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Chapter 49 Epilogue

Five years passed since his marriage to Hermione and Severus wondered if she had ever kept track of time as she never mentioned "the future that did not happen." Other than what she mentioned on the return to Hogwarts.

The here and now was remarkably different from the future that did not happen. Harry and Ron played professional quidditch as they wanted nothing to do with being aurors after all the trials and tribulations that they experienced in the "Future" and he could not find fault with their choice. Neville and Luna ran an herb store in Diagon Alley as Ginny finished her apprenticeship and became a Healer.

After Hermione's graduation he told the Headmaster what he truly thought about teaching and told him he was never coming back. He was content in remaining at the farmhouse with his wife and ran a potions business on the side. But the blasted wizard came back after one year and they found themselves once again at Hogwarts with him being tailored as the next Headmaster.

He watched his wife as she put the twins to bed as she looked to him. "Severus, our doppelgangers need us."

"Hermione they would never believe us. Their future never existed and we do not have proof to convince them otherwise."

"Pull your box out Love. She gave you her medal to remember her."

He sighed as he went to his shelf and pulled out the box thinking it was a waste of time as they went back to the past, gasping out in surprise for not only the medal but muggle newspapers and military orders from the nonexistent future had been placed there as well. They were not there five years ago when he pulled the rings and ribbons from the box previously. He pulled out a map marked "Spot" and looked at it. So the Mother of Magic anticipated this he thought as he handed it to his wife as it did not make any sense to him.

Hermione took it and recognized it immediately. "That is the map that Major Granger was given. Colonel Potter will recognize this as it is the same map that he will be given." Grabbing up ink and quill as she marked the mortar emplacements, enemy guns, and troop locations. She transfigured a plate into a desert tan map bag and placed all of the items in it.

Walking over to the fireplace she tossed some floo powder in and stuck her head in. "Neville, Luna can you come over please?"

She stepped away as Neville spun out first and immediately moved away as he brushed his robes off as his wife followed behind him.

Luna looked to the couple. "You are going to the desert to save them? I will watch over the twins until you return."

Hermione chuckled as she replied. "I can never keep much from you Luna." Turning to her husband as she pointed her wand to him and waved it.

Neville looked to his ex-professor. "Your hair! I've never seen it so short and you look funny. Do yourself a favor and grow it back when you return." He laughed as Luna put a hand on his arm trying to stop him as she noticed the anger in Severus's eyes and watched him point his wand at the disrespectful wizard.

Neville stopped laughing as he rubbed his hand on his head on his now bald head. "That's not funny Severus."

Severus smirked at his comrade. "Yes Neville that is funny." Hearing the peals of laughter coming from the witches.

The fireplace flared green as a voice called out. "Hermione, Severus, can Ron and I come through?"

"Sure Harry." Hermione called out and watched as her two best friends arrived. She turned her attention to Neville as she changed his bald head to a hair cut in a high and tight and changed his clothes into that of an American Army private.

Harry looked to Hermione. "I see you have Neville. Ginny can't come along as she is about to have our child but I do have pictures to help convince them. I hope it will be enough."

Hermione handed Harry the map bag and bade him to open it as she changed her husband's robes into that of an American Air Force major as she changed hers into that of a first lieutenant.

Harry closed the bag. "Thank the Gods that you have these. There may be hope yet." Looking to the uniform that Hermione changed his clothing into. It was that of an American Army second lieutenant.

Hermione served tea as they conjured chairs up and began to discuss their travel.


Private Longbottom rushed over to the table in the chow hall where Captain Granger and Lieutenant Snape was sitting and panted out. "Captain there has been an accident and you are needed back at the hospital area."

The two women jumped up and followed the young private as he led them to the furthest room in the makeshift hospital.

Neville opened the door and allowed the muggles to enter before him and heard their gasp of shock as he closed the door and pointed his wand at the lock to make sure that they were not disturbed.

Captain Granger looked to the group. "You are not of this camp and every one of you looks like those that are stationed here. I am going to get the MP's."

Neville blocked the door and pointed the M-16 rifle that he borrowed from an unsuspecting Private Longbottom to her. "Listen to what we have to say and then I will allow you to contact them."

The muggle officers gasped out in shock as a hooked nose man threw medical instruments onto the floor and pointed a stick and watched in amazement as they turned into chairs.

Hermione spoke out. "Lily, Hermione sit down and listen to us. We are here to save your comrades from death. We are magical beings and you are our doppelgangers and died to rescue the world from the Darkness. In two days events will begin that will ensure their death." Pulling out the Medal of Honor and placed it into the captain's hand. "This medal was given to you about seven months from now."

Captain Granger studied the medal in disbelief. "Other than the Civil War this medal has never been presented to a woman. I find that being awarded this medal would be unlikely."

"Maybe this will convince you." Pulling the stack of newspapers out of her bag and set them on the desk and watched the two officers.

Captain Granger and Lieutenant Snape began to read them as the magical waited for their response.

Lieutenant Snape gasped out "I died in an accident?"

The man with the hooked nose in a desert uniform with the same last name as hers spoke. "It was not an accident. An evil wizard murdered you and killed the pilots resulting in the crash. I suppose your husband in death row is my doppelganger but he does not play into the events. You are the doppelganger of a witch I loved long ago in my youth and I could not save her then and I could not save you in the future."

Hermione spoke out. "Captain Granger you come from Phillipsburg Montana and a young man named Brent Jacobs has been begging you to sell your 69 Camaro to him for five years. There is a young woman named Luna Lovegood and she runs the café in your town. The Chief of Police is a man named Harris."

Captain Granger looked to them skeptically. "Information easily obtained by other means and you are British as I recognize your accent. I have never been to England so why should I believe you?"

Hermione sighed as she continued. "Jason Tidell tried to kiss you in the 10th grade and you pulled back your fist and hit his jaw breaking it. The boy's parents tried to sue your family but the judge threw it out when he found out the circumstances that he was harassing and bullying you. The boy was sent to a juvenile boot camp as punishment.

Captain Granger believed her as the case had been sealed as there was a cover up as Jason's parents held influence in the town at that time. Very few knew about the boy being sent away for a year and the parents spread that he was in Germany as a foreign exchange student. "I believe you. What do you need of me?"

"The people that will die are Colonel Potter and Private Longbottom along with his entire command. You, Lieutenant Snape, and Staff Sergeant Weasley will not be affected in this timeline as the evil wizard that caused this is dead and you will not be diverted to the battle. You only need to bring all of them here as we have proof and all died in the future that was not to be. All will be lost if Colonel Potter does not believe us and we have a way of showing you our memories."

"That should be easy enough. My I make a few phone calls?" Eyeing the M-16 pointed at her.

Neville unloaded the weapon and stood it against the wall. "I'm sorry Captain Granger as I do not use muggle weapons at all. I know about them as I have Private Longbottom's memories of it and it is something that you would immediately recognize as a threat. This weapon actually belongs to Private Longbottom."

Captain Granger picked up the phone and called the MPs. "This is Dr. Granger. I need you to round up Private Longbottom and Air Force Staff Sergeant Weasley to come to the hospital immediately as they need immediate treatment before their illness spreads to the rest of the camp." Listening a moment. "I have the power and tell Colonel Potter to arrive as well as the matter is serious. I may have to pull in the rest of his troops and possibly you as well if you have been in contact with them. I suggest you move quickly so I can determine it." Chuckling as the sergeant on the other end cursed as he hung up the phone.

"Lily gather four assistants and wait for our patients outside. Based on the sergeant's tone I imagine they will arrive together. Have stretchers ready so that it will be believable."

"Of course Hermione." Lily replied as she left the room as she reflected on the words of Major Snape as she walked to the entrance of the building.

Captain Granger looked back to the young woman that resembled her. "Can you make those chairs into beds so this will be convincing?"

"Of course Captain Granger." Hermione replied as she pointed her wand as she changed the chairs into two medical beds complete with hanging on a stand. "We are going to hide ourselves but we will remain in the room until you are ready to reveal us." She disappeared along with the rest of her group.

Lily arrived with the two patients and told the assistants to remove their BDU tops and place the patients on the bed. The corpsmen immediately complied and left as instructed.

Colonel Potter arrived with his two captains and two MP's and demanded. "What the hell is going on here Captain Granger?"

"Colonel, your staff and the MP's need to leave as I have something urgent to discuss with you and the patients only. You will be here for some time so make arrangements." She replied.

He looked to the captain for a moment. She took good care of his troops and he trusted her when it came to their well being. "Jones you are in charge. Go ahead and call assembly and run them through weapons and equipment checks as things have been slow around here." Watching as the officers left as Lieutenant Snape raised the beds up so that Sergeant Weasley and Private Longbottom were in a sitting position.

"Colonel I need you to trust me. Everyone needs to read these in order." Motioning to the stack of newspapers.

Colonel Potter began to read as he finished one he handed it to Sergeant Weasley as the more he read his disbelief showed on his face as he read the last one which was her hometown paper with her obituary. "Captain…" He began

"Look to the date on the newspapers sir."

Private Longbottom called out. "This one is dated five days from now."

"And this one is dated six months from now." Sergeant Weasley spoke out.

He looked to the Air Force sergeant who was his brother in-law. "Why are you in this camp Ron?"

The red headed man replied. "I'm sorry Harry but my orders are classified. You will find out shortly."

He reflected on the younger man's words. So there might be a bit of truth to these as he turned his gaze to the young Air Force captain who looked to him nervously as she chewed her bottom lip in worry. "I suppose you have the proof behind these?"

"I do sir but I promise you that it is as unbelievable as these newspapers."

"Then present your proof Captain Granger as I think that you are wasting my time." He growled out.

Five people suddenly appeared in the room as the colonel gasped in surprise as a younger version of himself in the dress of a second lieutenant walk over to him and spoke. "I am Harry James Potter and you met your wife at the Officer's club at Fort Carlson when you responded to a complaint about a female captain. She hit a senior officer that was giving her unwanted attention that she did not like. You managed to cover that one up and married her a year later."

Ron and Neville made their introductions and revealed personal facts that no one would ever know.

Hermione looked to the group and told them what she told Captain Granger earlier as her husband pulled a pensieve from his pocket and enlarged it and conjured up a table to set it upon.

The muggles watched as the woman pulled a stick from the cargo pocket of her uniform and pulled silver tendrils from her head and placed them in the stone bowl as she looked to them in sadness.

"These are my memories up the end of the desert battle. Then we will see Lieutenant Snape's death and take a break and continue if you believe it. Everyone gather around the bowl and lean down and you will be able to see them."

The two men got up from the bed joined hands with the lieutenant, captain and colonel and gasped out as they were suddenly sucked into the bowl.

Hermione looked to Harry and Ron as she sat down on one of the chairs that Severus conjured up. "Now we wait. I pray that they are willing to continue."

Severus remained standing as he looked to his wife as he sent to her. "You presented yourself well and you know Colonel Potter. I am sure he will listen to you." He leaned down and kissed his wife tasting the salty tears that ran down her cheek.

The muggles came out of the pensieve four hours later as Lieutenant Snape hugged a sobbing Captain Granger.

Severus walked up to the pensieve and pulled out the memory of Lily Snape's death and placed it in the bowl. "The death of Lily." He spoke in a soft voice as he stepped back and watched as the muggles took hands and leaned once again into the pensieve.

After five minutes they came back up and Severus observed the muggles hold Lily as they whispered to her. "This will not happen." He heard them speak continuously to the young woman in a soft voice as she slumped to the floor. So they believe the story so far. He felt eyes upon him and looked into the green eyes of Lily as she looked to him.

Captain Granger walked out of the room without a word and arrived back ten minutes later with food. "I've got to eat something and I have a feeling this story gets worse. I wish there was something stronger then coke in this forsaken place." Picking up a sandwich and looking to the can of coke sitting on the tray.

Harry stood up and smiled as he pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels and placed it on the tray next to the cans of coke. "This is Colonel Potter's preferred drink. I drink it every now and then as I have developed a taste for it myself."

Captain Granger said nothing as she poured the whiskey in a paper cup and added a splash of coke and drank it down. She repeated her actions a second time and sat down to wait for the numbing effect that would follow as she did not drink at all except when home on leave.

Private Longbottom sat in the chair with his head hung down in shame. He was facing death and all he regretted was never kissing a girl?

Severus observed the young man and slipped into his mind. So he was embarrassed about the kiss. He sent that information to his wife along the connection and watched as Hermione walked over to him and gently placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned down and whispered in his ear. "Don't be embarrassed Neville. She needed the kiss as much as you did as it strengthened her resolve to man the machine gun. You will understand more shortly." Patting his shoulder she went back to stand next to her husband.

Colonel Potter addressed the group. "There is a break room three doors down from this room. Can you wait there while we discuss this?"

Ron immediately left as the others followed behind him.

"Is what we heard true about General Riddle?" Lily asked the Colonel.

"Please call me Harry as we are obviously in this together." Pouring a large portion of Jack into his cup and drank it down. "It could be as General Riddle and I have a past and my bird was given to me because of it while he was reprimanded. But the question hanging before us is all this real? A future that could have been if not for something that has not been revealed to us yet. And those people can do real magic. What we have seen in this room is not an illusion. I am afraid of what will happen to us if we do not believe their story. I want to see the rest before I make up my mind."

The two Air Force officers sat hugging one another as they talked. Lily stood up. "We want to see as well."

Harry looked to the young men. "Ron, Neville what do you say?"

They merely nodded their head in agreement as they said nothing.

Harry opened the door and noticed several medical staff in the hall as he grabbed one. "Go to the break room and tell Major Snape and his group to come back in here."

The muggles watched as the magical came back into the room and waited as the colonel spoke. "We want to know the rest."

Hermione walked up to the pensieve and motioned for the rest of the magical to join her. "These memories will be from our own prospective and will be shown in order as they lead up to the final battle. Make sure you have eaten enough as you will be in there for several hours."

Sergeant Weasley looked to her. "It's like we are there next to you. Is it always that way in there?"

Ron looked to his doppelganger. "You are in the middle of our memories living it beside us." He replied as he finished placing his memories into the bowl and stepped back and watched as the doppelgangers entered again.

Hermione sat down and pulled out the magical mirror looking into it as she spoke. "Luna are you there?"

"I'm here and Albus and Minerva are as well." Luna replied back as Hermione saw the Headmaster and Deputy wave back.

"Thank the Gods they are listening to us and are in the pensieve and not due to come out for several hours."

Harry grabbed the mirror from Severus and looked into it. "Any word from Ginny?"

Minerva's face filled the mirror as she replied. "Ginny is at the Burrow resting comfortably as Poppy is predicting the birth in two days time. Any preference on the name if it is a boy as Ginny told us she had the choice of a girl and you if a boy."

Harry looked to Hermione's husband as he chuckled. "Tell them Albus Severus Potter."

Severus looked to the young wizard and said nothing as he felt honored to have Harry name his son after him.

Harry handed the mirror to Hermione as he looked to Ron and Neville. "Care to give the foosball table in the break room a go again?"

Hermione chuckled as she watched them leave and addressed the mirror. "We will update you as soon as we can." She spoke and then placed the mirror back into the cargo pocket of her desert uniform.

"Your dunderhead friends will never change." Severus intoned as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck. "You are lucky that I suffer their presence."

"Admit it Severus that you like them now. Even Neville."

He growled "They were not so much dunderheads the second time around as all of you did not break the rules and Neville stopped exploding cauldrons and actually learned a thing or two. You never realized the first time around that I was always worried about the possibility of the loss of life and limb in your class."

Hermione chuckled. "There is that but it's a shame that Draco never changed until graduation. At least we did not have to go back in the time in the Third year to rescue Buckbeak or let Peter Pettigrew get away. Your idea was brilliant at the beginning of that year, owling the Headmaster to change Peter back to himself right at the beginning of term in front of Kingsley. The man spilled all and Sirius was freed and even received compensation for his unjust imprisonment."

"So the witch recognizes once again that I have a brilliant mind. Please remember that the next time you hand out your "Honey Do" list and force me to perform menial labor for you."

"Merlin you're a wizard Severus. It's not like menial labor at all." She admonished.

"The fact that you force mundane duties to me to perform foolish wand waving that you could easily accomplish yourself." He huffed as he sat down and pulled his wife onto his lap and kissed her. "Sleep wife as it has been a long day and I will wake you when needed."

"Always right Sev and I am tired." She yawned out as she laid her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes. "I'm glad that I did not take no for an answer in my dreams."

He kissed the top of her head as he adjusted himself to make her comfortable. "As am I wife." He whispered to her as he continued to hold her and observe the penseive.


Severus woke Hermione up and pushed her to stand up as he rose as well as the doppelgangers came out of the pensieve. "I'll go get the rest." Leaving the room and soon arrived back.

Colonel Potter spoke out. "You have something for me Lieutenant Granger?"

"I do Colonel but please call me Hermione as I am not an officer but a witch. Here is the map of your demise that was given to Captain Granger in the future." Hermione replied as she handed over the map. She had saved that for the end.

She watched as Colonel Potter looked at it noticing penned markings of enemy emplacements.

"Mortars Colonel Potter. You must take mortars or you will never survive. I know that they will not be on your equipment list but get them no matter what."

Colonel Potter put the map back into the bag and looked to her. "I will plan accordingly. Your final battle was a bloodbath and I am glad that my actions helped rescue the world." Remembering the young witch as she held her sword high as she whispered her mantra. "I must go and prepare."

"Like you Harry I was a soldier then and I did what I had to do along with the rest." Hermione replied as she watched the muggles leave.

Soon the only ones left were Hermione, Severus, and Captain Granger.

"Hermione head back home as I sense that Captain Granger wishes to talk to me alone. You know the reason why."

Hermione looked to the captain. "Everything that happened was for a reason and I hope that you realize it." Turning on her heel and disappeared with a clap.

Captain Granger looked to the tall hooked nosed man. "I think that you left something out Major. How could I have gone from an angry woman to agreeing? I need to know." She demanded

Severus sighed as he pulled the memory that he held back into the pensieve. "Here is what I left out." Watching as the young woman lean into the penseive and was drawn to it once again.

Captain Granger watched as she confronted the tall man in his chambers and watched as she initiated their harsh sex. It was like they took from one another and nothing else as far as ties. It was so unlike her she thought as she felt herself thrown outside the bowl and looked to the Major. "Foundering ships at sea?" She whispered. "And I found mine after I died?"

"Indeed Captain Granger but you can go beyond that and find so much more. Surely you realize after everything you have seen tonight that there is so much more waiting for you in this future. After everything plays out invite Private Longbottom and Private Reese to your hometown when everything is finished. Offer yourself to the young man as he would never do it fearing on retaliation as he is enlisted and you are an officer."

He allowed himself a small smile as he bent down and wrote the address of Hermione's parents down on a piece of paper and handed it to her. "When all of you are ready, come to England as my wife has worried over you all through the years and it was she that remembered and arranged all of this. Everyone will be please to see each of you as you mattered so much to us and was instrumental in saving the world though only a few know of the true events that never happened in this time."

"I must go now Hermione. I found my port as you encouraged me in the future. Find yours in the here and now and make your own future." Turning his heel and disappearing.


Colonel Potter received his orders two days later just as the doppelgangers promised along with the exact same map that they gave him. He met up with Captain Granger, Lieutenant Snape, Staff Sergeant Weasley, and Private Longbottom at the hospital. "They were right and here are my orders."

He watched as the group read them and handed the paper back to him.

"What are you going to do Colonel?" Captain Granger asked.

Colonel Potter looked to the group. "Everything that Hermione suggested to me."


A group of American men and woman dressed in American Army and Air Force Class A uniforms along with two women in pretty dresses stood at the door of the quaint British house one year later and knocked. A woman answered the door and bade them in and looked to the group.

"Welcome to England and wait a mo as I owl Hermione and Severus that you have arrived. Severus told us to expect you." Leaving the group as her husband motioned them to his study and began to pour drinks.

That's it. Complete and I hoped you enjoyed it.