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THE Densetsu no Same Ten'nō

I always thought there would be more blood…

-From the personal journal of Shika no Karui


Chapter 1: Accidents will happen….

The sun was just beginning to set as a young boy moved throughout the back alleys and darted under the eaves of stores. His task was simple, and yet it was going to be one of the most difficult he would have to do in his short life.

His task? Steal the 'forbidden scroll' that rested in the God of Shinobi's personal library. He had seen it before; on one of the many times he had been allowed to stay in the tower while his surrogate grandfather had meetings to attend to. He had always been told never to touch it, and now he knew why, apparently if you took the scroll you were allowed to bypass the academy and become a shinobi of the village without all the hassle of the final tests and dealing with so many of the other students.

It made sense, if you were good enough to get in and take it, you must be good enough to become a ninja.

He bit back a snicker as he climbed onto a rooftop that came within a mere ten feet of the outer walls of the Hokage Tower, something he always thought was foolish, even a first year student could toss a grapple that far and have it stick. Instead he aimed a bit higher, hooking one of the eves of the tower itself before he secured it to a chimney and began to shimmy across. For a moment he cursed his choice of clothing, but if he was going to get the scroll to his teacher in the required timeframe then he was going to have to hurry, so no time to change.

Glancing over the edge of the overhang he noted the animal masked guards that were idly standing watch over the front entrance, not for the first time he had to wonder how it was these guys got their ranks, he had no doubt that they were tough in a straight up fight, but even he knew that if things were being done right then you would never fight in the first place. Idly he looked over the pair and marked where the best places would be to put a kunai to either kill or disable the guards, putting to practice one of the many target and anatomy classes that he had attended, well, that he had spied on after being kicked out.

Kunai to third lumbar vertebrae, shruiken to the subclavian artery, kick to the femoral artery, the list went on, even when looking at what looked to be a young woman from behind he saw something of an overlay of targets, something that just seemed to come naturally to him after so much practice. Over twenty places from his current vantage point, while he doubted he could kill her at his skill level, he bet he could disable her.

Putting those thought out of his head he moved up to the plaster wall of the tower, the smooth surface was pristine and he ran his hand over it in appreciation before he moved on. Taking a moment he pulled out a small roll of ninja wire as well as a pair of kunai and took the time to tie them to his feet before pulling another pair. Holding his blades in his teeth for a moment he reached into one of his jumpsuits many pockets into a small pouch of chalk dust he had squirreled away and rubs a bit on his hands before taking the blades and with two sharp thrusts the blades held. Taking a moment to moved the kunai around in the hole a bit, widening it before he kicked his right foot hard into the wall at about knee high and began his accent, doing his best to make the strikes as irregular as possible, just in case anyone paying a bit more attention would wonder at the strange sounds of steel on stone.

Not for the first time he felt the urge to laugh, the kunai had been developed originally from a masonry tool, and while he didn't consider it to be the most efficient of weapons, you couldn't deny the results when you applied them back to their original purpose. Slowly the boy reached the third floor of the tower, for experience he knew that few guards patrolled up this high, most of them having been on the first and second floors, after all, if you have gotten up that far, then surely the first of the guards are dead already, right?

Slipping a small mirror from his sleeve he peered over the windowsill and had to quickly bite back a yelp of surprise as the Hokage himself moved past the window and looked to be heading down the stairs. He cursed himself for not checking earlier when he would leave the tower, after all, he had been here that very morning after he had painted the monument and could have asked then, of course at that time he didn't know he would be doing this…

Giving himself a slow count of twenty he eased back up, doing his best to ignore the burning in his thighs at the exertion of hanging on the wall like that, before he pitched himself into the tower and held a handstand for a moment so that his feet wouldn't make too much noise with the blades. Slowly he righted himself and removed the knives before slinking down the hall to his goal, the Hokage's office.

Taking a moment to spray a small amount of oil from a skin in one of his pouches on the hinges he ran a kunai along the seams of the door to check for wires before he eased the door open, the oil keeping the normally loud door silent as he moved into the dimly lit room. He moved quickly over to the study's door, thoughts of stealth forgotten for the moment as he knew that the guards would come to the outside of the door soon, now that the Hokage was headed home. Spotting his target he snatched it off its perch and just as he was about to turn he hear someone clearing his throat.

"Well well, Naruto, what could bring you to my office at this hour?"

Naruto felt a cold sweat breakout over the whole of his body as he turned slowly to see his Jiji standing before him, his arms crossed before him with his face screwed up into a glare.

"E…eheh…um…you see…. Oiroke no Jutsu!"

Naruto was panting heavily as he made his way into the forest outside of the walls of Konoha, his lungs burning from his mad flight from the tower after disabling the Hokage, not for the first time he wondered what would happen if he had worked for another village with a skill like that…and shuddered, the old man would never stand a chance…

Whipping the sweat from his brow he placed the scroll on the ground and carefully unrolled it, Mizuki-sensei said he had to bring him the scroll, he never said anything against him learning something from it before then. Taking a rock from behind a tree he used it to hold down part of its thick, heavily weathered parchment before he sat down and began to go through it.

"Let's see…Shadow Clones…damn it…my worst subject…I don't have time for this…" He further unrolled the scroll and began to skim, mumbling to himself the whole time, "'Soul Eater? I don't want my soul eaten! Pass... Egg of the King? Lame, next... Kamehameha? Who would want some dumb turtle hermit's attack? Flash Sword? That sounds neat...but I don't have a sword...though the scroll did have that dumb reverse blade thingy, never mind....Spirit gun? What the hell's a 'gun'? Next..."

My Promised page break

As the young man dug deeper he noticed the parchment getting older and older, the weathered paper seeming to become more brittle, the ink more and more faded. It seemed that despite the multitude of seals that were in place to keep the scroll intact that even they were no match for the ravages of time. Letting a hand skim slightly over a section of the parchment he felt his fingers seem to catch on it, yet even in the dimming light he could tell it was smooth and well worn.

Passing his fingers over it again, this time much slower, he felt the pull once more, as though something was trying to hold his hand in place, to draw him in. Looking closer he saw a badly faded bit of scrawl, not for the first time he cursed his poor reading skills, it looked as though this section was written in older styled kanji, something even the old man had trouble with from time to time.

It hadn't be used since the founding of the village.

As he skimmed further down the listing he saw what looked to be an odd symbol, something not unlike a shark, but it was arranged with other strange animal looking shapes with it to form an odd looking four pronged crest of sorts. Running his fingers gently over the symbols he felt the pull once more, this time worse than any of the others, his middle and index fingers frozen over the shark like seal.

Naruto gave an experimental tug to get his fingers free but to his great annoyance they refused to budge. 'Great, if Mizuki-sensei finds me like this I'm dead! He said bring him the scroll, not OPEN IT! Stupid, stupid, stupid…' Finally getting fed up with being stuck he shunted chakra into his arm and pulled hard.

To Naruto's shock the chakra flowed from his hand through his fingers into the scroll, lighting up the crest with a brilliant gold flare of energy. Naruto's eyes were forced to bear slits as he tried to shield his eyes from the light, cursing his ignorance not for the first time today. That flash could be seen from Suna!

Slowly the aura faded, giving Naruto's eyes a chance to adjust to the darkness of the forest once more. Looking down at the scroll again he was shocked to see it had been rolled up, almost as though he had never even touched it, and there, almost as though they were looking back up at him, were what looked to be four bits of bone.

The young man's eyes widened in surprise at the one that seemed to be resting before the others, as though it was somehow more important than the others. All four of the items shared the same white coloring, but only the one in the front seemed to be more than just a shard, instead it looked to be a mask of some form, looking like it would easily cover up the lower part of his face, going from the bridge of his nose, sweeping just under his eyes to the curve of his jaw and well below his chin, the mask tapering to a point. Where his mouth would be were what looked to be VERY large teeth, giving the mask such a disturbing look that he was wondering if he shouldn't just take these back to the old man NOW and beg for forgiveness for unsealing something like that.

Just as he was coming to a decision Naruto almost leapt clean out of his sandals at the sound of someone landing behind him, before the person could say anything the young man fell forward in his shock, scattering the bones as his face crashed into the ground.

Right into the curve of the mask.

Iruka's day had been less than stellar. First he had break the heart of the young boy that he was coming to think of as a younger brother, then he has to ditch his date in order to join the search for said blond who had apparently committed treason by attacking the Hokage and stealing the forbidden Scroll of Sealing.

Ayame had been…less than thrilled with him. He just prayed that she had gotten rusty over the years, he didn't need the former kunoichi honing her skills on his hide anytime soon.

Now he had leapt into the small forest clearing seeing Naruto staring intently at something on the ground, strangely not the scroll, but the sound of his footfalls had startled the boy and made him do a header into the ground. The chinin winced at the painful sounding 'crunch' as he landed nose first in the hard earth. He fought with himself for a moment, it was a funny scene, Naruto, rear in the air and moaning while he himself moved to help the boy up. With a light chuckle he patted Naruto on the back in what he hoped was a comforting way, however, before he could say more, Naruto fell to his side.

Mizuki, having just arrived on the scene cursed at the fact that his 'boss' had beaten him to the clearing, the boy currently face down in the earth as the chinin was chuckling softly to himself. His mind was racing in ways that he could spin this and get Iruka to give him the scroll, maybe in the guise of letting him carry the boy…However he was shaken from his thoughts when he saw all the color drain from the scared man's face in a way that he had only seen when his girlfriend was on the warpath.

Looking to where the man was gaping he saw the kyuubi brat had fallen to his side and looked to have something attached to his face. In the dim light and from his current perch he couldn't make it out, but whatever it was the boy seemed to be struggling with it violently while the teacher was simply frozen in shock.

Iruka could do little more than stare at his charge as he clawed wildly at what looked to be a mask that was currently on the lower half of his face. The teen's muffled screams and wild eyes piercing him to his core as, even as he watched, the mask seemed to grow.

The mask, that at first seemed to only reach his chin, had quickly started to spread. Small plates began to form on the underside of his jaw before they swept down his throat, shredding his clothing as it formed with pulses of chakra. Naruto's back bowed to a disturbing angle as it moved further down his collar bone, seeming to pause there for a moment as it made a great, boney ridge, before it moved on. The bits of bone seeming to stop just below the junction of his collars before it split in two and swept down his chest, forming large plate like coverings. While he couldn't see it from the way the young man was writhing he could guess that his back was getting a similar treatment even as more bone swept out to cover the tops of his shoulders and to about mid-bicep.

As the bone seemed to stop growing so did Naruto's struggles, his body seeming to give an incredibly dense pulse of chakra that he was certain could be felt in the Hokage Tower. Slowly the teacher edged forward, unsure of what had happened to the blond. Taking a knee before the boy he reached out with a hesitant hand and gave his shoulder an experimental poke.

His eyes hadn't failed him…that was bone now encasing his upper torso.

Iruka shook him gently, trying to get his student to wake. No dice. He tried calling out to him, nothing. He lightly slapped one 'cheek' and cursed as one of the vicious looking teeth sliced his fingertips, leaving a crimson trail on the pristine white of the mask. He absently sucked on a fingertip as he slowly circled him. Casting a quick glance to the scroll he let out a sigh, he didn't think he could manage the boy and the scroll at the same time.

Forming a quick ram seal he was about to pulse his chakra to alert others that he had found the target when a familiar sound met his ears.

The sound of steel cutting through the air.

Iruka jumped to a low branch as three shruiken pierced the earth at his feet, his eyes darting among the trees for the thrower. There, high above him, with one of the large shruiken he was known to favor in hand, already spinning like a buzz saw, was his assistant Mizuki.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Iruka-kun, I can't have you calling others here now, I've worked too long for this moment to have you screw it up!"

The teacher's eyes widened in shock as he looked to his long time friend. "Mizuki! What are you doing? Why are you armed like that!? This is a capture and retrieve mission!"

Idling tossing the large whirling blade from one hand to another he sneered at his 'partner' "I thought that would be simple enough to understand…I'm here to finish off the Kyuubi! Then I think I'll take the scroll to someone a bit more…deserving…"

Iruka shot a quick glance to the still teen and the scroll before cursing the fact that he only had a single brace of kunai and bolos, he didn't think he would need more to catch Naruto. "So you're the reason he took it…"

The former friend let out a bark of laughter, "Just now figuring that out Mr. 'Greatest Chunin in Konoha'? You honestly think that little nothing could come up with this on his own? I'll admit, he got in easily enough, and that was surprising, but what did you honestly think he was planning on doing with it?"

He cursed himself, he actually hadn't thought that far ahead yet, he just wanted to make sure that he was the one to catch Naruto, hoping to minimize the amount of trouble that blond was going to be in. Easing one hand behind himself he slowly made for a kunai only to be cut off by the man before him.

"Really, it doesn't matter one bit how much they love you Iruka-teme…Once I've finished with the fox I could go to any village in the world and be a hailed as a hero the likes of which would overshadow even the Fourth!"

Iruka's eyes widened slightly as he came to the realization that is one time teammate had gone completely nuts. "You've known Naruto for yearsMizuki, you know he's not the fox, why are you doing this!?"

The chunin's eyes hardened as he looked at prone the teen, "Iruka…you always were too trusting…"

Iruka never saw the man's hand move, he was too focused on watching for attacks between the traitor and the student, not looking at anything that was aimed his way.

The teacher felt many things at the moment. The dull ache of his back as he was slammed into a nearby tree. The sharp burn of the enlarged shruiken that was now lodged in his gut. The sense of helplessness and shame that came from watching someone who had been your best friend stalks up to a helpless child with a knife in hand, ready to end his life. He tried to move, he really did, but the severed abdominal muscles promised he wouldn't be doing anything for a long while.

The traitor arrived next to the prone boy, a wild look in his eyes as he ran a calloused finger over the edge of his kunai, a fine bead of blood appearing on the razor thin cut on his index finger. As he made a slow circle of the blond he was absently cleaning the dirt from under one fingernail, debating on the best place to put one of his favorite bits of steel.

A happy glint entered his eyes as he knelt next to the teen, making sure that his former colleague had a perfect view of what he was about to do. The man then stooped slightly and took hold of the tattered remains of Naruto's jacket, ripping them free before running a hand almost lovingly over his stomach, the seal holding the fox at bay visible in the pale glow of the moon.

He shot one last wicked smile to Iruka before raising the kunai high, "Finally! I will finish what the Yondaime STARTED!"

The sound of steel cutting through the air filled their ears. Iruka wanted to scream, he wanted to cry, but his pain overrode everything his heart begged of it to do, he could only screw his eyes shut, not wishing to see the death of his favorite student.


He opened his eyes slightly, unsure what caused the shock in the voice of the traitor. There, with eyes wide open and looking on with a chilling, unflinching, bored expression was Naruto, his hand gripping the chunin's wrist as the tip of the kunai pressed gently against his abdomen.

"Mizuki-sensei…am I correct to assume that you were intending something…less than cordial with this?"

The former teacher looked at the blond in stunned silence for a long moment before shaking free of the hold, once more raising the kunai and with a roar of hate brought it down on the teen's throat.

Only to hit dirt as he tilted his head in a lazy fashion, "Interesting…it seems you were intending to set me up from the start, how…dull…"

It was unnerving enough having those blue eyes bore into you with such a look of indifference, his eyes slightly lidded, as though he were drowsy, or pained in some way, but the real thing that seemed to chill the former teacher was the fact that the face of the mask didn't move, just producing an odd echo when the teen spoke.

"Silence demon! I'll make sure you can't make it out of here alive!"

His eyes slightly narrowed as the chunin leapt away from the prone teen, his form sitting up in a slow, deliberate manner before he plucked the kunai from the soil, looking at it curiously for a moment before rising to face Mizuki.

He didn't spare his teacher a glance, but still his voice rang out. "Thank you for trying Iruka-sensei. If you can manage, signal the village. I'll deal with this one."

Iruka fought the urge to smack himself, he may not be able to move, but he still had chakra. At once he slapped his free hand into a ram symbol and began to pulse his chakra, the act making the traitor curse non-to-quietly.

Spotting the scroll the former teacher dashed at it, his speed surprising to the downed chunin, he had never seen Mizuki move that fast before, however, much to his further shock, a kunai found itself in the traitor's leg; making him stumble and skid into the object he was so desperate to get his hands on.

"Now, now Mizuki-sensei…I thought you knew better than to make a mistake like that against an unknown opponent…"

He scowled at the blond as he pulled his prize kunai from his leg. He had had the blade custom made for tonight, to kill the demon! Now he had to wipe his own blood from the weapon.

It would have been humbling in any other situation.

Rising to a knee the man pulled his other oversized shruiken from the back harness and began to spin the weapon, mimicking the attack that had put Iruka out of the fight. "Now I'm going to show you why I'm a chunin you MONSTER!"

Before he could even bring the weapon back to prime his throw he was frozen in fear, there was a physical aura forming around the teen, a dull gold glow at first that soon erupted into a massive pillar of energy that engulfed the whole of the area in its light. Both Iruka and Mizuki had to shield their eyes as the glow began to lessen until they could see properly again, albeit with spots in their vision.

There, looking at the kneeling man with the same dull eyes was the familiar sight of the blond prankster of Konoha, however, his overall appearance had changed to the point that it made his remaining teacher blink in surprise. His clothing had gone from the glaring orange to a pure white with black trim that, while even easier to spot, at least didn't give you a headache looking at it for more than five minutes. The clothing was rather unique in of itself. White hakama pants that let the sides of his hips show made up his legs, the ends of the leggings remaining untapped and free to move with the gentle breeze of the deepening night. Simple black sandals with white socks adorning his feet, a black obi holding the pants securely in place. His upper half gave the pair pause, it was an odd, cropped jacked that left his midriff exposed and tapered in the back, but hugged his chest tight even as the sleeves were left baggy, his hands adorned with white gloves that had black fingers in them. The jacket itself may not have gown down far on his abdomen, but it made up for that with the collar, going up high enough to almost hide the entire mask, save for a small portion that adorned his cheek bones.

However, it was the last item that made Mizuki pause, strapped horizontally across his back was a short sword from the looks of it. The thing looking to be little longer than his shoulders were wide, with a strange cross guard with shamrock like tips o it. The grip itself was covered with a black and purple woven silk, like that of a diamondback cobra, much like any katana you would find in a shop. The blade itself looked to be quite wide, something that surprised the chunin.

"That's a bit better…I was feeling naked there for a moment. Now then…" his right hand came up slowly to hook his index finger into the odd little hollow on the ends of the cross guard and with a disturbing, practiced, ease the blade began to come free, a shower of sparks framing the boy in the night. Mizuki's eyes widened slightly as the blade somehow seemed to be longer than the sheath was.

That couldn't be right…

With the blade free he gave the guard a slight tug, making the weapon twirl in midair to let the grip fall easily into his hand, the sword held from his body as though intentionally giving the traitor a good look.

His eyes said otherwise.

Both ninja looked at the sword in mild confusion, the blade looked to be…hollow? Where the core and spine of the sword, hell, even a blood groove should have been there, was just an empty space, giving the odd weapon the look of something that would shatter the moment you swung it. The blade itself was strange to behold, the weapon seemed to have two edges, like a Chinese broadsword, but curved on one side into the point, like a fulblade, its width making it look rather unwieldy.

The former Konoha nin started to laugh long and loud at the thought of the blond using the weapon. "Only the dead last would think to bring a weapon like that to this fight…DIE!"

The massive shruiken came speeding at the blond, as though being chased by a demon, the steel twirling even as it spun, making it that much harder to deflect. The look in his eyes never changed as his grip tightened on the sword and, to the shock of the two onlookers, his hand seemed to explode in a spray of blood. A spray that coalesced and filled the void in the sword, bringing the blade high above him he swung with startling speed.

"Ola Roja." The former teacher could only gape as the blood that had filled the sword seemed to shoot out of it own volition, the blade shaped wave of tissue rocketing at the shruiken faster than the projectile itself had been thrown.

Mizuki grinned at first, thinking that his shruiken would simply cut through the liquid, but to his horror the two met and seemed to explode, shards of steel and blades of blood raining through the clearing, shredding underbrush and rending trees asunder before the 'blades' went fluid once more, bathing the clearing in a nightmare of blood. The former teacher scrambled away from the blond in fear, if he could turn his very blood into a weapon how could he fight him!?

"Tsk…Pathetic…Get him out of my sight."

To the pair's shock the boy turned, returning the sword to its pale, lavender sheath. Mizuki looked more than a little confused until he felt the pair of hands on his shoulders. Taking a trembling glance up his eyes widen at seeing a squad of animal masked ANBU staring down at him.

"Mizuki Mataka. You are under arrest for attempted murder of a fellow ninja of Konoha, attempting to corrupt a potential ninja of Konoha, stealing village secrets with intent to sell them to enemy powers. You are hereby bound by law. Bear! Get him out of here."

A massive man in an equally intimidating mask stepped forward to take the smaller man by his upper arms, lifting him as though he weighed no more than a pillow as the other ANBU placed a series of tags all over his body before they vanished in a swirl of leaves.

The teen turned and looked at his fallen teacher before nodding and moving to the scroll, stooping he seemed to fiddle with it for a moment before slinging it across his back and moved back to his injured friend. "Are you able to move Iruka-sensei?"

He gave a weak shake of his head, "No…he cut up my stomach something bad, I don't think I'll be up and about for a while…"

The blond gave a hesitant nod, his eyes shining in sorrow as he placed his hand in the same ram seal he had seen Iruka use a moment ago and pulsed his chakra several times, just as his teacher had done. Within a minute those in the clearing were joined by one of the masked ANBU as well as a jonin he had never seen before. The pair looked at the blond in confusion before seeing the injured teacher. A quick explanation from the chunin had them doing a bit of first aid until they could move him without further aggravating his wound and then they were off in a puff of smoke, the ANBU taking the scroll as he went.

Naruto heaved a great sigh as he turned and looked at the waning moon. Absently a hand came up to pull down the collar of the jacket before he ran his fingers along the mask. The blond turned to make his way to the tower.

It had been a hell of a night, and he knew he had a lot of explaining to do. As he walked from the woods the dull 'clack' of three other mask shards rattled at his obi, one looking somewhat like a circlet or crown, one a strange fan like piece and the last a great horn, and if they were anything like the one he had on, the coming days were going to be quite…


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