Summary: Mordred would do anything to protect the one person who showed him kindness.

Merlin © Shine Television and BBC 1

Mordred sat on a boulder by a riverbank, enriched in the darkness surrounding him. The night wind chilled his skin as he began throwing rocks into the river. Upon hearing a twig break behind him, Mordred slowly turned around, his hand clutching onto the rock he was about to cast aside.

It was Morgause. Mordred turned away and threw his rock. The aim of his throw was higher than he had previously expected, and the rock dented the bark of a tree instead.

Morgause chuckled quietly. "Forgive me. Am I intruding?" she asked him.

Mordred said nothing.

"Morgana is doing well for someone in her condition," Morgause read his mind, "Wait one more day. The antidote should fully take its toll on her by then."

One more day was something Mordred couldn't bear to take.

He disliked the woman. Even though Morgause reunited him with Morgana, Morgana had been poisoned. Mordred curled his fingers into fists, remembering how pale and vulnerable she had looked. Even now, Morgana was recuperating, but that wasn't enough. She had to get better. She had to.

Mordred swore vengeance on that impudent Emrys for once again betraying him, but he couldn't help but shed some of the blame on Morgause for allowing such a fatality to come across Morgana's life, and then he couldn't help but blame himself.

The weight of every rock he threw could not compare to the guilt that weighed over his shoulders. If Mordred had only not run away when the Druids were attacked, then perhaps he could have led Morgana away from that damned Arthur Pendragon and his damned father. If Mordred had only returned for Morgana instead of fleeing with Alvarr and his companions, then perhaps Morgana wouldn't have prolonged her stay in that wretched kingdom. If Mordred had only known of this… Morgause's existence, then perhaps he could have rescued Morgana from being poisoned by Emrys. Morgause was clever in not telling Mordred of her deceit, of willingly putting an unknowing Morgana in the sight of danger as a vessel for her plot, but Mordred knew. He felt Morgause's twisted lies by only laying eyes on her. He knew he could never trust the woman, even if she bore some resemblance to Morgana, though he would never admit that fact aloud.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Mordred gritted his teeth together. He had to admit that he had risked Morgana's life far too much, despite the fact that she meant everything to him. She had given him warmth and kindness, protection and a place to stay. She was indeed a very important person in his life. Mordred gave a solemn oath to himself that he would never again endanger Morgana and swore to protect her. He would take care of her. He would make her better.

"Let me guess, child. You desire to rescue Morgana from this untimely fate and from any enemy that would do harm to her?" Morgause murmured as she took slow steps towards the Druid boy.

Mordred hated that Morgause could read him so easily.

"In other words… you want to be her knight in shining armor. How sweet."

That comment received Mordred's furious glare and contempt in return.

Morgause smiled. "It is an admirable idea," she went on, amused, "But surely you cannot hope to protect Morgana at such an… age."

Mordred twitched and raised an eyebrow. What do you mean? he quietly demanded telepathically, though he already knew what she was implicating.

"You must realize your limitations, my dear Mordred. You're but a boy. You may be able to slaughter a few knights, but what about an entire army? How can you possibly fathom the idea when you are simply a child?"



These demeaning words insulted him.

What did this Morgause knew? How dare she trample on his pride? Mordred began to see this as a challenge. Did that impossible woman really believe that she could take better care of Morgana than himself? He knew Morgana first. Morgana was his to claim, not Morgause's. Mordred was so tempted to attack Morgause and launch her away with one of his exploding screams, but he knew that while he loathed the woman, she was still an important asset in helping Morgana recover. And so, Mordred bit his tongue and held his defeat in silence.

Morgause turned away. "Why don't you come with me for a stroll?" she asked.

You should return to the castle, Mordred hissed at her. Morgana should not be left alone.

"There is no need to fret. I made a special barrier guarding the castle walls. No one can even touch her without being shocked down to their very core."


"You don't seem convinced. You must believe me. I am a friend. You can trust me."

Mordred's deepened glare revealed no change in his unconvinced opinion of her.

This did not deter Morgause from her attempts to gain Mordred's trust. "I know a way for you to destroy Camelot, end the lives of Uther Pendragon and Arthur Pendragon, and protect your precious Morgana. It is a dark and forbidden incantation, and you must sacrifice everything you know about this world and yourself, but it will grant these three desires for you. … If you hold Morgana dear to your heart, you will come with me."

It was a challenge, but it was a challenge Mordred could not refuse.

Mordred leaped off of the bounder and stared at Morgause for a long moment. He could still feel the treachery in her eyes, the deceit in her smile, and the lies she weaved in her welcoming hand extending out towards him. He knew all of this, and yet a glimpse of Morgana in his mind was all it took to ease his suspicions and ultimately give in.

Mordred narrowed his eyes and took Morgause's hand.

a/n: I 3 Mordred. He's so adorable and creepy.