Avalon's experiences take her to the next level. I really wasn't planning on leaving out Gillian and Rachel, but I don't want this to be a novel since I don't have time. I'm running my own business and I can't make too much time for this story. It may end in a few more chapters. I think a happy ending with a few deaths at a concert! Dethklok style! Oh yeah!

Avalon walked quickly to her room and she pushes the door open closing it behind her. She couldn't stop breathing so heavily. All the emotions she felt at once, it was more than what she thought it would be, more than what her teachers explained to her. She felt sorrow, anger, happiness, even shame all rolled into one. She darts into the bathroom and closes the door turns on the exhaust fan and light a cigarette. She smokes several before the feelings seemed to fade.

There were things she couldn't seem to learn from a book and this was one thing. This feeling of sexual arousal, the pleasure of Pickles touching her, the anger for not letting him touch her like that when her father was gone. So many things she felt at once seemed to cause her mind to drift till she begins to nod off.

Deciding to turn in for the night she finally changes and goes to sleep. It was a usual night for her. She was sleeping well till she starts to have the dream again.

The Dream;

Avalon was at least 4 when Victor Crozier moved in with her mother. He wasn't a drug addict like she was, but there was something about her that caught his eye when he met her, but when he looked at Avalon he seemed to always frown at her. It started out as him spanking her for doing something wrong, then he couldn't stop hitting her, Avalon remembers screaming and crying as Crozier was hitting her continuously. Avalon remembers looking down at the floor and seeing blood it was running all down her face, and from her hair.

The next thing she remembers was waking up in a hospital room.

From there she wakes up. She was in a cold sweat and her body was trembling. The dream or rather memory wasn't as bad as the hospital room. For some reason the hospital room was a bad place. She couldn't remember why, but it wasn't the best place in the world.

Getting out of bed she throws on some clothes and starts her morning workout, then a shower, then school. Usually she would pay attention in her classes but today she was distracted by so many emotions from the last night, and the constant desire to remember what happened in the hospital room. It would always tug at her for days till she'd give up.

A few days earlier:

Rachel and Gillian returned home from the mall and Rachel's face was stinging. She walks into the kitchen and puts some ice in a kitchen towel and holds it on her face. She looks at her reflection in the microwave door and notices a large bruise that was starting to form. She holds the towel for a long period of time and rests her head on the table. She begins to cry. Not noticing that Crozier had walked through the door she continues to cry. He walks up behind her puts his hand on back causing her to jump. Dropping the kitchen towel and looking up he sees the bruise on her cheek.

"What happen; Crozier asks in a demanding tone?"

"Oh it was nothing; Rachel responds. I wasn't paying attention and I walked into a closed door at the mall."

Gillian walks into the kitchen.

"That's not what happened; Gillian retorts."

Rachel looks at Gillian with a scowled expression on her face.

"Her daughter Avalon; Gillian snaps, my half sister, she slapped mom. It's her fault; I know why you got rid of her."

Crozier looks back at Rachel.

"You still protect that brat; Crozier snaps, why? What happened? I'm gonna find her and kill her!"

"Victor; Rachel responds in a sad tone, It's my fault. I should've been a better mother, I was horrible to her, and when you came into our lives she was feeling the effects of my bad decisions."

"That doesn't matter; Crozier yells, someone needs to teach that girl a lesson!"

Gillian at this point started to feel sorry for what she did. She could hear the anger and hatred in her father's tone for Avalon. Gillian quietly sneaks away as the two begin to argue. Going to her room she sits down on her bed and turns on her iPod. She pops in her ear beds and turns it on as loud as she could get it, but the noise of the commotion downstairs was still there.

She hears her mother as she sobs running up the stairs. It seeded her father hit again, why else would her mom be running up the stairs. Gillian feels anger well up inside her. She was tired of people hurting her mom. She steps out of her room and turns off the iPod and enters into her mom's room. Rachel was sitting on her side of the bed holding her mouth.

Gillian looks at Rachel, her lip was starting to well, and her mouth was bleeding. Gillian sneaks downstairs and quickly grabs some ice, and a clean kitchen towel, and she darts back to her mom's side. Handing her mom the ice and towel she sits with her for a moment before she goes downstairs to confront her father. Gillian walks to her father's office and pushes the door open.

"Don't you know how to knock; Crozier snaps?"

"Don't ever hit her again; Gillian commands."

Crozier looks up and eyes the young girl. She seemed to show no fear, only anger. Her looks were almost deadly.

"I'm the adult; Crozier snaps, I tell you and your mother what to do."

"I'm calling the shot; Gillian snaps back, I'll tell my teacher what you do to her. I'll tell them that you hit me. You don't, but when they look at mom I know they'll do something to you. You'll lose your job, and we'll be able to leave you for good."

Crozier was starting to feel his temper flair up, his face was turning red. He stands up runs towards Gillian knocking her out.

"Now you have something to cry about; Crozier says calmly. Go and cry to your teacher tomorrow."

Later that week after the Pickles episode.

Avalon was sitting on the highest roof top of Mordhaus. She enjoyed the feel of the wind in the evening before it would rain. She was unaware of Pickles sneaking up behind her. He pokes her side causing her to jump and turn. It took a second for her to catch her breath.

"It's you; Avalon exclaims, you scared me."

Pickles laughs.

"It's not funny; Avalon snaps."

"It was to me; Pickles replies.

He sits next to her lights up a cigarette.

"I'm giving up drugs; Pickles begins. I'm not gonna do them anymore, that is if you want me to. I'll only drink when you let me. Be my girl?"

"Hold on; Avalon quickly replies. I can't make you do anything that you don't wanna do. I'm not the one for you. I know I'm not. Look at me, and look at the young women that hang off of you. I'm not…"

Pickles silences her with a kiss that seemed to last forever. Avalon closes her eyes and embraces him tightly. She started to feel hot again and she breaks away.

"What; Pickles questions, why won't you just enjoy the kiss?"

Avalon feels her face red from the thought that crossed her mind.

"Just kiss him; she tells herself, let him take you. That's what you want."

"I can't; Avalon answers. If my father found out he'd ground me for life, and kill you. And you know with him both things are probably very possible.

"But he doesn't have to know; Pickles replies slyly. If we just keep it between us then he'll never know."

"I can't; Avalon whispers."

"But you want to; Pickles whispers in a devilish tone."

Avalon smiles and looks up.

"I do; Avalon answers."

"You dad is leaving town Friday and he won't be back till Monday; Pickles informs her. We'll have plenty of time. You tell me what you want, and in return as long as you're my girl I'll stay clear of drugs and booze."

Avalon laughs.

"You can drink; she says laughing, just the drugs are really bad for you. Besides you're fun when you're drunk."

Pickles smiles.

"Kiss me if you want me; Pickles states."

Avalon closes her eyes and the two lean in for a quick kiss before she breaks away and takes a cigarette.