Chapter 28

We Belong Together

After what seemed like an eternity, Kaiba stopped talking. Katsuya, who had been listening intently, did not move for a couple minutes. During the telling of his past, Kaiba did take a few breaks to catch his breath, especially when talking about the abuse and waking up next to Mokuba's corpse. A few minutes passed, however, and the blond realized that Kaiba was finished. "Um…if I may ask…how did you get engaged to Serenity?"

Kaiba sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "That was not really my choice. A couple years ago, Rachel asked me to help her with Serenity, who was the new perma. I was extremely blunt with her and got her to open up after I snapped at her for a couple of days. Serenity became in love with me and Rachel made the engagement. When I heard that, I ran until Serenity finally caught me."

Katsuya laughed. "She seems to be in love with you."

Kaiba shook his head. "Yeah right. She likes the way I was, what she called, painfully honest. I was just pissed at her whining and wanted her to shut up."

Katsuya smiled and hugged Seto's arm. "Well, you are very blunt."

Kaiba rolled his eyes. "You and Serenity are both pathetic, you know that?"

The blond turned his head so that he was looking his lover straight in the eye. "If I'm so pathetic, why do you keep letting me back in?"

Kaiba did not answer; instead, he asked a question. "What made you come back? I thought you were going to stay away for good after those harsh words."

Katsuya shuddered a little, remembering just how harsh the brunette was. "Well, I almost didn't come back…but Aya convinced me otherwise."

Kaiba raised his eyebrow in surprise. "How did she help?"

"She sang 'Love Beyond the Bounds of Time' to me and that gave me the strength to come after you again."

Kaiba scoffed with disbelief. He was only half-surprised by what Katsuya said. "Do you understand why she chose that song?"

Katsuya tilted his head. "Um…I'm going to guess that it's because she thought it fit the situation."

Kaiba shook his head with a smirk on his face. "A while ago, after she met you and learned the depth of your feelings for me…she told me that 'Love Beyond the Bounds of Time' seemed like the theme song for our relationship. We were always in each other's hearts. Not only that…but each of us took over the other's heart."

Katsuya then saw the opportunity to make a joke. "You mean, you have a heart?"

Kaiba sneered and smacked the blond's face with a pillow. "Very funny."

Katsuya smiled and laid his head on the brunette's lap. "Come on, you tease me all the time. I should be allowed to tease you as well."

Kaiba looked down at the blond. "I suppose." He was about to say something else but Andrew came in with a worried look on his face. The brunette glared at his drummer. "Do you mind?"

Andrew blushed a little at interrupting. Still, what he had to say was important. "Kaiba, you got company…BAD company."

Kaiba stiffened, knowing what his friend meant. Katsuya, however, was lost. "Who is it?"

As if on cue, Kyoto burst through the door and tried to attack Kaiba. Numora and Andrew held the singer back. "You bastard! You broke the agreement!"

Kaiba growled, "You forced this damn agreement on me!"

Katsuya sat up and covered the brunette with his body. He just got his lover back; he was not about to lose him again, especially to their enemy. "You stay away from him!"

Kyoto growled. "You should not be here, you bastard!"

Katsuya hissed like a cat. "You need to stop messing with my lover!"

Kyoto smirked evilly and pulled out a roll of film. "You really need to change your tone of voice. If your blond brain can even comprehend what this is, you should know better than to mess with me."

Katsuya realized what the roll of film was: it contained the pictures of the pretend rape that Austen gave him. He reached for the roll but Kyoto held it high. "You can't take it."

Andrew tried to take the film as well. Kyoto broke away and got to the kitchen. He grabbed a knife and used it to defend himself. Andrew knew better than to mess with a knife and backed away. Katsuya growled but still stayed in front of Kaiba to protect his lover. Numora held out his hands towards his lover/brother. "Love, put the knife down. You don't want to do this."

Kyoto looked at Numora. "This is just defense. I need to protect us!"

Numora shook his head. "This is not what I want! You can't protect us like this!" He then reached his hand out. "Give me the film! We need to leave!"

The singer shook his head. "I'm trying to protect us! If I give you the film—"

Kaiba then spoke up, "I will not call Matthews."

Kyoto and Numora froze at the mention of the detective that brought them to the foster home all those years ago. Numora looked back at the brunette. "You're bluffing."

Kaiba held up his opened phone. The number that was on display had the name Matthews above it. The brunette smirked. "You know…he's still looking for you guys. I did promise to let him know if I saw you guys again. Your manager did a good job at erasing you from his sight but that can't last forever. Don't forget…you two are still criminals."

Kyoto dropped the knife in shock. He no longer cared about his pride; he needed to make sure that he did not get separated from his lover/brother. He dropped to his knees, letting the film roll away from him. Andrew quickly snatched it up and ripped the negatives out of the protective roll, destroying them for good. Numora quickly went to Kyoto and hugged him protectively. He then glared at the brunette. "How dare you!"

Kaiba numbly shrugged. "All's fair in such times."

Kyoto growled and left. He did not want to get into an argument about how fair people should be since he himself was not that fair. Before going after the singer, Numora glared at Kaiba. "You didn't have to threaten him like that. Yes, he went a little far but he's just trying to protect me."

Kaiba glared at the guitarist. "Well, he deserved it for killing Mokuba."

Not wanting to get involved but still wanting a say, Katsuya nodded his head in agreement. Numora glared up at the brunette. He wanted to tell Kaiba that he was the one who gave Mokuba the drugs on that fateful day. However, he knew that he needed to keep quiet because he knew that Kyoto was safe from lack of evidence; if Numora confessed now, he would be locked up and away from his twin. He could not let that happen, under any circumstances. "Look, just…leave him alone."

Kaiba crossed his arms. "I will if he stays away from me and everyone else in my life."

Numora just nodded and took off after his lover. Katsuya hugged the brunette's arm and smiled up at him. "I'm proud of you, sticking up for yourself like that."

Kaiba did not look at the smaller male. Instead, he turned his attention to Andrew. "Was warning me about those two losers the only reason you came back?"

Andrew snickered and shook his head. "Nope. I came back to let you know that everyone has gone to the gay floor of HeavyMetal Amazon for celebration…" he looked at Katsuya, "…though I think the celebration can be cancelled now."

Katsuya tilted his head. "If you're all straight, why are you going to the gay floor?"

Kaiba flicked the blond's forehead. "We told you a while ago, stupid. They have the best liquor."

Katsuya touched his forming red mark on his forehead and gave a playful frown at his lover. Andrew then asked, "Would you like to join us?"

Katsuya nodded with enthusiasm. "Yeah, I would!"

Kaiba looked at Katsuya's outfit. "You may want to fix your outfit before you go with us."

"What are you talking about? This outfit's fine."

Kaiba scoffed. "Yeah, if you're trying to hide in the dark."

Andrew covered Kaiba's mouth. "You may want to put on something more fun, especially since your little emotional moment is over."

Katsuya nodded and smiled. "All right. I'll go change and meet you there in about an hour." He reached up, kissed the brunette's cheek and left to go back to his apartment. Andrew looked at Kaiba. "Mind explaining yourself, Mr. Dedicated-Bachelor?"

Kaiba shrugged. "I can't…I'll just show."

Back at the apartment, Katsuya immediately noticed the top of Naoki's head peeking out from the front end of the couch, moving back and forth. He looked on the other side and noticed two small feet sticking out with their toes curled. The blond immediately snickered, assuming he knew who was under the guitarist. "Finally got Riku, my friend?"

Naoki froze at the sound of Katsuya's voice. Using his arms on the couch arm, he lifted himself up a little to fully look at the blond. "Um…no."

Just then, Katsuya felt someone smack the back of his head. He turned around and saw Riku standing behind him with a scowl on her face. "Very funny, brother."

Katsuya smiled and hugged his sister. "Hey! I haven't heard from you in a while. Where have you been?"

Riku smiled and hugged her brother back. "I'm going to Europe…for a month."

Katsuya pouted but remembered why. "I see you got into the program. When do you leave?"

"In a few days but I'll be busy packing so I decided to drop by and say goodbye now."

Katsuya shook his head. "You don't have to do that now. I have plans tonight but I can come by tomorrow and help you pack."

Riku nodded. "That sounds great! Well, I'll see you tomorrow."

Katsuya raised her eyebrow. "You're leaving already?"

Riku nodded. "Noah's having a farewell party for me at the HeavyMetal Amazon. I'm late enough as it is."

Katsuya decided to keep quiet that he was going to be there as well; it was more fun to have her be surprised to see him there. He knew that they would go to the gay floor since that seemed like a second home to Noah. "All right. Go, have fun, and we'll get together tomorrow."

Riku nodded and left for the club. Katsuya then turned to the guitarist, who sheepishly asked, "How did…things go?"

Katsuya took off his shirt and started to head for his room. "We're okay now. The two of us and his friends are going to go to the HeavyMetal Amazon. Would you and your date like to come?"

Before Naoki could answer, Tetsuya popped his head into view from under the guitarist. "Sure, we'd love to!"

Katsuya tripped over his own feet and looked back to see if his mind was playing a trick on him. Sure enough, Tetsuya blushed and sheepishly waved from under Naoki. "Hi."

Katsuya raised his eyebrow. "When did this happen?"

Naoki put all his weight on one of his arms and scratched his hair. "Um…right after you and everyone else left. I approached him and he attacked me with a fierce kiss…and one thing led to another."

Katsuya chuckled and went into his room to find a good shirt to wear. "Well, you're welcome to join me at the Amazon."

Both nodded and waited for the door to close before pulling up their pants. They figured that their outfits that they had on was good enough for the club; they were wearing the same outfits that they wore on the night that Kaiba and Katsuya first met. Once fully dressed again, they cuddled with each other while waiting for the blond. He emerged from his room wearing a black, skin-tight shirt. Naoki looked up and asked, "Should I call Kaiyuki and Toya to join us?"

Katsuya shrugged as he headed to the door. "You can if you want. I'll see you there."

Tetsuya wanted to stop his friend but Naoki hugged him from behind, making him silent and blushing. "Don't worry about him. He's on Cloud Nine."

Once at the club, Katsuya quickly made his way to the elevators on the other side of the ground floor. Remembering his mistake last time, he made the decision to get into the right elevator this time. On his way, he noticed that Death Becomes Me was performing on the stage, currently playing their hit 'Painful Yearning.' He waved to Aya and, to his surprise, she waved back. As he went on, he was surprised to see Riku and Noah in the front row. He assumed that they only stayed on the first floor because Death Becomes Me was there. When he finally got to the elevators, he headed for the lines but a bouncer stopped him. Because Aya and her band were so loud, the bouncer could only talk to Katsuya with gestures and other movements. He pulled the blond to the elevator and gently pushed him into the gay elevator ahead of everyone who was already waiting to get on. Relishing in this exclusiveness, he grinned and waited for the elevator to bring him up to the desired floor.

A few seconds later, the door opened and Katsuya made his way onto the gay floor. His immediate reaction was that he was still hearing Aya's singing voice coming from the speakers. But his attention changed when he realized that he had to locate his friends and Kaiba. He tried to jump as high as he could to see but that proved to be unfruitful. Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone came up behind the blond and lifted him up on the unknown's shoulders. He gave a surprise yelp until he noticed that it was Toya holding him up. He smiled at his friend and then started to look for familiar faces.

He immediately noticed the people on the eight-foot tall speakers; they were either go-go dancers or dancers that had come to the club. One speaker had two boys dressed all in black and had their head and faces covered with a hoodie. One farther speaker sported Kevin, dressed as an angel go-go dancer, and Seth dancing. As 'Yearning' started to play over the speakers, Katsuya noticed his three band members at the bar. Kaiyuki was giving a drunken flirt the cold shoulder while Tetsuya and Naoki were very blatantly making out with each other. Katsuya laughed about how open they were about their new relationship and then went to look for Rage Inside.

Sean was easy to spot on the edge of the bar, drinking a beer and letting off a warning aura to everyone around him: he did not want to be picked up by any of the horny gay guys around him. After a few more looking around, Katsuya spotted Andrew and Brandon dancing near a nearby speaker. Even with the florescent lights, Katsuya could tell that Andrew was drunk and laughed at the drummer. But he had trouble finding his lover. He looked down at Toya and shrugged his shoulders. Sensing what the singer was telling him, Toya looked around and pointed to the center of the bar. Katsuya looked and lit up. Kaiba was there, leaning on the bar and facing the club, with a black, half-buttoned shirt. Seto purred at the sight of his chest but then soured when he saw that Serenity standing next to him. Toya looked up. "You want to get down?"

Katsuya nodded and waited for Toya to bend down enough to let the singer on the ground. The blond then started to push his way towards the bar. He caught the eye of some of the men who were there hoping to get lucky. Katsuya ignored them and soon made it to the bar. He made a beeline to Kaiba and hugged his arm. Unfortunately for Serenity, the arm that he hugged was the one that she was closest to. She cleared her throat, seemingly forgetting that he would not be able to hear her. She then tapped the blond's arm, getting his attention. "Do you mind? You've had him all this time! Can't I have him for a little while?

Katsuya stuck out his tongue and shook his head. "Uh uh! He's mine now!"

Kaiba rolled his eyes and took off his shirt, making both Katsuya and Serenity blush deeply and get stars in their eyes. "I'm out of here!" He then jumped down into the mass of guys and headed into the middle of the crowd. Katsuya giggled and tried to go after the brunette but Serenity stopped him. "Don't forget what I said about the wedding tomorrow!"

While this was another test, Katsuya did not know that and glared at her. "Oh really? And how much do you know about his past?"

Serenity raised her eyebrow and answered very truthfully. "He was adopted because his parents died and then lived in a foster home for some unknown reason! He refuses to tell me what happened! Why?"

Katsuya smirked at her answer. He knew everything that happened to Kaiba and she didn't, despite her claiming that she loved him and that he wanted to marry her. "Indeed!" He then jumped down to the dance floor and started to make his way to Kaiba. Sean came over and stood next to Serenity. "You're losing him; I hope you know that!"

Serenity smiled. "Maybe! It depends on how Seto reacts to what the blond will do when he gets over there!"

Ignoring those around him, Katsuya finally made his way to Kaiba, who was already starting to sweat from the tight quarters and body heat surrounding him. Katsuya shuddered with delight and sauntered over to the taller brunette just as the song 'Motive' was starting over the speakers; Katsuya was secretly very happy that Death Becomes Me was performing live; it made the dances more fun because the songs were live and no one outside the band knew what song would play next. "May I have this dance?"

Kaiba looked at the blond; while he could not hear his voice, he could read lips and knew what Katsuya was saying. The brunette smirked, deciding to play it coy, and kept dancing. Katsuya would have normally been upset with what Kaiba was doing but he saw the smirk and knew the game that was being played. Knowing that two could play in the game, Katsuya decided to play his own hand.

He lifted his shirt and hooked it behind his neck, making sure that his arms were still in the sleeves. He then started to dance in a very seductive way in an attempt to get Kaiba to dance with him. He slowly rotated his hips in a circle and used his arms to touch his body. His left hand was rubbing his chest while his right played with his hair and head. Evident by all the stares he was getting, he was looking extremely sexy and turning on the surrounding men around him. Kaiba was noticing the blond's dances but took his time in approaching Katsuya. He had decided to play hard to get just to tease the smaller male.

In the middle of the song, a man with black hair decided to approach Katsuya first. He went up behind Katsuya and started to grind his hips. Katsuya felt odd to dance with someone that he did not know. On the other hand, it was a good way to make the brunette jealous. With that in mind, Katsuya leaned his head back, pretending to enjoy the dance he was in. Kaiba watched the two men and pretended to not care.

But the man started to get bold and reached his hand around. It soon made its way to the blond's crotch. Katsuya's eyes snapped open and Kaiba's narrowed to glares. He made his way to the blond and started to dance with Katsuya's front. Katsuya giggled and responded earnestly to Kaiba. The other man thought that they would be a threesome but Kaiba gently pushed him away and gave him a warning glare to stay away. The man got the message and left to find someone else to dance with. Katsuya giggled, knowing that he had won this small battle.

Thankfully, Aya's speaking voice came over the speaker before another man could attempt to dance with the blond. While she was speaking, Seto put his arm around the smaller male, both claiming him and protecting him from the horny men around them. He then pointed to the speakers and the two males listened to Aya. "This final song tonight is dedicated to two guys who, despite walls and painful secrets, have overcome all odds in order to proclaim their love for each other. Puppy, dragon, this song is for you; may you be together for the rest of your lives."

As everyone on both levels applauded and cheered, Kaiba leaned in and explained, "Aya came up with those nicknames for us, saying that I'm tough like a dragon and you're loyal like a puppy."

Katsuya giggled and hugged the taller man's neck. "Loyal only to you."

Kaiba let the words soak up into his mind as a familiar song on the piano sounded over the speakers. Katsuya immediately teared up for he recognized the song. The song was called 'Uncontainable Romance' and the lyrics spoke of a person being deeply in love with another person but is questioning whether he or she deserved to love the loved one. Like 'Love Beyond the Bounds of Time,' the song spoke of his feelings for Kaiba perfectly. All around them, the men were pairing off either with their lover or the person they hooked up with. On their speakers, Seth and Kevin cuddled with each other while the black-clothed guys watched the dancers on the floor. Tetsuya and Naoki continued to making out with each other, not having a care in the world. Feeling out of their comfort zone, Andrew and Brandon joined Kaiyuki, Toya, Sean, and Serenity at the bar and watched Kaiba and Katsuya. When the piano changed tempo, Kaiba looked at Katsuya and held out his hand. "May I have this dance?"

Katsuya took the hand and smiled. "You have to ask?" As Aya started to sing, Katsuya got close to the brunette, making their chests press against each other, and wrapped his arms around the taller male's back. Thanks to the music being gentler and not as loud, they would be able to talk to each other without shouting. Kaiba looked down at the smaller singer. "You're stupid, you know?"

Katsuya chuckled as they started to slowly dance like a couple dancing at the prom. "Oh, really? And why is that?"

Kaiba smirked. "Because I was dumb enough to tell you everything about my past…and you were stupid enough to stick around a murderer and rape victim like me."

Katsuya smiled. "Well, you are who you are and that person is the one I fell in love with. Nothing in your past can scare me enough to make me stay away from you."

Kaiba looked down at the smaller male. "Oh really? Are you sure of that?"

Katsuya nodded. "Absolutely. The person you are now is a person who overcame all that trauma. That's something to be proud of."

Seto slightly shrugged with his head. "I suppose so…but I'm also proud of you."

Katsuya stopped dancing for a few seconds. He could not believe what he just heard. He never imagined that he would hear those words coming out of the brunette. "Wh-What did you say?"

Seto rolled his eyes. "Did you lose your mind when you heard my life story?"

Katsuya shook his head. "N-No. I'm just…surprised to hear you say that."

Kaiba chuckled. "Well, it is true. I am proud of you."

Hearing the statement again made the blond become curious. "Really? What are you proud of?"

"Well, you managed to get a musical career and keep it despite you being an amateur."

Katsuya laughed. "Well, there are those who sing worse and last much longer than the good ones."

Kaiba had to agree and then continued on with his explanation. "You went through a pretend traumatic experience and brushed it off like it was as annoying as a pesky fly. You're able to defend yourself against Kyoto and his band."

Katsuya nodded vigorously. "I have to! Someone needs to look after you. Who knows what he might do next."

Kaiba shook his head. "They'll leave us alone now that they know I'm in contact with Matthews." Katsuya slightly blushed because he noted that Kaiba said "leave us alone" instead of "leave me alone." Katsuya's mind raced at the number of possibilities that statement presented. Momentarily distracted, Kaiba flicked the blond's forehead. "Pay attention."

Katsuya blushed. "Sorry."

Kaiba nodded and repeated what he said seconds before. "But, above all…I'm proud of you for what you did to me."

Katsuya tilted his head. "What do you mean?"

Kaiba then did something that the blond had convinced himself that the brunette would never do. Seto Kaiba gave a genuine smile to the smaller male. Katsuya melted at the sight of the smile as Kaiba said softly, "You tore down my walls…and made me fall for you."

An unexpected tear fell from the blond's eye. "You…you love me?"

Kaiba nodded and wiped the tear away. "I do…very much."

In the back of the blond's mind, he noted that the song was taking its signature tempo change with Aya singing about a rain-like baptism. Katsuya knew how to make the moment perfect. He reached up and kissed Kaiba deeply. Kaiba wrapped his arms tighter around the smaller male and gave the kiss back just as deepening. To accompany the song's words, the club let out a rain of glitter paper. Kaiba and Katsuya took no notice; like Tetsuya and Naoki, they were lost in their own world. Watching from the bar, Sean looked at Serenity. "Well, it's over. You lost him forever."

Serenity nodded and wiped her eyes, getting rid of her tears. Whether they were sad or happy tears were known only to Serenity. "I know…I just hope…he's happy."

Brandon looked at the couple, who pulled out of their kiss and kept their foreheads touching. Both their faces were lit up with calm smiles. "Oh, he is. He only smiles when he's in love. Told us that himself."

Serenity nodded and then left but not before telling Andrew, "Tell Seto that I want tickets for both their shows…and that I wish him well." Andrew nodded and wished her well. On the way out, she texted Kaiba, telling her that the wedding was off and that she wished him luck.

Back on the dance floor, Kaiba kissed Katsuya a few more times. He no longer cared that people were watching. "Shall we get out of here…get some privacy?"

Katsuya smiled. "Do you have to ask?"

Kaiba smiled and, taking Katsuya's hand, led the way to the back exit. One of the hooded dancers took off his hoodie, revealing Kyoto with his hair down, making him look even more like a girl. "Where do we go from here?"

Numora pushed back his hoodie enough to reveal his face and hugged his lover/brother. "We go forward, caring only about each other." Kyoto barely nodded.

About an hour later at Kaiba's apartment, Katsuya collapsed on the bed, both exhausted and ecstatic. He had never been on top before and found it was very tiring. On the other hand, though, he remembered that Noah said Kaiba would only let the person he truly loved be on top. He giggled, especially when Kaiba rolled over and pulled the blond close. "So…how did you like that?"

Katsuya giggled. "That should be your answer, lover-boy."

Kaiba laughed softly and kissed Katsuya, making the blond stiff with happiness. While he had slept with Kaiba before, this was different because he knew that the brunette truly loved him back. Breaking for air, Katsuya whispered, "I love you."

Kaiba covered their bodies with his blankets. "And I love you. Now get to bed, mister. You need to be awake tomorrow to help Riku pack."

Katsuya laughed. "Okay but I think she'll sleep in more than me." He then smiled softly. "Good night."

Kaiba stayed awake for a few minutes. He smiled up at the ceiling. "Good night, Mom…Dad…Mokuba." He reached out enough to give his floor the finger. "Keep burning, you bastard." With that, he curled up with the blond and went to sleep.