Chapter 9 - Dangerous Candy

Ann was blushing in sheer shame at the now-fallen down overalls. It was like that she shot herself in the foot with a trusty revolver for not adjusting her overalls correctly.

"This is so the worst humiliating moment of my life!" she lamented, while treading through the grass with her overalls now dragging along in the ground. She pulled them all the way back up and, for the third time today, buckle them both and, this time, she used her hands to tighten up the overall clasps.

Kim exited the vehicle and said, "I so do hope those overalls hold up, Mom!" She looked down at her heavy coat which concealed her own overalls as well.

"I know, Kimberly, but it has been tough all day long, and your father is going to be home any minute now! And I don't want to look like I've been to a slumber party that went wrong!" Ann explained what would happen if James were to come home and see her like this.

The Tweebs then exited the vehicle, snickering along as they came up the front door.

"Kim won't know what'll hit her!" Jim exclaimed in reaching the door, waiting for their mom to correctly adjust her overalls and unlock the door.

"Yeah, it'll be the best!" Tim added in as well.

The red-haired cheerleader overheard their conversation and scratched her chin, "Mom, have you been keeping an eye on the Tweebs?"

"Oh, you mean the boys?" Ann laughed, "Don't worry, Kimberly, they behaved very well at the mall!"

"Well, Mom," Kim sighed, looking at her annoying brothers "I think they are so up to something! From the looks of their faces, they are going to plan something big!"

Ann nodded her head, "If the boys do something stupid next time, their inventions will be taken away from them….permanently!"

"Yeah!" Kim agreed, hopeful that she won't be bothered anymore by the Tweebs snooping around in her room all the time. "Besides, I've agreed that Monique should help me strategize about my overalls sitch when we take a walk after dinner!"

"Good, Kimberly!" Ann smiled with a wink of her eye, taking the house keys out of her purse, "Maybe the bad experiences at the mall will go away for you!"

"I hope so, Mom! I so don't want go to school tomorrow with anything of my overalls evidence hanging over me!" Kim shuddered at the experience of everyone laughing at her in overalls or, in a worse case sitch, something bad happens to her overalls while she's at school.

"I understand that, Kimberly!" Ann exclaimed as she jiggled the keys to open the door. The Tweebs were the ones who charged in first and went into their room. Kim went up to her room, still contemplating on the wild and crazy events that took place a few hours ago.

_Then, Ann got out the chicken, the frying mix and batter, and the frying pot used to cook the chicken. Once she made the preparations to the food, she looked down at her overalls.

Mmmm…I need to change before James gets here!, Ann thought to herself, grabbing the bag that contained her new pair of overalls. She went into the hall bathroom where she changed into the new overalls and put the old ones into the hamper. When she eventually came out to the kitchen, she breathed a sigh of relief that she wasn't gonna have any more wardrobe malfunctions. She tugged on the straps of her overalls to make sure that they weren't gonna fall off.

"Yep!" the doctor said with a wink of her eye "Still got it!" And then she heard the kitchen door open and gave out a smile.

It was none other than James Possible himself, smiling as he held his briefcase as he opened up that door!

_"Hey, sweetie!" James smiled as he happily kissed his wife on the lips.

"Hey, honey!" Ann happily said as she fried up the chicken fillets in the pot. She was glad that she got the kiss from her hubby. "How was your day?""Tough as usual, Ann!" James sighed as he put his briefcase on top of the counter. "We're trying to begin on a new project titled Operation Atlantis over at the space center!""Sounds like it's top secret, huh?" Ann guessed with a shrug of her shoulders. She wondered why James was not addressing the clothing issues that are affecting the Possible family like a plague.

"It is, honey! We're not supposed to talk about anything else beyond just the name of the project!" James whispered to his wife in the ear.

Ann silently shrugged, "I guess that answers my question."

Then she took a loud gulp, and stopping the frying of the chicken momentarily, began to tell her husband about her day.

"Uhh….James?" Ann began to explain as James began to pick up the Sunday paper, "have you noticed what I'm wearing today?"

James turned around his head and tilted it up and down, and noticed his wife's clothing. "So, you're wearing overalls, Ann." he shrugged it off as if it was not important but then took a very close look at Ann's emotional look on her face.

The smile that she wielded faded away and that meant a look of worry.

"What seems to be the problem, Ann?" James asked with a look of concern as he walked up to his wife.

"We have a clothing problem, James! Since all my pants are mostly in the dirty clothes, the only clean clothes that I have are my pairs of overalls that I've been wearing the past couple of days, and. ….. Uhhh…. I think it's Kimberly that I'm concerned about even more! I told her yesterday to take her problems one step at a time, but today, it just seems we've taken two steps back!"

"Kimmie-cub?" James became more puzzled and perplexed at this interesting situation storming around his daughter. "Where is she right now?"

"In her room." Ann said, pointing up. She then resumed cooking the fried chicken, finishing up the herbs while James was going upstairs to investigate what was going on with Kim.

Kim, meanwhile, sighed as she stared down at her Blue Star overalls, and then at a photo of her and Ron. I'd better hope Ron controls his Cotton-eye Joe Syndrome all week long starting tomorrow morning. If I do wear my overalls out in front of the school he is so more than bound to play an imaginary banjo and totally humiliate me! The only other option I have is to wear my shirt over my overalls and cover it up with a jacket. Sure, the buckles may be a little cold for my skin, but that's a small price to pay to avoid being the mayor of Humiliation Nation!

She contemplated on this thought when she heard a knock on the stairs leading up to her room. It was her dad.

"Hello, Kimmie-cub!" James smiled and turned and saw his daughter thinking. "What's the problem? Is it about boys?"

Kim turned and saw the familiar face of her father. "Hey, Daddy. Nah, my sitch is so gonna be a lot worse than finding a boy. You see what I'm wearing?" She then first point at her overalls and then pointed to her overflowing hamper of CB jeans.

"So you're wearing overalls, Kimmie-cub. You've been wearing them since you were in pre-K and you have a very deep love of them. Why the concern now?" James asked.

Kim had no other choice but to let it all out "Dad, let's face the facts. I'm gonna have to wear nothing BUT overalls, in front of everyone, for an entire week! Not only that, but I also owe $800 to CB and I have Ron doing his Cotton-Eye Joe thing every time I wear 'em! Can you please help me out?"

James sighed and encroached on the bed, "Kimmie-cub, I understand what Ronald is going through with his Cotton-Eye Joe Syndrome, but you're gonna have to face facts. Ronald is going to bring out that horrible rendition of that song and you should not let your problems become, you know, too attached to his problems."

"I so understand, Daddy, but I've got a cheer competition against Bonnie on Wednesday and a Friday football game and a State Cheer Competition on Saturday. You know how I am with both fighting against Drakken and them and being popular at school. In this sitch, everything is thrown off balance and I just don't know how to deal with it!"

"Well," James tried to cook up a solution, also unaware of the laundry problems "why don't you just simply wash your pants, Kimmie-cub?"

"That's the problem, Dad! The washer and dryer have been acting up lately and it's gonna cost a lot of money to repair them! So I'm stuck with what I have!" Kim groaned as she laid on her bed.

James again gave a deep sigh and gave this one last bit of advice, hoping it would defend her for the week, "Kimmie-cub, you are my best daughter, and I love you no matter what, but do not let this problem eat away at you. And as for the $800 debt you owe to CB, I think you're gonna pay it off by working there as your job."

All Kim can do is smile at her father, hopeful that the wages that she earns from her Club Banana clerk position could pay off the debt. Then she heard the word "DINNER" from her mom and she immediately went downstairs for that delicious smell of fried chicken.

It was a relatively peaceful dinner Once they were done with the eating of the fried chicken and Ann was preparing to clean up the plates, the Tweebs went upstairs to figure out the next phase of their diabolical plans to humiliate their poor sister even further. They already have sent the video of their trip Hillbilly Hills Alabama to Bonnie for one wave of Kim's humiliation, but they needed something worse, something far more devious to cripple her situation even was on their main computer in their bedroom, finding something on the internet.

"Aha!" Jim exclaimed as he found something on the website belonging to Smarty-Mart. "Here's something that can help us out!"Tim looked over his brother's shoulder and, lo and behold, there was a candy bar with a black wrapper on it with a white skull, indicating that it was something so shocking and dangerous, something right up their alley.

"According to this candy," Jim began to explain as he pointed on his monitor screen, "this candy has the amount of caffeine that is contained in two energy drinks, three times the amount of sugar than a regular candy bar and plus….get this….. If anyone eats the candy, they become hyper for the next four hours! Sold at the Middleton Smarty-mart!"

"Coolio!" Tim gasped in extreme awe at the candy bar. It also had a warning label on it, similar to parental advisory stickers on Cds, that this candy is not to be consumed under the age of 10.

Jim looked at the advisory warning on the candy too and shrugged it off, "We're old enough to eat the candy!" Then he turned to his brother and looked at the garden toolshed, which happened to contain the Possible's lawnmower, "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

Tim rubbed his hands with glee, "Yes, but of course, first thing's first."_

Ann, meanwhile, was in the master bedroom, calling up Mrs. Smith, Monique's mom. She still had both her overalls straps up unlike the ones she wore earlier today, but also looked down that they too had belt loops. She planned to go to Smarty-mart to shop for a few items for tomorrow because the Possibles were running a little low on food.

"So when do you think Monique is gonna be at the house?" Ann asked through the receiving end of the line.

Mrs. Smith replied, "Hmm….around 20 minutes!"

"Okay, I'll tell Kimberly that Monique is coming." Ann smiled before she hung up the phone.

She then got out her handbag, exited the room and went upstairs, knocking on the door leading to Kim's room.

Kim, meanwhile, was reading a Club Banana magazine. Her right overalls strap was about to slide off her shoulder. When she heard her mom knock on the door, she stood up.

"Coming!" she cried as she pulled back up her overalls strap. Kim opened up the door and it was her mom.

"Hey, Mom, where are you going?" Kim asked with a smile.

"Smarty-Mart, Kimberly, I'm gonna pick up some stuff. Monique's gonna be here in about 20 minutes. You're gonna get ready?"

"I'm just simply gonna wash my hair but that's all, Mom." Kim replied with a confident look.

"Okay, but when you go with Monique, make sure to take a jacket!" Ann called back as she headed downstairs.

"Okay, Mom!" She called out. Kim then began to go to the downstairs guest bathroom to wash her hair, still wearing her overalls.

_Then, as she exited downstairs, the twins appeared before Ann, hoping to set their plan of dooming Kim in motion without their mom even noticing a thing.

"Hey, Mom," Tim asked first, "can you take us to Smarty-Mart?""Yeah, we've been doing very good!" Jim smiled.

Ann looked at the two cautiously, "Well, you two did set the table, soooo….." She scratched her chin. "Yea, you can come with me to Smarty Mart!"

"Hicka-bicka-boo!" Tim added with a high five to his brother.

"Hoosha!" Jim finalized it with the connected high five.

Ann then went downstairs with the twins. James was waiting below. "I'm taking the twins on over to Smarty-Mart, honey. I'll be back in an hour!" Ann smiled as she walked out the door with the twins. "And Monique is gonna be here in a few minutes!"

"Okay, sweetie! I'll keep an eye out on the window for Monique!" James smiled in reading whatever section of the Sunday paper that he didn't read.

The next thing that he heard was the engine turning over on the family van, and Ann and the Tweebs left for Smarty Mart

And the wheels in motion just keep on turning.