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"Sakura, do you know the muffin man?"

"Shut up, Tobi. I'm asking the fucking questions here."

Sakura had officially rounded up every single person from the Akatsuki and tied them up in the back alley way of the club by herself. She was that pissed off.

"But..Sakura-Chan.. The muffin man!"

"I said shut up, Tobi."

The glow paint covered man looked up at Sakura, and whined, but didn't say anything else in fear of only making her angrier.

"Alright. So what's this revenge shit, huh?"

She bent over in front of Hidan, presumed the loud mouth, and gave him a long hard look. He only avoided her glare, however, and looked to the ground instead of locking eyes with her like she wanted him too. And after the longest while, she gave up and took it a step forward. Her fingers entwined in Hidan's hair, and she brought a kunai from her leg holster that she had on. It was kind of surprising that she had one on, seeing as her dress was so short. But that was the magic of Sakura, she always had a weapon hidden somewhere, even when she was naked.

But that wasn't the point.

She brought the kunai blade up to Hidan's throat, and sneered down at the other petrified men.

"If you don't tell me what the fuck is going on, I'll kill Hidan, and you won't be able to eat home cooked food ever again."

Her voice had an ominous quality to it that frankly scared the shit out of the rest of the men, which was really bad considering losing Hidan who was the only person who cooked in the Akatsuki had already scared them. Even though Hidan was immortal, when Sakura was pissed..anything was possible.

"Okay, Okay! I'll tell you."

Everyone turned to face the one who had spoken, which was surprisingly Itachi.

"I'll tell you for the dango.."

Of course, Hidan was the one who cooked Itachi's dango. He would do anything to save Hidan, just for the sticky sweet dango.

"We were going to seduce you, then reject you to hurt your feelings for eating my dango, Sakura."

He looked up towards her with his onyx colored eyes, possibly waiting for the pinkette to slit his own throat instead of Hidan's, but he was surprised when the ropes that held him captive disappeared in a frenzy of smoke. For a moment, he would have liked to believe that she hadn't just released him so he would be in a better position for her to slug him, but alas.. he was wrong.

Her fist swung around and immediately met his nose, much to his dismay, and he hit the floor flying.

"You did all this shit because of DANGO? You all were 'dead' for at least two-three years! It would have gone bad anyway."

Itachi, taking this into consideration, sat up and rubbed his ever so sore nose. The rest of the Akatsuki were left to watch, starstruck while Sakura mumbled to herself and glared at the idiots, her foot tapping against the cement ground with an unholy distinction to the sound.

"You have three fucking minutes to apologize, before I do something that you'll really regret.."

There was two seconds of shocked momentarily silence from the men, which was a lot less than three minutes. But apparently, to Sakura, they had waited too long to bed forgiveness from the angry pinkette, and well..

A can of whoop ass was opened.

Well, as you can imagine, Sakura was pretty angry, and killed every single member of the Akatsuki that was there in the wake of her anger. Yes, killed. This led to the end of any threat to the Leaf from the Akatsuki, and she was able to come back to the Leaf as a hero. No one would ever know that the real reason the boys from the Akatsuki died would not be because Sakura was some spy, but dango, Sakura's secret lover in the Akatsuki. Itachi had just gotten in Sakura's way to the sweet, sticky treat one too many times. Always pronouncing his love for Dango, and such.

Dango was Sakura's lover, not Itachi's, and he learned that the hard way.


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