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The Trouble with Veelas


Harry was looking straight into the eyes of Albus Dumbledore. If there was anything in thus world he wouldn't have thought possible for the old man to do to him he had a moment to decide that this had never crossed his mind. Never before the wizard had taken his feelings into consideration before deciding his guilt or innocence or given him an impression that his feelings had a chance to play a role in his own life. It took his mind to profess that he should have seen this coming long before things have come to this head. After all, unhappy endings was his Life's only way to bestow experience upon him. So, from the fucking goodness of her black heart and crazed eyes, one she must have won after a late night bar brawl with the nuisance he called his Fate, she had bestowed upon him the curse of being a mate to a Veela. Guess what was the icing on the cake; his mate was none other than Malfoy, the uber prat that had sworn upon his life to make himself a pain where the sun deigned himself not to shine.

That Harry resented half the people in this room was a fact that could be only outshone with the other fact that the other halves have never abandoned him on the doorstep of his magic hating relatives where he had grown up in the sheer ignorance of a life that was his birthright as a wizard. As he had grown up in the muggle neighborhood, he had accepted that he deserved nothing that had been given to him, even though they had been tossed his way when they failed to function at all for the owner.

His cousin had been the only one who, despite low brainpower had utilized his impressive bulk and a fearsome gang to shield the beautiful emerald-eyed boy from the other twitching bullies and fledging pedophiles who eyed him. He had also made sure that Harry gave the impression that he completed his assigned chores completely by himself and survived on the food that would have starved a cat. There was a reason Dudley had demanded a fridge for himself as soon as he had been able to throw tantrums and then insisted that he needed Harry to stay in his bedroom to help him cook late night snacks and do his homework. In all Harry had suffered a less traumatic life than his guardians did intend. It had given him respect for bullies when they were on your side. It had also taught him how to avoid being a target of their ilk too. The skill had served him enough to survive the severe madness that was Hogwarts for the last five years under the tender mercies of his parents who both taught here.

Harry's innards coiled with shivering disgust as he surveyed the bleached albino sitting in a chair next to him, giving him a tremulous expression, his body poised to recoil with the faintest hint of Harry refusing the bond. It was perhaps well expected. For a moment all the times, the blonde-haired person that had made his life hell here, flashed through his mind as he savored his complete power over the life of his nemesis. Then he mentally shook himself in disgust. For Merlin, he was acting as if he was four and not 16 obsessing over his complete authority over new toy, something of which he had a very limited experience. Dudley had let him play with all his toys but they were not truly his. Once or twice every year Dudley had sneaked him gifts, he had bought from his pocket money when his own parents had all but forgotten him. He was acting, as he would have thought Malfoy would behave if their positions were reversed, for landing himself the reserved but beautiful twin brother of the boy who lived, Alex Sirius Potter; perhaps because he had tormented the younger boy through the last five years he had been at Hogwarts.

His father, James Potter did not seem that he had been pleased at all with the news and his mother was dutifully ignoring the eyes of everybody present. The rumors that her younger son preferred his own sex were proven true beyond a shadow of doubt, in the very worst way possible for them. It was social suicide for them that their younger son would be bound to the scion of such a dark family. Yes the Malfoys were respected and influential, but the elite society could be very cruel in their whispered comments, a torrent of those would surely be unleashed the moment the news of the magical mates escaped from the headmaster's office. Lily wished nothing more than to take the bond, cast it into the very abyss from which nothing ever sprang back, then lay her head down on a pillow, and wish that all this had been a very bad dream. From Lucius Malfoy's pinched face and Narcissa Malfoy's grief stricken expression, it was clear that the Malfoys fully expected a denial to their request for bonding and have started preparations for the imminent death of their only child and heir.

Harry cleared his throat and spoke clearly," I Harry James Potter accept you as my Veela mate, Draco Lucius Malfoy."

The incredulous expression that he saw on his mate's face was in severe competition with the silence that lay pregnant with the disbelief of the happenstance that Harry had accepted the bond.

'Oh well three…….. two …… one.' He counted in his mind.

Then all hell broke loose.