The word beats through her head, pulses through her vains, haunts her dreams. It's like an endless melody where it just plays on repeat. Over and over.

She doesn't like it.

But in a way, she knows it's her torture. It's her torture because Teddy doesn't belong to her but yet she has him. Just like she has stolen kisses in the photocopy room and stolen nights when she has to go on a business trip.

And who is she? She is her sister. Victoire. The one who gets everything but doesn't have to work for it because she's oh-so beautiful and fucking perfect in the eyes of everyone except for her.

And who is her? Her is herself. Dominique. The one who works for everything but doesn't get it because she's not as beautiful as Victoire and fucking flawed in the eyes of everyone except for him.

And who is him? Him is her sisters fiance. Teddy. The one who decides to stay with the perfect one but sleeps with the flawed one because he's meant to be with Victoire and not her sister in the eyes of everyone. It's "in the stars."

And what do the stars think? Who knows. If she had to guess, she'd say that they think she deserves this torture because she's not supposed to be with Teddy because he isn't hers. Not that he belongs to any one. And if he does? It's to her sister, Victoire.

She can wish as hard as she wants on a shooting star, as she picks the delicate leaves off a flower and when she blows out the candle on her birthday cake, but she'll never get him.

Not in a million years.

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