Disclaimer: Nope.

Author's Note: Another poem written in class at my teacher's behest. We were instructed to "write a poem about something you like" and, well folks, I like Tokka. Sue me.

Notes: I'm not very familiar with this sort of poem. Sorry.






We must have flown

For miles and miles out there

In that dark, inescapable expanse

Called air

Before she had had enough

She stood, shakily, ebony hair

Whipping, pale legs tripping

All irritation and sarcastic sweetness

Like a sea sick kitten.


"While I really love flying

Hundreds of miles from solid ground,"

She drawls, lip curling.

"Can we, y'know, land?

It's bad enough being blind on the

Ground. Do I really have to be blind

Up here?"


The others debate, eyes flickering wildly

But my eyes, like hers, are still,

Locked on she alone.


I watch, sitting silently as the wind swirls

Around her, rushing with such intensity

That, as she moves to sit, it pushes her.


And all of a sudden

She's slipping, earth-flecked toes

Scrabbling for purchase

And being denied.


And all of a sudden

I'm scared, so scared

That all at once

I'm moving

With no thought as to what

I will do.


And I'm

Teetering forward

To grab her, and she falls

Into me, into my arms

And we tumble back

A little bit.


Her face is pressed

Into my chest

A small 'oomph'

Noise slipping from her.


I hold her tight, and inside, I promise

To never let her go.


And if the others notice

Her slip, or our position

Or the blush on

My cheeks that

Matches her own

They say nothing

And they keep

Their smiles

And their laughter

To themselves.


And, honestly

That's just fine

With me.