Chapter 3

Everyone was half-drunk (except Lupes for some on reason) but the four didn't seem to care. Connie looked into Mike's eyes and whispered. "M-Mike, I'm pregnant…." He looked at her with the strangest eyes. "Y-yeah… r-remember that time we got realllly drunk a-and you came home with me?" She slurred.

"Wait… what?" Lupes looked at the half-drunk beautiful lady. "You're pregnant because you got 'realllly drunk' and went home and messed around with Mike? That's not surprising," he rolled his eyes. "That's what drunken people do!" he looked at them. "I'm going to go home, I'm tired."

"B-bye…," everyone slurred. Lupes walked out and put on his jacket. It was slightly cold out because the clouds were blocking the sun. That was unusual for July. Lupes never complains though. He loved it, rain or sun. Kevin got up shakily.

"I-I guess I'll go too," he looked at Mike and Connie. His drunkenness seemed to be wearing off.

"B-bye," Connie and Mike slurred.

Mike and Connie finished their drinks and their drunkenness wore off. They were both left with a bad hangover. They had just stepped outside when someone stood in front of them. "H-hello…," the kid said weakly. "Are you Mike Cutter?" She asked.

"Why, yes I am, who are you?" Mike smiled.

"I'm Julia… my real name would be Julia Cutter…," she said weakly. "I found out where you lived and I found out where you worked… I walked up to your boss, Jack McCoy and asked you where you were…" Connie nudged him.

"Connie… I had a girlfriend in college. We may have messed around. I did some things I'm not quite proud of."

"Me too Mike, me too…," Connie sighed. "So you have a daughter. Are you going to adopt her?"

"Maybe so, Connie… where did you come from, Julia?" He asked.

"I came from the orphanage just up the street from here," she replied. "My momma didn't want me, so she gave me away… I found out she was murdered while vacationing in London. I found out my real father was still alive, in this city! I couldn't believe it – the father I had never met lived here. It makes sense though, this is one of the largest cities in America."

"My girlfriend was murdered?" He gasped slightly. "Did they find out who it was?"

"No… it's a cold case. It's possible that he's living here and going to get me… but I doubt it."

"Mike, we should talk to Jack about this," Connie looked into his eyes. "Maybe he could send us to London." Mike thought long and hard for about half a minute, though it seemed like an eternity. "Mike, are you there?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah… sorry Connie, I was just thinking hard. All right, let's go talk to Jack about this. Maybe he can give us some advice."

The three walked into Jack's office. Jack was on the phone. "I'll call you later," he hung up. "I see you met your daughter, Julia, Mike."

"Yes… I did, Jack; did you know her mother's murder is a cold case?"

"What?" Jack looked at Mike funnily. "What was your mother's name, hon?" he looked at Julia in the eyes.

"Her name was Lisa Smith," she replied. "A common last name, but, are you saying you may have some files on her somewhere?" Jack nodded and searched around in his file cabinet. Jack knew Smith was a common last name but he did his best to find it. He cared about kids; he really did love them. He just doesn't know how to show it. His grizzled face hid his true emotions deep down inside.

"Here it is," he pulled it out of the cabinet. It was so tightly packed that he had to pull hard on it. He slightly grunted. "There," he sighed. He looked through it thoroughly while the three waited in silence. The phone rang; Jack looked at it but he recognised the number as being out of state, of course, he didn't know where. "Hello?" he picked it up.

"Hallo," someone with a thick British accented answered.

"Who is this?" Jack asked, not wanting to sound rude.

"I'm George Castle of the London Police Department. We're looking for a man that murdered a woman named Lisa Smith. We believe he's escaped into New York City," the man replied.

"Yes. I was just looking at that. There seems to be some evidence missing from it." Connie and Mike looked at each other while gasping.

"Evidence? We don't have much evidence either. You may have more than we do."

"I'd love to go to London," Connie whispered into Mike's ear. "It's my favourite city. Would you like to go, Mike?"

"Yes… I want to go as well," he whispered back. He was about to say something else but was interrupted by Jack.

"I'm going to send you, Connie and Mike as well as Lupo and Bernard to London, where you will meet with James Steel and Alesha Phillips. There, you will go over the case files with them and discuss some things. Be careful, all right?"

"Thank you so much," Connie smiled. "What about Julia?" she blinked.

"I'll look after her, is that all right Mike and Julia?"

"Yes," the two replied.

"All right, pack your things. I'll see if I can get you four a flight ASAP," Jack smiled. Connie hugged Mike tightly.

Mike let Julia spend the night at his house. Connie of course, rarely goes home nowadays. She prefers going to Mike's house as well. The two interchangeably cook dinner for each other, sometimes helping each other. Connie was exhausted (well, mainly because of the obvious). Mike was tired but he just couldn't sleep. A lot was on his mind. He had found out he had a daughter and then he was going to London? Mike's eyes pried the darkness of his dark room. Connie was mumbling in her sleep, but he didn't think anything of it. He could see her figure in the darkness, though. He smiled to himself and finally fell asleep.

Tomorrow will be a long day…

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