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Early the next day Ofdensen walks into the dining room and sits to breakfast. Avalon was already up and eating her breakfast. She had the dreaded math book in front of her. She picked at her toast and dug at the paper furiously with the eraser .

"Still at it; Ofdensen asks calmly?"

Avalon sighs and starts to write out the problem again. She finally gives up and finishes her breakfast.

"I hate math; Avalon complains. Even if I do need it I still hate it."

Ofdensen chuckles and walks over to Avalon. He begins to explain to her another way to solve the problem. She takes a moment to stare at the paper and finally gets it.

"I've got work today; Ofdensen begins, but if you'd like we could go to the mall later?"

Avalon looks up.

"Freedom; she asks?"

"Yes; Charles replies. Freedom."

Avalon smiles and grabs the book and note book and quickly dashes out the door. Her day seemed to go by quickly, she spent time on Facebook and even finished her assignments that her teacher gave her. She dashes quickly to her room but stops upon hearing the sounds of Pickles as he vomits. She turns back and walks into Pickles' room and enters the bathroom. He was in the hung over drunk position as he usually was late in the day. Avalon stood there for a moment before she grabs his bathrobe and drapes it over his naked body. Pickles jumps unsure of who was in his room. He turns around to see Avalon and he wipes his mouth on the sleeve of the robe and fixes his messy hair.

Avalon smiles at him and he closes the robe quickly.

"Rough night; she asks?"

Pickles shrugs and leans against the toilet.

"I can't remember; Pickles replies. It started off like usual, a few drinks, a few ladies, and some pot. Then I think I finished it off with a chaser and, and I can't remember. But I think I had fun."

Avalon grabs a cigarette from his room and returns with it lit and hands it to him. He takes a quick drag and passes it to her. She sits on the edge of the bathtub until he could get up.

"You're killing yourself; Avalon begins. Every night you drink and do drugs. I could understand that drinking would be fine, but it's like you never stop with the drugs. You do them on a regular basis."

"I know; Pickles replies; that's what I do. Taking them is like well what I do, like you go to a gym and work out. You like getting all sweaty and hot, and lookin, well tone. I like getting high, and forgetting about you know, whatever it is I don't want to remember."

Avalon takes a last drag off the cigarette and drops it a can on the edge of the tub. She walks over to Pickles and helps him up. His robe opens and Avalon looks down for a split second only to look up. Pickles stumbles to his bed and falls on his back, robe open and his entire nude body exposed. Avalon giggles and Pickles looks up.

"What's so funny; Pickles asks?"

Avalon looks down and smiles again.

"Your junk is showing; she replies and then walks out."

Closing the door most of the way she leaves to go to her room. The entire time she couldn't get the image of Pickles exposed out of his mind. She shakes her head and pushes her door open. She takes a deep breath and enters her bathroom, and closes the door. She turns on the exhaust fan and turns on the water for a shower, she undresses but sit on the vanity chair takes the pack of cigarettes out of her standing makeup box and lights on and puts the pack away. She ashes in a coke can and relaxes in the steamy room with the hot water running.

"Pickles; Avalon says aloud. Pickles is ok, but I think I want someone more my age. Like someone who didn't sleep with half the country. But he is cute in his own way."

She finishes the cigarette grabs another one and lights it. She still ponders over the thought. Soon images of the drummer begin to flash in her mind. She sees herself in one thought kissing him, in another thought making out, and then another thought them undress.

"Ok; she says aloud, that's enough. Its pickles."

She finishes the cigarette and drops it in the can and gets into the shower. She washes her body and hair then rinses she stands under the water for awhile letting the hot water beat down on her. Her body was aching after the hard run that she did earlier. After the ach finally subsides she turns off the water and exits the shower. Drying off quickly she straightens her hair and applies fresh makeup. Picking out a slightly punk outfit she dresses quickly and brushes her teeth.

"The mall; she thinks to herself. It's been awhile since I've been there. Maybe that really cute guy at Hot Topic is still there."

Avalon sprays some perfume and sits down on her bed and picks up her purse going through it for the guy's number. She finds it and smiles.

"Adam; she reads. Let's call him."

She picks up her cell phone to dial the number, then stops.

"I can't call him; she says. What if he has a girlfriend or something."

Avalon locks the screen on her phone and tosses the number in the trash. Just then her father walks in.

"Are you about ready to go; Charles asks."

"Yea; Avalon replies."

Grabbing her purse she throws it over her shoulder and heads out the door behind her father. The entire way to the mall she squirmed in her seat and twitched. She talked to her father the entire way there. Once they park she jumps out of the car and skips to the entrance and yanks the door open, Charles not too far behind her. He follows her into every store buying items that she asked for. It was like Christmas for her. Very rarely did she get to go to the mall. Usually shed buy what she needed online, or a servant would get the items that she requested.

After awhile of shopping Charles sends his assistant with her bags to the limo and the two sit down to enjoy some ice cream. Avalon slowly eats her cone until her father chocking brings her out of her thoughts.

"Dad; she panics in a quick tone, are you alright?"

Charles swallows his ice cream and looks again. His eyes weren't playing tricks on him, it was Rachel. He looks her over and notices a very young girl with her. Charles looks back at Avalon and smiles.

"Ice cream isn't suppose to do that; Charles says in a chuckle, I must be getting old."

Avalon smiles and continues to eat her ice cream.

Charles on the other hand watches Rachel and her daughter indulge in ice cream as well. He tries to pretend that he was invisible but continues to watch her, until their eyes meet. He looks away quickly and sinks into his chair. Avalon noticing his strange behavior looks at him.

"Dad are you ok; she asks?"

"I'm fine; he replies, just tired. It's been a long day."

Avalon eats the last bit of the cone and smiles. While at the table not too far away Gillian watches her mom until she turns around to try to figure out what she was staring at, she then turns back around.

"Mom; Gillian snorts, are you checking out that guy with his daughter?"

Rachel snaps out of her gaze and smiles.

"I thought he was somebody I knew, but I don't think so; Rachel replies in a slightly dazed tone."

Gillian turns around and notices that Charles and Avalon were getting up so Gillian grabs her bags and her mom's hand and she starts to walk in Charles' and Avalon's direction.

"Gillian; Rachel grunts, what are you doing?"

"Hey; Gillian cries aloud."

The two continue to walk.

"Hey; Gillian calls again, Rachel wants to talk to you."

"Dad; Avalon says, I think that girl is talking to you."

Charles and Avalon stop and turn around. There a rather short girl with light brown hair and gray eyes stared up at him, along with a very well looking Rachel. Her black hair was full and curly, and her skin was so clear and clean. Her face was full and heart shaped again, she wasn't as skinny as he last saw her either. Charles swallows hard and looks at her for a moment longer.

"Hello Rachel; Charles chokes. It's been awhile."

Rachel smiles and puts her hand on Gillian's shoulder.

"Hello; Rachel replies. Do you remember Gillian?"

Charles shakes his head.

"Its been awhile since I've seen you; Charles begins. How are you?"

"Good; Rachel replies, I'm still married to Victor. We just moved her last month."

"Oh; Charles replies. Is he here?"

"No; Rachel says lightly, he's at work as usual."

Avalon takes a good look at Rachel as her and her father talk.

"She seems so familiar; Avalon thinks to herself, but where have I seen her before. And the name Victor, its like I know her. But why?"

Then it hits her, Avalon looks up at Rachel and a dark side of her comes out. Avalon steps up closer to Rachel and looks her in the eyes.

"Avalon what are you doing; Charles asks?"

"You; Avalon says in a stern voice. I know you. You're my mother, you're the one that let Victor do this to me."

Avalon pulls her hair back to reveal a deeply seeded scar on her forehead.

"You call that asshole a man; Avalon retorts. You praise him like he's a caring father to your other daughter!"

Rachel steps back and tears quickly fill her eyes.

"I've wanted to be with you for so long; Rachel begins."

Avalon silences Rachel with a sharp hard slap to the face, and feels her body being shoved back by the tiny strong Gillian.

"Don't touch her; Gillian snorts."

"It doesn't feel good does it; Avalon snaps. You watched him beat me, you watched him do awful things to me every day until dad came for me. Take a good look because this will hopefully be the last time we meet."

Avalon walks out of the food court and outside. There a man was packing a pack of cigarettes, Avalon walks up to him.

"Hey; Avalon calls, can I get from you?"

"Sure; the guy replies."

He hands her a cigarette and holds out the lighter to allow her to light it.

"Thanks; Avalon says with a smile."

The guy walks away and Avalon slinks behind a brick wall that hid large trash dumpsters. She wanted the memory of just now gone. She wanted her mother's face wiped from her memory for good, but it was back. Fresh from the past, and it seemed to have burned into her soul.

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