az: I forgot when was the the first time I had been called... the Queen of Angst. Based on the stuffs I write so far. Anti-Hope universe, because I'm curious like that. Generally follows what really happens in the series, with a bit of twist. Just that... I rather not crash people's heart by destroying the Hope!universe plot-like saying it was a dream...

Stay with me

Part 1

Written by Izzu alias honou-no-izumi



"This is wrong. It shouldn't be like this. How could it...?"

"Don't blame yourself so much—there's nothing you could do at that time."

"B-but... I should have... done something."

"There's nothing else that we can do now. It was all up to him."



If you were given a chance to turn back time; would you try to change the past?

If that was so... does the things that had happened so far, have no meaning for you?

Knowing that... would you still try to change your future?


The high-pitched ring of the alarm clock jerked Ainosuke awake as he found himself leaning on the side of his desk. He sat up to find his brother, Yumehito, sitting beside him. Watching him in amusement. The man ran his hand over his head as he smiled weakly.

"You must have been so tired that I needed to use two alarm clocks to wake you up. Or do I need to give you a kiss instead?"

Yumehito laughed as Ainosuke threw a textbook at him before catching it with his hand. He frowned suddenly.

"Ainosuke, are you sure you're fine living like this?"


Ainosuke frowned as he got up before sitting on his brother's lap.

"What did you mean? Sure I'm happy right now. I have brother with me."

Yume's expression become sadder as Ainosuke finished talking.

"It's not right. You still had a lot of things in front of you. Your future's still long."

Ainosuke just shook his head as he pulled on both of his brother's arm and wrapped them around himself. Yumehito just sighed.


Sayama Hitomi entered the hospital room quietly as she sat beside the bed. She sighed heavily as she eyed the person lying on the bed.

It had been sudden. It was supposed to be a fun school outing. They never expected that speeding car that came from another direction to lose control and hit the bus. Some of the students were admitted to the hospital, including him. Most of them had suffered minor injuries and had recovered well from them. His injuries were also minor... yet, until now, he had not awakened from his slumber. His injuries hadn't been that bad—though a minor head concussion was not something you can laugh at either. The doctors also said that his injuries had already healed and they detected nothing wrong about his condition. Ainosuke should be able to wake up by now. Yet...

Could it be possible, that Ainosuke doesn't want to wake up?

"This kid... sure is stubborn. I wonder from where did he get that from?"

Hitomi jumped at the sound of the voice as she turned towards it. She blinked in disbelief. Tanaka Yumehito smiled at her as he placed a hand on Ainosuke's arm. Completely ignoring the stares he got from her, he continued to watch his sleeping brother.

"Sensei... I'll entrust Ainosuke to both of you. Please take care of him for me. I'll try to reason with my silly little brother..."

Hitomi continued to stutter as she couldn't believe her eyes at what she was seeing now. Just before she could finally utter a word at the person, a loud knock was heard from behind her. She hastily turned to find Kato entering the room, bringing some food for her.

"K-Kato-san! J-just now!" she stuttered as Kato looked at her in alarm.

"W-what? Did Ainosuke woke up?"


When she turned around, Yumehito was already gone. She shook her head in disbelief.

"J-just now... I thought I saw Yumeto-san..."