Gah!" Tweek yelped accidentally. "Uh, yeah. I think so…We are. Right?"

Craig nodded firmly. "Then we go all out. Come on, Angel." He got out of the car and, closing his door, walked around to open Tweek's for him. He held out his hand. "Are you ready?" he asked, grinning.

Unsure of whether he wanted to freeze or to melt, Tweek nodded weakly, taking the proffered hand and climbing out of his car.

The whispering wasn't really so bad, Tweek decided.

He walked on Craig's right, their fingers tightly entwined. His other arm looped through Thomas's carseat, his Harbucks travel mug firmly within his grip. Tweek had expected a lot more glares, a lot more gossip, and a lot more of—well, whatever else it was that he'd been anticipating from his peers.

But there was little to none of that.

Rather, the girls flashed them smiles all day. And any guy who looked like he had a problem earned a middle finger from Craig and, for whatever reason, apparently decided to keep it to himself afterwards. Teachers looked as though they may be talking about the new couple, but Tweek really didn't give a damn what they thought.

In first period, Clyde and Token had demanded to hear everything. Tweek had obliged—mostly—of course. Then there were also Kyle and Cartman in second. And so it went on and on, and by lunch, the whole school knew the general details of Tweek and Craig's "relationship."

It was lunchtime. Tweek sat at Craig's table for the first time in a long time. "Hey, fellas!" Butter had cried joyfully. "You two seem awfully happy!"

Tweek merely turned pink and twitched a little extra, but Craig hummed and said, "We are."

"Aww!" Butters smiled. "A happy ending!" Token and Clyde snickered at this, but stopped promptly when they saw Tweek getting antsy.

Kenny looked a little pissy, and Tweek wanted to ask him about it, but Craig stopped him by whispering into his ear, "Check out Kyle and Cartman." Tweek looked across the cafeteria and found his old table. As always, there was Wendy on Stan's lap…

And there was Kyle on Cartman's.

"You fixed them, didn't you?" Craig asked as a grin spread across Tweek's face.

"No!" Tweek said, having another sip of coffee. "Well…Maybe I kind of helped. In a way. Gah!"

Craig laughed. "You really are an angel," he said, squeezing Tweek's hand under the table.

At this, Kenny scowled and spat, "Well, it doesn't get any fucking cuter than that, does it?" He picked up his tattered backpack and kicked his chair out as he stood up, then proceeded to storm away.

"What the hell?" Clyde asked, turning to watch him go.

"Uh, what just happened?" Token questioned, watching Craig closely.

Craig frowned. "He's being a little bitch. I'm gonna go talk to him."

"No, don't," Tweek said, putting his hand on Craig's arm to stop him from leaving. "I think I should."

For a moment, Craig peered at him, as though trying to figure him out, but then nodded. "Yeah, if you want. But if he looks like he's gonna throw a punch, you better fucking call me."

"I will," Tweek assured him, standing up. He started to leave, but Craig stood also and pulled him away from the table a few steps.

"Wait," he murmured, pushing a piece of hair out of Tweek's eyes. "Just…" He gave up on whatever it was he was trying to say and just kissed Tweek for a minute, flipping off the rest of the cafeteria, which had suddenly gone silent.

"All right!" Stan suddenly yelled.

"Qui se soucie de ce qu'ils pensent!" Christophe called out.

"Gay rights!" Wendy scolded the lunchgoers. And soon enough, everyone was talking again, as usual.

Tweek finally pulled away, cheeks pink again. "I gotta find Kenny now," he said, and Craig smirked as he nodded.

Tweek left the cafeteria and headed straight for the school's side doors. He knew where Kenny went to skip class, and he assumed that he had gone there to sulk as well.

Sure enough, he found Kenny just outside the doors, leaning against the wall, cigarette in hand. When he saw Tweek, he scowled. "Oh good," he said bitterly. "It's you. Where's Craig?"

"Kenny, what the fuck is your problem?" Tweek asked, fingering his cell phone in his pocket. "Why are you so mad all of a sudden?"

"Because all you had to do was fucking waltz into this school and bam, now you have everything you want!" Kenny yelled scathingly.

At first, Tweek was confused, thinking that Kenny was referring to his lack of wealth. But looking at Kenny—really looking at him, as opposed to the average once-over he usually got—Tweek notice more than anger in his eyes.

Sadness. Disappointment. Humiliation. Hopelessness.

And Tweek gulped as he thought over what to say. "Kenny…Were you in love with Craig?"

Kenny froze. Apparently he hadn't expected Tweek to guess right. Resilience stolen away, he slid down the wall into a sitting position. "Since fourth fucking grade," he said darkly, resting his elbows on his knees.

Tweek sat down next to him. "Keep talking," he said. "I'll listen."

With a snort, Kenny said, "I always kind of knew I had a thing for Craig. We hung out sometimes in fourth grade, and I hung on to every word he said. I ditched my own friends—Cartman, Kyle, and Stan back then—for him constantly in fifth. And all through middle school, I worked ridiculously hard to be accepted by his best friends, Jimmy, Clyde, and Token. Sometimes, he would ask me to hang out. Not with 'the group.' Just us two. And you have no idea how happy it made me the day he introduced me to his sister as 'his friend Kenny.'"

"Oh," Tweek said, to show that he was listening. The whole story was making him feel sort of bad.

Kenny nodded and went on. "So it became the four of us—Clyde, Token, Craig, and me, since Jimmy stopped talking to us as much. We signed up for the exact same classes for freshman year. And in every class, everyone in the group had someone. There was one class that was just Craig and me: study hall with Mrs. Lessard. As you know, she's nearly always asleep, so Craig and I basically had the entire class to talk about whatever we wanted. And that's when we became unofficial best friends.

"All through sophomore year, I was Craig's right-hand man. His willing slave or his partner in crime, depending on how you looked at it. But anyway. Craig was a huge schemer, and it was basically my job to get all the details right so that he could pull off whatever the hell he wanted. By then, I already knew I was head over heels for him, so I did anything and everything he asked without question. Until he started talking about Cartman and Kyle."

"You mean the whole-" Tweek started, but Kenny put up a hand.

"Yeah. I had known about how he hated Cartman from the start, but when they started going out, Craig was seething. Because Cartman was happy, basically. And Craig couldn't have that." Kenny shook his head. "I was stupid for helping him again, but I couldn't bear him hating me if I refused. So I set up the stupid party at his house and made sure that Cartman and Kyle were coming by inviting them after saying I wanted to hang out with them again like the old days. And Craig told me to occupy Cartman while he spoke to Kyle, so I brought Cartman to the kitchen and stalled him. I didn't realize what Craig was doing upstairs. When I found out, I was kind of heartbroken, you know?"

Tweek coughed. "Uh, yeah. I know." Me too, he thought.

"But I still stood by him, through and through. I stood up for him even! I was just biding my time, waiting for him to finally notice me one day. I thought that this year would be it. I thought that he'd finally realize how bad I had it for him and finally give me a chance. But nope. Instead of that happening, you showed up." Kenny gave Tweek a sad look. "And it isn't your fault, it really isn't. But I still feel like I have the right to be mad, you know? I mean, all you had to do to get his attention was tell him he needed an attitude adjustment. I wasted five years condoning his attitude. I did everything he told me. You did the exact opposite, and who won? You. I loved him so much for so long, and you haven't even tasted love for Craig, but you get to have him. It's just my luck." He kicked some dirt around with his worn-out sneaker.

"Kenny…I don't know what to say," Tweek said truthfully.

With a snort, Kenny said, "I don't blame you. At least you care. You probably shouldn't. He doesn't."

"You don't hate me?" Tweek asked, twitching hopefully.

This time, Kenny laughed. "No. I thought I did, but I don't. I can't. You're too…you."


"You're welcome."

There was a moment of silence. Then the doors burst open and Butters hurried outside, out of breath. "Craig told me to come make sure you weren't getting fisty!" he cried, pointing at Kenny. He stopped, panting, when he saw the amused looks he was getting. "I guess you're not, huh," he said. "That sure is a relief!" Butters happily sat down on Kenny's right. "I wouldn't want ol' Craig getting angry. He's a grouch, that's what he is."

Kenny laughed again. "We were just talking about how Craig doesn't love me," he said smoothly.

Butters paused, throwing a look to Tweek, who was still trying to calm himself down from Butters' sudden entrance. "W-well that's just silly. Course he does. Everyone does! Heck, Kenny, I sure love you." He leaned his head happily onto Kenny's shoulder.

With a snicker, Kenny said, "Butters. I meant love love. Like…boyfriend love."

"Oh." Butters went quiet for a second, but then said in his sincere voice just above a whisper: "Well, that works too, Kenny."

Tweek watched in pure surprise as Kenny and Butters sat up and stared straight into each others' eyes, almost as though they had just discovered something brand new. Well, they had, he supposed, stifling a grin and an "Awww" at the look they were giving each other. "I'll go back inside now, then," he said awkwardly, twitching in discomfort as he stood up and hurried back into the building.

Lunch had ended, and Craig was waiting with Thomas outside the entrance to the cafeteria. "What happened with Kenny?" he demanded, taking Tweek's hand so he could walk him to fifth period. "Is he still pissy? Is Butters okay?"

"When I left them last," Tweek said, a small smile twisting his lips, "They were staring lovingly into each other's eyes." At Craig's confused expression, Tweek laughed. "They might end up being a couple, too."

"No shit!" Craig gasped. "That's great! I actually thought that Kenny might have had a thing for me…But if he's into Butters now, well that's just fucking perfect."

Tweek went pink, but managed to avoid letting out some of his spaz-words. "Uh, yeah," he said quickly.

They stopped when they reached Tweek's science class, sharing only a short kiss before Tweek turned to enter. "I'll see you in sixth!" he called over his shoulder, making his way to his and Token's lab table.

"How was Kenny?" Token asked as Tweek sat down.

"Um, fine," Tweek lied. "He said he liked Craig," he elaborated in a low voice.

"Oh shit," Token said.

Tweek's phone vibrated—which scared the shit out of him—and he looked down to see a text from Kenny: mm, Butters never looked hotter ;), it read. Tweek chuckled. "I think it'll be okay, though," he told Token, showing him the screen. Token also laughed.

He got another text a minute later, and his cry of surprise earned a stern look from the teacher. "Sorry," he apologized before looking down at his phone once more. This text was from Kyle.

saw you and Craig :D and you probably noticed but i did indeed talk to eric

It took Tweek a moment to remember that Cartman's first name was "Eric," but when he did, he quickly texted back. haha yeah, he wrote. whats up w/you guys

i told him u and craig were gonna b a thing + tht i was happy 4 u 2. nd he said "ya me 2" xcept he didnt think craig deserved 2 b happy cos he broke us up. + i said "HE didnt break us up, u did". + he didnt answer 4 a while and i thot he was rele mad but then he finally said "ya tht was stupid of me" and it kinda went from there. the end it came down 2 "well kyle i still fcking love u even tho i kno u hate me now so im srry!" but then i of course said i still loved him and i always did. cliche ya but it worked :D

This response came in four texts altogether, and at the end, Tweek was all smiles. Aww, he wrote back, id love to hear more but i g2g im gonna get my phone taken. but text Kenny okay?

Kyle responded with a yes, and Tweek began to pretend he was listening to the lesson.

"Today was a good day."

Back at Tweek's car, ready to go home, Tweek and Craig were loading their stuff into the back. Tweek beamed at Craig and replied, "Today was probably the best day I ever had."

Craig laughed his hearty, genuine laugh and said, "Yeah, me too. The first day this year was pretty good too, though."

Wrinkling his nose yet again, Tweek asked, "You mean the day I told you off?" When Craig nodded, he questioned, "So, where were you that entire day?"

A mischievous smile played across Craig's lips. "Well, I did a lot of things. I suppose you'd like to hear all about them?"

"I would."

"Well, they were all stupid skipping-school Craig type things that you may or may not like." Craig thought a moment, then grinned even wider. "Why don't we take a little road trip right now and I'll show you exactly what I did?"

Tweek's eyes grew wide. "But what if I get in trouble for going without asking! What if there are no coffee stops are on the way? What if we run out of gas and get carjacked or kidnapped and raped!"

Craig put his hand on Tweek's arms to calm him down. "Why do you make it sound like the 'no coffee' scenario is the worst that could happen?" he mused.

"Maybe it is," Tweek grumbled, shivering as he cooled himself off.

With another laugh, Craig, eyes twinkling, said, "Well, I think the worst thing would be not getting to spend the day with my delightful twitchy angel. Your mother won't notice, I know where I'm going, and I can assure you there are coffee stops on the way, and there are also gas stations. Which are actually a part of the itinerary." He winked, making Tweek's stomach flutter slightly, and asked, "How's that sound?"

After a moment's thought, Tweek relented, "I suppose that sounds okay. By that, I mean it sounds amazing, just so you know."

He was startled almost out of his mind when Craig chose that moment to pin him against the side of the car and kiss him enthusiastically for a good five minutes, but he didn't really mind.

Pulling away, Craig stole Tweek's car keys right out of his hand and announced, "We're going. Fuck the rest of you!" he called, flipping off the general direction of the high school, and leaping into the driver's seat.

"Uhm," Tweek said nervously, but he shakily flipped off the school too before getting in on the passenger side.

"Let's go, Tweek," Craig said brightly, as he pulled out of the student parking lot. "Forever. 'Cause we're gonna take this town."


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