Chapter 1 Kidnapped!

Hermione Granger looked around the room she found herself in desperately looking for a way out. One moment she was walking in the halls doing her Head Girl duties and then she found herself here. Oh Merlin this can't be good she thought to herself.

Her thoughts were confirmed as she looked up as the door opened reveling Lucius Malfoy and Belletrix LeStrange, members of the Inner Circle of Voldemort.

"Mudblood." Lucius greeted her as he walked to her and grabbed her hair pulling her off of the floor bringing her eyes level to his. "Tell us where Harry Potter is and I promise you a quick death."

Hermione looked to him fearfully as her resolve set in. "I think not Lord Malfoy. You are never one to fulfill any promises that you make." She disdainfully stated his titled as she spat onto his face and robes.

She looked up to him with defiance in her eyes as he slowly wiped the spit from his face and wiped it onto hers.

Lord Malfoy chuckled as he threw her back to the floor and pulled out his wand as Bellatrix did the same. "My dear you will soon be spouting your darkest secrets by time we are through with you."

Hermione screamed as Bellatrix sent out "Crucio!" hitting her squarely in her chest. Belleatrix sighed as she released it after a minute or so. She needed the mudblood lucid.

They both laughed as they watched the witch's body contort in pain as they watched her writhe on the floor. Bellatrix approached the young student, knife in hand as she cackled out in pleasure. "Let me introduce you to my friend."


A dark form entered her cell and silently watched her as she fitfully tried to sleep despite her injuries. She felt herself being watched and immediately stilled.

"It's rather pointless to think that the bad man will go away if you pretend you are sleeping Miss. Granger. I assure you he is NOT going away."

She looked up to the masked form through her bushy hair as she was lying on her stomach. "I recognize that voice." She thought to herself.

"Stand up and do not say a word."

Hermione automatically stood up unconsciously obeying the ingrained command he held over her as a student for the last seven years. She then remembered that she was naked and tried to cover her herself with her arms.

Professor Severus Snape Potions Master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Deatheater and double spy for the Order of the Phoenix said nothing as he pointed his wand at her body healing her external injuries one at a time.

"Drink!" He commanded as he handed the witch a vial. She took the phial from him and looked at it with apprehension.

"If that was poison I wouldn't have bothered healing you. The Dark Lord wants you alive one day longer."

Hermione drank down the contents and felt immediately better. Unfortunately remarkably better. She watched as the Deatheater walked to her cell door opening it and talked to the guard outside.

"McNair unless you want to be standing next to this trash tomorrow night then you better bring what I request." Ending the argument of his fellow Deatheater. He closed the door and turned and looked to her standing there naked and shivering. Glancing around the room he noticed a thick wool blanket tossed in the corner that was caked with blood and picked it up, scourgifying it as he handed it to her so she could cover herself.

She thankfully accepted the blanket and wrapped it around her and sat down on what passed for a bed. "You can remove the mask Professor Snape. I recognized your voice."

"I suppose you do." He sighed as he sat down in a rickety chair removing his mask and placing it on his lap.

She observed him for a moment. "I am going to die tomorrow." She flatly stated.

Snape looked to her for a moment and Hermione saw the sadness on his face for a moment as it changed back to one of indifference. "Yes."

"Is there any way to get me out of here?" She asked knowing that he was a member of the Order.

"Mr. Malfoy abducted you from the castle on the command of his father. It was hoped that they could get you to reveal the location of Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley since they departed the castle two weeks ago."

"You can't give what you do not know." Hermione softly replied as she dealt with the fact that she did not have much longer on the mortal plane.

"Yes and this is a test of my loyalty as well. If you were to suddenly escape then I would be revealed as the traitor I surely am as there are only his most trusted here tonight. I am sorry Miss. Granger but my hands are tied."

She nodded to him as she knew that sacrifices had to be made and her death would be one of them.

Snape watched her sniffle for a moment silent tears running down her face. He thought she was taking the news remarkably well.

They heard a knock on the door and Professor Snape opened the door and motioned McNair in as he grabbed the tray of food from him.

"Ah Snape got that mudblood to cry? How did she take it, you revealing yourself?"

"As you can see, not so well." He replied as he chuckled. "Tell our Lord that I have healed her and she is in shape for the activities tomorrow. I must stay to make sure she eats or she will not be able to play. I will be up shortly."

McNair laughed as he exited the cell closing the door behind him.

Snape placed the tray next to her. She glanced at it noticing that her favorite foods were there.

"The least I can do since it is your last night." He told her.

"Professor, if I created a message in my mind for Harry and Ron could you pull it out of my mind so they could view it?"

"Yes Miss. Granger I can." Pulling an empty phial out of a pocket of his robes. "Picture yourself saying whatever it is you wish it to say. Then push the thought to the front of your mind."

"It's Hermione Professor. As this is my last day to live I would like to be addressed by my first name." Closing her eyes and concentrating on the message that she wanted to send to her dear friends. After a moment she opened her eyes and looked up to him. "I am ready Professor."

He looked to the young witch for a moment as he pulled out his wand. "My name is Severus Hermione. Now concentrate." Extracting the silvery tendril and placing it into the phial. "I will make sure it gets to Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley." Capping the phial and placing it into his robes.

Severus looked again to her and made up his mind. He leaned down and whispered into her ear.

She looked up to him with hope. "Do you think it will work?" She asked.

"It should Hermione. Try it as you have nothing to lose." He replied to her.

"Any advice for the party that I will be an unwilling guest of Severus?" Hermione asked pleased that he allowed her to address him by his first name.

"Fight them Hermione. Let that brash Gryffindor defiance reveal itself. Mock the Dark Lord and those around him. They will not like it and will drive them to kill you quickly which will be a blessing to you. The Dark Lord does not take well to being mocked."

He stood up and placed his mask on. "Be well in the Veil Hermione Granger."

She recognized his statement as the final words at a Wizarding burial. "And you as well Severus Snape." She replied back in the proper response.

He was at the door and looked backed to her. "Eat the food Hermione as it will look badly for me if it is discovered that you did not eat it."

"If it means anything to you Severus I do not hate you. Remember that." She called out.

Severus looked back at the witch thankful that his mask disguised his look of disbelief. He exited the cell without a word and made his way to the throne room and knelt to the Dark Lord.

"Rise Severus." Voldemort intoned. "You have healed her?"

"Yes my Lord I healed her and forced her to eat. She was rather disappointed to see me when I revealed myself to her." He humbly replied.

"Arise and return to Hogwarts my faithful one. I am sorry that you will not be here tomorrow as Dumbledore will get suspicious. I am sure you will get the full details from Lucius."

He rose and addressed his Lord. "I am thankful to finally be free of her constant chattering and arm rising in my class."

Voldemort chuckled at his words as he watched his servant depart.

Severus arrived at Hogwarts changing into his teaching robes as he made his way across the castle grounds and arrived at the gargoyle guarding the Headmaster's office stating "Lollypops!" The gargoyle pulled aside revealing the stairs leading up to the office.

Albus Dumbledore looked to the dark wizard as he entered his chambers. "No hopes in rescuing her?" He asked.

"No Albus." He spat out as he pulled the phial containing Hermione's message and handed it to him. "Her final message to the soon to be Golden Duo. Make sure they get it as I promised it to her."

Severus walked to the floo and grabbed a handful of powder and held it in his hands. "She told me that she did not hate me."

Albus looked to his Potions Master with sadness in his eyes. "Miss. Granger was always perceptive. I am going to miss her presence in the castle."

The Headmaster thought he heard a muttered "As will I." Watching as his spy tossed the powder into the floo and loudly stated "Professor Snape's chambers." Disappearing in a flash of green.

Meanwhile Hermione ate the food on the tray relishing the taste as she thought about her fate. Severus said to show defiance. Oh yes, she could do that.