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Chapter 1

Miley POV

Death was inevitable eventually we were all going to die and that was something not even god could change, when it was time to leave this world we left ready or not into the unknown. But with death came the ones who were left behind, standing behind the barriers and on the side lines wishing that they'd said one last goodbye or told them one more time how much they loved them. I was the one on the sidelines staring out wishing I'd done more, but he was dead now and nothing I did was going to bring him back to me.

"Mam, this flag is presented on behalves of a grateful nation for the honorable and faithful service made by your loved one." The Lieutenant stated standing in front of me offering a blue, white and red flag. I hesitantly leaned forward taking it from him trying to hold back the emotions inside.

"Thank you" I choked out holding the flag, he nodded stepping back and then marched over to the other officers. I stared down at the flag in my hands as I scrunched the edges letting my tears fall hitting the cotton.

I guess he just always wanted to do it, I was never really sure why one day he came home and announced to me that he'd joined the army; I'd been shocked to say the least. Of course I didn't want him to do it, people died in the army was my simple explanation which he just gave a laugh to in response and ignored my fears. So off he went and did all the training, it was all good until he got departed to Afghanistan. Little did I know the day we stood at the airport in a tight embrace would be the last time I'd ever feel his warmth.

I looked over at his two brothers both making speeches and quickly gazed absently back at the flag tracing my fingers over the stars, why did this happen? What had I done wrong for him to be taken away from me like this? I watched his eldest brother move over a single white rose in his hand as he threw it at the coffin followed by his other older brother.

"Miley sweetheart…" His mother whispered, "Go.." She continued while tears rolled down her face.

I felt my own slowly cascade down as I nodded placing the flag down and walking over taking a rose. I stood there for a moment before I finally took a breath and threw the rose knowing that this was final…he was really gone. I walked back to my seat watching other members of his family do the same, it seemed surreal to me and even though it was clear he was dead lying in the coffin before me. I couldn't grasp the idea that I'd never get to see him again.

The ceremony finished and I watched them bury him, everyone moved back off to the house he'd grown up in but I stayed and watched. He wanted to be buried here I knew that, he'd said that in his will…this place was his home forever now.

"Miles…come on, you'll get sun burnt" His brother stated trying to lighten the mood, I gazed up at him as he sighed wrapping his arm around me. I just wanted him back…I'd given up everything so we could be the perfect family.

"Don't stay out here too long okay" He warned me as I just stared at him, "Or you will get burnt, seriously" He stated and I nodded, gazing at my arms a nice shade of brown, getting burnt didn't really seem like a problem to me right now.

"I'm going for a walk on the beach, can you look after..." I started and he instantly gave me a reassuring smile and nodded, I took in a deep breath of the salty air before kicking off my high heels.

Today 4 years ago was the first day I'd ever walked along this beach, I remembered it perfectly. The bright sun, the sand stuck between my toes while he had his hand entwined in mine…it was perfect. The day I turned 18 he proposed, a month later we were married here on this beach with both our families and friends in attendance, the rest of the world forgotten although the presence of the media still was felt from a distance behind shrubs. I didn't care because to me the only thing that mattered was that he loved me and that I loved him.

I gave up everything...my whole career I threw away and I retired at 18. I had enough cash to last me five lifetimes over, so I was done with being the slut, the Disney queen and the attention-seeking brat. My family accepted my decision, and finally that door was closed in my life. Of course everyone was shocked but for me it was the first time in years I'd felt free. I sighed remembering how proud he was of me when I walked out of the Disney offices and told him I'd finally quit, he scooped me up in his arms and kissed me…there in front of all the paparazzi, all the Disney heads…everyone saw us.

I sighed finally sitting down on the beach, stretching my feet out and digging them into the sand. I looked at the horizon ahead not a single thing could be seen except the spilling aqua ocean tumbling white foam onto the shoreline near my feet. I suddenly felt a presence by my side, yet with out seeing them I knew who it was as they sat down next to me.

"It's gorgeous isn't it" I whispered staring out and closing my eyes hearing the rumble of the waves and the squawking of the sea gulls while smelling the salty air and decaying seaweed.

"It is Miles, I know I shouldn't say this…dad told me not too, so did mom for that matter of fact but I know if I don't say it no one else will…" Brandi stated, as I nodded waiting for her to continue.

"Come home" She whispered straight away, "I know you love it here Miles, I know you have a house you've always dreamed about over looking the sea. But Miley he's gone now…he made this your home without him it's just a country you live in. You belong with your real family Miley back in the U.S not here in Australia" She stated, I kept my eyes closed listening to her words, while my black dress flapped in the light breeze and the hot sun blared down on us.

"They're my family too, Brandi. Miah is their grand daughter, Liams daughter and mine, she has friends here. I've lived here for almost four years Brandi. It was hard enough moving the first time, I don't want to go back to Hollywood with you I want to stay here at Phillip Island. I just can't leave…Liam's here, he may be buried in the ground but he is still with me and I'll loose that if I leave…" I whispered staring ahead,

Nick POV

I gazed blankly at the TV watching intently the lone figure on the beach staring out into the ocean. Everyone was here, it was the girls idea to hold a memorial seeing we all knew only the family were invited to attend the beach side burial. I'd only met him a couple of times but I'd see enough enough to know how my ex and he felt for each other, to think he was dead after only five years of them being together scared all of us.

"I wonder where Miah is…" Joe whispered as Kevin walked in holding a bunch of alcoholic beverages and handed us each our individual bottle while we all sat in Kevin's house with Danielle and their 2 yearold son Jayden watching over us.

"How much do you think she understands? She just turned three and her dads dead, how could you possible explain that to a kid?" Kevin stated gravely, we hadn't met Miah nor seen Miley since she left, but we all had the middle of the night phone call from her asking how we were completely forgetting the time zones.

"I wish we could go give her a hug…" Demi stated, Joe's arm tightly wrapped around her waist while she sipped her drink flashing us the huge diamond on her finger indicating their engagement.

"Yeah me too, I mean where would you go from here? Live alone in a huge house? Go and live with his family? Come back…here?" Kevin whispered as Selena nudged me as I wrapped my arm around her, we'd been dating on and off for the past year but for now we were into our fourth month and hadn't had a single argument.

I remembered the day Miley turned up at our door and told us in a very mumbled and incoherent sentence that Liam and her were getting married. At that point I was a still up in the air over my feelings about her, but from that day onwards I knew she was meant for him and I stood back as the old ex boyfriend now best friend by her side at the wedding.

"How much longer do you think before we call? I mean it's been 6 days…tomorrow?" Danielle suggested,

The worst part in all of it was that he'd died on Christmas day in Australia, we got a call from Billy Christmas morning telling us Miley had rung them Christmas eve in tears telling them he was dead. Her family had spent the whole night on the phone with her The news broke the next day, every media headline was not talking about how great Christmas was or what poor sick child had been given a Christmas miracle, it was all about Liam. All of them said the same thing; he'd been out with some guys doing a normal patrol when one single guy sent a missile killing them all instantly.

"Well Noah said she'd ring me when the burial was over, which was obviously a while ago...I'll ask her then" Frankie stated, Noah and him were very close to dating we all could see that but at the moment they were just best friends.

"Maybe you should ring her now Frankie just to make sure she's okay, she might need some support too." Demi stated as he nodded pulling out his phone and Selena played with my fingers.

"You think she'll come back here?" Selena asked looking worried at me I gazed at her a little confused she didn't get along with Miley at all, but she couldn't deny the fact she felt sorry for her right now.

"I hope she does but I honestly don't think she will, she loves it there" Demi whispered as I sighed, she'd never come back to visit and all she talked about on the phone was how much she loved the beach…

"Hey Noah you okay? Can I put you on loudspeaker" Frankie asked and motioned for us all to be silent and he moved over putting the phone on the table and pressing it on loudspeaker, as we heard a sigh from the other side.

"Yeah suppose so, I'm seriously sunburnt though" She stated as Joe gave a laugh and I shot him a look. Laughing was not a good idea toda,y not right now anyway as I could clearly hear voices talking away in the background of where ever Noah was.

"How is everything? Is Miley okay…?" Danielle said very hesitantly as there was suddenly a sob from obviously someone close to Noah. "Give me a second I'm moving into a quiter room" Noah mumbled as we waited patiently.

"Okay everyone's sad then again it's a funeral, I was just sitting next to Liam's niece she's really upset. Hey want to talk to Miley she's like outside, maybe you can brighten her up a bit" Noah stated as we all exchanged looks…yeah I doubted we'd be able to brighten her up.

"Noah…maybe not at the moment" Demi whispered seriously as I heard a door open and then close as instantly a bird could be heard chirping away, so she was outside then.

"Please…just try, she's hardly talking. She got in a sort of fight with Brandi and now she won't come inside, all she is doing is crying please…" Noah whispered, I could hear the pleading in her voice as I gazed around.

"Okay…we will then" Demi stated as she let out a sigh, I gazed at Selena unsure. I wasn't really sure if this was right, she was supposed to be crying…her husband was dead…

"Miles phone for you, it's The Jonas boys and their girls" Noah stated, I smiled at her labeling as there was deadly silence on the other line, we all waited unsure while I tried to think what I was going to say to her.

"I don't want to talk to them…" I heard her mumble as Noah gave a sigh, okay then we weren't going to talk to her then. I looked between everyone in the room, as they resembled my expression of worry.

"Not right now…maybe later, but not now, not today or this week" She mumbled, I heard the strain in her voice, as we all just sat there.

Nothing we could say would change the fact he was dead, and nothing we said would make her feel any better.

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