'Ill Gain'

The Galaxy Federation Council seemed to be at ease. After their lead Space Hunter's acknowlegement that the encampment of pirates had been subdued, and the newly engineered biological weapons that were the mutant metroids had been eliminated, they could once again assume the galaxy would be at peace.

All present contemplated the events that had been given to them so far. The Galaxy Federation task force sent in to assist with the cleaning and dismantaling of the space pirate base could only give a few scant details on how events seemed to have gone, as well as the level of technology available to the the notorious bandits.

The last part troubled the Council a great deal, as the description of much of it was prototype of the Federation's leading research facilities; there had not been any reports of it being attacked, which suggested more subtle access. The avenue of thought that was quickly dropped, as they were informed that Space Hunter Council private designate Gemini had arrived to give a full report. At the moment of the Hunter's arrival, each member baulked, not expecting an openly hostile Space Hunter.

Kasumi stormed into the room, and pounded her hand through the podium she was to stand at. She stomped past the reminants, and approached the center of the 'u' that the Council sat at. She was violently glowing with what many of the empaths felt was angry energy that went well beyond any they recalled encountering.

"GEMINI, WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?" one council member demanded, not finding the hostile actions of their leading Space Hunter approving in the least."

For a moment, the Space Hunter quickly went to remove the helmet of its suit, but paused at the last instant. In a disguised voice laden with malice, the Hunter responded, "Earth..."

"Earth? We do not understand..." another member started.

"GV-4," Kasumi cut off, and behind her visor, narrowed her eyes as the Council Member's eyes lit up in recognition.

"A... terrible catastrophy," the barely opaque orange chancellor with the raspy voice stated, "but, what does this have to do with your behavior?"

"The metroids were purposely brought there to evolve," 'Gemini' answered, barely holding her fustration in control, "It was perfect for the Space Pirates, a constant emission of beta-rays that would allow the metroids to multiply, making it a prime breeding ground."

"I still don't see the signifigance of this with your actions."

"MY HOME WAS DESTROYED!!!" Kasumi ignored Nabiki's pleas, and removed her helmet to reveal her furious expression to those present. It was a shock to many, as the Space Hunter made it a supreme note to keep her privacy and her identity hidden; it was even compiled moreso to find that she was a former resident of GV-4.

"Ah... our condolences could never be adequate enough to compensate for such a great loss," another chancellor spoke up, "but, as you stated it happened some time ago, why bring this up now, and why with such hostility directed towards us?"

Kasumi bit back her seething reply, and forced herself to calm down. Last night, she had been truly joyous, for she had regained her sister. For the first time, since before the destruction of their home planet, since before their loss of innocence, Kasumi was the one cradling a crying Nabiki. It was a sensation Kasumi did not want to give up ever, the maternal instincts within her coming to the fore in her strongly as if it were her lot in life to comfort others.

Nabiki was emotionally distraught, barely being able to manage under hysterics, as she unleashed seven long years of suppressed emotions to her older sister; of how dead she felt inside, and how the cold hollow within her eagerly swallowed up any showing of humanity she would have been capable of without filling any. With the realization of why the Metroids were really on Earth, the revealed fate of Ranma Saotome in the present, and the near loss of her own sister, the abyss within Nabiki failed to contain the raging torrents that saught to overwhelm it. In her confessions, Nabiki revealed everything, including the reasons for the metroids ending up on Earth.

"On SS-42, the previous commander of the current incarnation of Mother Brain's Space Pirates was in contact with someone just as I entered the room. I did not get a good glimpse of who it was, but they referred to me as 'Gemini', only a designate that is privy to the Federation Council when I'm on delicate assignment. Everyone else knows me as designate SA."

"You're not meaning to imply... that..." the chancellor of the orange tone whispered harshly.

"From what we're... I'm guessing, someone wanted a new weapon for their own ill gain, and they were having the Space Pirates manufacture them. From the destruction of GV-4, the metroids had been engineered to gain certain... abilities of someone I... of my race; manipulation of their own bio-energies. Couple that with the ability to learn in combat, their own energy leeching abilities, and a new resistance to even their past weakness to cold; under someone's control, they would be far more deadly than anything we have ever encountered. After gaining what they needed from my home planet, it was decided that the destruction of it was nessessary by the council; working perfectly for the Pirates and their benefactor, as then any evidence pointing to their connection may have possibly been eradicated."

"That... that is bad!" one of the Council members whispered in frightful awe, "We owe you a far larger debt than we imagined if this is the case. And if indeed a council member was behind this, no doubt for some political or martial gain..."

"But, who would want to attempt to disrupt the Federation like so?"

"I didn't get a good look at whoever it was..." Kasumi stated evenly. And then, without looking, brought her arm cannon up and aimed it to the side, freezing the currellian blue worm-like chancellor before he could even grow a startled expression, "... but his skin was the most interesting shade of blue..."

The next thing they needed to do. It was the most difficult thing to get approved, but after insisting that restitution was made, SS-42 now belonged to Space Hunter SA. Of course, to own a planet without a given reason was asanine. And the reason for such is why Kasumi now stood in one of the greatest scientific facilities of the Galactic Federation.

"What you ask would not be entirely difficult, and I must say an admirable reason is that you do this," The scientist holding the container of a clear jelly-like substance that was the flesh of a metroid.

"And I thank you for offering your assistance in bringing my race back from the brink of existance," Kasumi stated in gratitude, "You'll be able to create a signifigant amount of varied DNA samples from the metroid tissue and the deposits left on the earth relics I'm leaving you?"

"Quite so. The relics you've given to us on loan in that quaint containment device contain spores of many different individuals of your human race. I estimate at least 8,000 should be readily available to us, plus the samples from yourself as a DNA map that we can utilize to strain the human DNA from the flesh of this piece of metroid, as well as a clone for you."

"Ah...." Kasumi started, not sure about having a clone of herself around, "Do as you feel is nessessary, and the human race owes you a great debt."

"It's the galaxy on whole that owes the failing human race a great debt, for it bred warriors such as you to combat great menaces."

The galaxy, exept for a few excursions, remained at peace. The notorious space pirates of Mother Brain had not been heard of for a great deal of time, though if they had revealed themselves, they would currently not be the problem of Nabiki or Kasumi Tendou of SS-42; New Earth. They had other obligations at the moment. They still ran minor missions, but their priorities were clearly elsewhere

Nabiki looked over the children running around, playing and frolicing upon the terraformed lands of the previously violatle planet. It contained a great deal of resemblance to earth, but they were minor at best. Nabiki did not mind that at all; thought it was not the home that she had left behind, it was the new home that they would cherish.

Kasumi walked to the side of her shorter sister, wearing the same type of loose fitting robes that Nabiki did, and looked over the new start of the human race. It had been four years since they requested 'maternity leave', and with the request of accellerated growth within the first two generations of the human race, or so, the planet would be strong with humanity.

"They're beautiful, aren't they?" Kasumi whispered, overlooking the young with a few assistants from other races helping to raise them.

"Yes, they... Hiro, leave Yuka's hair alone... they are." Nabiki sighed, "I didn't think we would ever see another human besides the two of us ever again. After both of us were dead, that would be it."

Kasumi's expression became somber, "That's true..."


"Hmm?" the elder woman knew the question that was going to be asked, as Nabiki has asked it for the last four years. With the contented expression upon the younger sister's face, Kasumi decided that she could have the answer.

"What had you meant by 'You were the last one'?"

"You know the answer to that, already, sister," Kasumi replied with a serene tone, "You're asking just for confirmation."

"Well then... confirm it for me?" Nabiki replied with a sardonic expression.

Kasumi chuckled, "I... admit I lost faith in you. At that moment, I thought all that was left of you was a computer, not the sister I loved. I thought you had completely forgone... your humanity, and for that assumption, I can't apologise enough."

Nabiki shook her head at her sister's teary face, and then smiled lightly, "It's okay, I can't imagine what it was like to live with me all that time without any true emotional support. You... you are stronger than you know."

"I-I'm sorry, I'm so... so sorry," Kasumi sobbed, finding the confession way to overpowering over her emotions. The younger woman pulled her sister into a hug.

"It's okay, I understand," Nabiki cooed softly, patting her sister tenderly on the back, "You didn't fail me, don't ever think that."

After her sobs subsided, Kasumi kissed her sister on the forehead, "Have I told you how much I love you?"

"You never need to, sis, you never need to."

"Mom? Why's sensei crying?" A young boy asked curiously.

Kasumi quickly dried her face, "It's... nothing, Ranma. I'm okay." The older woman broke away from her sister, and took a deep breath to steady herself, "So, are you ready for your next lessons? I'm not going to go easy on you!" The young boy's eyes gleamed with determination; anticipating the challenge his instructor in the arts would supply.

With a flick of his pigtail, the young boy replied, "Bring it on, Mom, I can take anything you dish out at me!"

"That's good," Nabiki replied, turning towards their domicile, "But I suggest practicing inside..."

"Huh? Why?" Ranma asked, just as the rain hit.

Kasumi chuckled, "Well, you don't work out enough as a girl, anyhow, Ranma-chan." The boy blinked, not understanding why his mothers always seemed to find humor in his 'curse'.

"Hey, Mom, how come me, Ryoga, Mousse, Shampoo, Tarou, and Genma change, anyway?"