Ranma 1/2 crossover...

Former planet Earth, seven years ago...

"GET INSIDE!" Soun shouted, shoving his middle daughter into the vessel. Kasumi rushed over to help her sister to her feet, and looked desperately towards her father.

"But Daddy!" Nabiki pleaded, looking up at her father through the exit hatch.

"I don't want to hear any more! I must go get your other sister," the Tendou Patriarch countered, as he leapt from the top of the ship back to the ground. Both sisters rushed to the front window, witnessing the massive battle that went on outside the golden vessel.

Ranma fought to defend the vessel from the gelatinous creatures, putting use every aspect of the art he had been trained in towards destroying the floating jellyfish-like beasts. Off to the side, Ryoga fought along with him, dealing out as much damage as they could. Both girls knew that among the fighters were the two surviving Amazons, Genma Saotome, their own father, and finally the mysterious person in yellow and red high tech body armor. They hoped Akane was still among the living, and that their father would be able to rescue her before she too had fallen as had Ukyo, Shampoo, Konatsu, and Nodoka had.

"MOUKU TAKABISHA!" Ranma fired off his attack at an oncoming creature. At that moment, the armored fighter turned towards the pigtailed boy and screamed no. Unfortunately her warning came too late, as the beam of energy slammed into its target, pushing it back into the air a good few meters. Suddenly, it screeched in defiance, and plowed into the beam, absorbing it as it went headed straight for the pigtailed boy. Ranma grunted as the thing enveloped as much as it could of him, it's jellied mass jostling with its prey's frantic fighting of it. Ranma started to scream as it started to glow.

"RANMA!" Ryoga swung his umbrella like a baseball bat, sending the creature he was currently battling into the distance, and turned around to strike the one that was enveloping his rival/friend. The fanged boy paid for his concern, as another one of the creatures grasped onto him.

With a bellow of fury, several vacuum blades flew from the floating creature that held Ranma, slicing it into several twitching masses. The pigtailed boy stood for a few seconds, panting while hunched over and wiping his mouth. The Demon God Assault along with the extraterrestrial beast's attack hat taken a lot out of him, in fact it was enough for him to collapse. Almost before the pigtailed boy hit the ground, two of those demons were upon him.

"RANMA! NO!" Kasumi screamed, banging on the glass as Ranma succumbed to his attack. Nabiki was staring numbly into the distance, where she saw her father kneeling over the body of her sister, even from the distance Nabiki though Akane looked peaceful. She gave no emotional outburst as another one of the flying creatures came upon him.

"THERE'S TOO MANY OF THEM!" Both girls heard Mousse cry over the comm. system monitoring the outside. He was using the most deadly of his weaponry, much of it explosive. Cologne gave no reply, as her face was set in concentration. All her knowledge of 3000 years of Amazon history was being put to trial, despite the fact she knew this would be a losing battle. Even if by sheer luck they managed to defeat the army of aliens that were currently plaguing them, there were assuredly more in Nerima, in Tokyo, in Japan, perhaps the world. With the realization, Cologne faltered. Mousse was not too far behind her, as his attacks had only served to extensively irritate them and keep them slightly at bay.

Both girls turned to look at the entry hatch at top open up again, revealing Happosai at it's opening holding a chest three times larger than himself. The ancient martial artist dropped it into the ship, but was immediately attacked by one of the multitudes of creatures in the area. Both Kasumi and Nabiki noted that it didn't hold the diminutive martial artist in its clutches, but a slew of Happosai's bombs. The hatch closed before the explosion happened.

Though a moment later, Happosai's body flopped over the front of the view window.

Only one final combatant remained, the armored fighter. It used an advanced artillery that went beyond anything Nabiki could even comprehend. The liquid blue plasma beam it fired would score almost through a creature, and then approximately five of the miniature rockets it fired would shatter it beyond recovery. As fast and as frantic as it worked, there were well too many of them. Eventually, the last fighter would fall along with all the others the two girls had known.

Suddenly, the armored warrior's body seemed to perk up, as if it just heard something, and then looked towards the sky. It took off its helmet, and looked towards the viewing window of the ship. Nabiki looked upon passively, as Kasumi gasped at the sad green eyes on the blond haired woman. The woman in the armor tapped on her wrist a few times, and when she was finished, the space ship they were in began to make a peculiar sound. As the girls felt it start to rise, the woman stood and watched them depart as she was piled upon by the onslaught of creatures.

When they reached the cold of space, Nabiki continued to look towards the window, as Kasumi turned away and cried. The now youngest Tendou witnessed the massive galactic beam slam into the earth, destroying it forever.

As Kasumi continued to cry, Nabiki looked down, seeing a display monitor flash messages in various languages. Finally, one of them was in Japanese, "If this is your capable language, please press the flashing green button. Nabiki emotionlessly did as it commanded.

"[This message was deciphered by the onboard systems after compiling a database of the major languages of your native planet. If you are hearing this, that means I had an unsuccessful mission which most likely caused me, and possibly you, dearly.]"

Nabiki sat down on the apparent chair that was in front of the monitor in which a recording of a woman's voice recited itself.

"[As that indeed would most likely be the case, I feel obligated to recount the events which possibly lead up to my demise. I am by trade, a Space Hunter; a bounty hunter, if you will, and one of the best and known in many galaxies. I was hired once word had gotten out of an organization of space pirates began to inhabit the planet SR-388...]"

And thus, began the computer's tale of the Space Hunter known as Samus Aran.

Planet TT-843, the present...

The yellowed armored Space Hunter summersaulted onto the plateu, and surveyed the area. Not too far in the distance, its eye focused through the almost void-like darkness which was occationally alighted by the almost blinding electrical storm that barraged the slightly vegitated rocky area, and caught sight of what it was looking for, and ran after its prey. In its reinstatement by the Galactic Federation after believing to be deceased, the mysterious Hunter never failed in a mission, just as prior to the Planet GV-4 incident. The scaly beetle-like bipedal being knew of this, and didn't put faith in its possibility to escape. Nonetheless, it would try.

The prey climbed the corrosive rain-slicked hillside; just beyond it was a safe passage teleporter it had set up for one use only in case of such a situation. Just over the hill. A stream of light flashed by it, instantly followed by the sound of energy parting matter to reduce friction to enable something to exceed its usual speed.

The Space Pirate arrived at its teleporter just in time to see his armored pursuer fire a beam into it, destroying it.

"Alid of the Space Pirate sect of the TT sector, you are under custody of the Galactic Federation," a synthesized voice stated coldly towards its bounty. In defiance, Alid pulled out two ionic synchs, ready to lob them after it's enemy. It would not go down easy, no matter what the Space Hunter's reputation was.

Before it could blink it's third inner-eyelid, the Space Pirate was sent careening backwards into the ground, and plowed a deep furrow of twenty feet. Alid struggled, but then gave into unconsciousness.

"Suspect has been detained," the Space Hunter's decrypted voice stated factually casually.

"Good, I'll alert the council Civil Regulation Squadron immediately."

"I will be back to the ship then, Nabiki. Prepare to depart in a half hour," the bounty hunter replied it's native Japanese. Kasumi shut off communications, and then strode over to the fallen body of the Space Pirate.


'Ill Gain'