Warnings: Implied Golbez/Kain non-con - despite the piece not being about it, it is not random. I have this whole universe unfolding in my head, this is part of it.

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy belongs to Square.

"You look like him," Kain had mumbled, hatefully, one time in the dark. Golbez's pale fingers had stopped toying with Kain's long, blonde hair as soon as the words had left his mouth – Kain was too tired, too broken to notice; dignity left behind somewhere in a shattered mess the moment Golbez had forced him into his bed. Golbez didn't need to ask who, he knew. He had known from the very moment he had seen the ex-captain of the Red Wings in Baron, long-limbed and slender, the same piercing blue eyes – he had always wondered if Kain had noticed the similarity, always suspected that he had.

Cecil, the man who looked so much like him, yet so different. Young, and noble. The very same man that he was determined to kill, yet, for some reason, felt an inexplicable bond to; a strange familiarity even though he was positive he had never seen the man before that time. Too many questions brought up that he was not able to answer.

Golbez was unable to sleep that night.