Summary: Mordred would do anything to protect the one person who showed him kindness.

Merlin © Shine Television and BBC 1

"There is a prophecy that you will be the one to end the life of Arthur Pendragon. To protect Morgana, you must rid the world of any who oppose Morgana's life, and that includes the very man who once saved your own life."

I'll do it.

"Even when you owe Arthur Pendragon your life?"

I owe nothing to an enemy.

Morgause smiled, impressed by Mordred's bold response. She was growing impressed with him by every passing second. He would make a great sorcerer someday, she knew. Morgause remembered the first time she had met the Druid boy. He had appeared before her the moment she returned to her castle with Morgana's body. He had stood there, out of breath and his sight solely on Morgana. If it was any other boy, Morgause would have casted him to oblivion than to have him even a fraction near her half-sister in such a vulnerable state, but this boy was different. He was far more powerful than any creature she had ever laid eyes on before.

She led him to a cave, where candles were lit along the ground, creating a luminous circle. The candles surrounded a circle drenched in dark ooze and written in enchantments that Mordred could not recognize.

Mordred examined the strange incantation warily.

"This will help fulfill the prophecy," Morgause explained matter-of-factly as if the dark circle on the ground was trite thing. She walked ahead of him, her crimson dress trailing behind her.

Mordred glared at the woman, disliking the increasing charity work surrounding him.

Morgause spun around and tilted her head. "You will need this help."

Arthur Pendragon is a human. I've killed humans before.

"But you're a boy. Can you really kill the prince? This man?"

He really hated it when Morgause twisted her words like that. He hated it even more that she was right. Arthur Pendragon was a skilled swordsman and the son of a ruthless tyrant; Mordred knew the prince wouldn't hesitate to murder his foe. He may have spared Mordred's life once before, but Mordred knew it was only for Morgana's sake. Mordred gritted his teeth again. What he hated even more was that Morgana had people who were close to her – Emrys, Arthur Pendragon, that maidservant of hers; even that relentless king and Morgause were no exceptions – when Mordred wanted to be the only person closest to her.

Mordred squatted on the ground and slowly reached his hand out towards the dark circle. His fingers were inches away from touching the ooze. At the last second, Mordred closed his hand, returned his arm to his side, and stood up to face Morgause, who was waiting patiently to his left.

"Well?" Morgause asked and gestured him to step into the incantation.

Mordred frowned and hesitated only for a moment before he stepped inside of it. He looked back at Morgause cautiously. She approached him, but she didn't step into the incantation. Instead, she extended her hand towards him.

Mordred frowned and reached out his hand, only to feel a stinging sensation. She had cut his hand. Mordred stumbled a few steps back and winced, glaring at Morgause. That horrible woman. When did she have that knife in her other hand? He bit his lip and cursed himself for not noticing it sooner.

Abruptly, the incantation began to glow the moment his blood fell on the dark ooze. Mordred circled around, growing wary by the second. He caught Morgause in his eyes. She stood there, smiling. Suddenly, the light encompassing him grew blindingly bright and incredibly intense. A pain surged through his body. He shut his eyes and gritted his teeth together. Did that witch betray him? Was she trying to keep him away from Morgana through imprisonment, or even death? He knew he couldn't trust her. Mordred attempted to move, but he could barely lift a finger. All he could do was wait until the light ceased its pain.

When it did, Mordred found himself staggering out of the incantation in a daze. His arms and legs felt heavy, and his mind was racing. Morgause caught him by the arm before Mordred could fall, and Mordred was surprised to find himself looking down at Morgause instead of looking up at her.

Morgause retrieved a wide shard of glass resting against the wall and brought it up to Mordred's face. When he looked, his jaw dropped open. He was staring at a young man with long and unruly chestnut brown hair and piercing blue eyes, fair skin, a firm jaw line, and a lanky body. A chill seeped down Mordred's spine. He ripped the collar of his shirt back to find the birthmark of a small upside down triangle that divides to three circular swirls along the right side of his collarbone. Mordred flinched and slowly turned his eyes back to the glass. He was staring at himself.

"This spell allowed me to accelerate your age to a more desirable age. Along with this, your magical properties have grown stronger as well," Morgause explained, resting the glass back into the wall, "In only mere seconds, you've turned from a boy to a young man. How do you feel, Mordred?"

Mordred outstretched his arms and closed his eyes, trying to take in this new and unfamiliar eighteen year old body. His voice sounded different too. It sounded a little deep with an edge to it. But along with the physical changes to his body, Mordred could feel the magical changes to his body as well. His lips curled into a smile. The surge of power manifesting inside him in perfect unison felt wonderful. He felt as though he could take on an entire army, Emrys, and even Arthur Pendragon in order to keep Morgana safe.

He could destroy them.

He would destroy them.

And he would destroy them for her.

Mordred pursed his lips. Maybe that Morgause wasn't so bad after all, he figured. Mordred was more capable of protecting Morgana now, and he had the height to prove it too. He grinned in his mind, wondering if Morgana would be just as impressed with him as Morgause was. He hoped she would. When he turned his attention to Morgause, Mordred found her mouth was slightly open and her eyes widening. She hurried outside of the cave. Mordred followed her cautiously.

"We need to leave now," Morgause told him sternly. She stopped and hesitated for a moment, as if she wasn't sure herself.

Mordred narrowed his eyes. What is it?

"Morgana… has just awakened."

a/n: I wanted to experiment with the idea of an older Mordred, so here it is! I believe it'll make the story a little more interesting, and it opens more possibilities. :] Oh, and Chapter 3 will begin with Morgana's POV.