Dearest Fanfiction,

It's been 3 years since I started this fic, and I abandoned you all, didn't I. Thus, I'm letting you all know, right now, that I'm actually going to sit down and write this story. So yay for that.

First of all, yes I have a new username. The old one was a bit… wordy

Second, I'm going to start by going back over the previous chapters of this story, so you'll probably need to reread (you probably would anyway, considering how long it's been). I realise this is an inconvenience for you all, but I promise to change the story as little as possible (except those parts where it got really strange and pointless).

Third, I'm actually back. This time is different. I promise :3

Love, CyradisNyx (whoever stole "Cyradis", I'm watching you :/)

(Previously MagicWriter446)