Marco walked up his driveway in the pouring rain. His face turned skyward and he brought his hand up to shield his eyes from the rain. Suddenly he fell onto his knees. His hands came down and covered his face. Then he began to sob.

The rain dripped down Marco's dark hair and trickled through his hands. His clothes grew dark and heavy from the rain pounding down on him. For minutes he stayed in that position, sobbing loudly.

After a while, his sobbing subsided, and he pulled himself to his feet. He wiped the tears from his eyes and ran his hand through his now wet hair. He let out a huge sigh.

Why had this happened? He couldn't believe it. Their luck had finally ran out. They had fought one battle too many. Now their forces were down by two. Rachel and Tobias. They had fought together to the end. They had just been unprepared and outnumbered. They didn't have a chance.

Marco looked up again. Better to be dead than a controller he thought bitterly. So easy to say, but when it comes to death, no one can stand strong. No one. Saying it like that made it seem so simple. Made the choice seem easier. But if it came down to that, would he be able to go down fighting, die proud?

He stood there. He didn't know if he would be as brave as Rachel and Tobias, when and if he was faced with the situation. They had never stopped fighting, even though the odds were impossible. Marco remembered Jake's words as the battle got too intense for them to try and go after Rachel and Tobias.

Going in there will only get us killed! Now LEAVE!

Cassie had protested, although she knew Jake was right. She told him that they could still go after them, that it wasn't too late. She did it in vain, though, knowing what Jake had said was true.

They had fled, leaving two of their people there to die. To be killed. The thought of what happened to Rachel and Tobias made Marco suddenly feel sick. He fought back the urge to throw up. He knew what had probably happened to their bodies.

Marco cleared the image from his head. He couldn't think of that. He had to look at the big picture. The fact that they had saved some humans. Taken them away from the Yeerk Pool. Saved more lives from a fate worse than death.

Yes, he thought angrily at the cost of Rachel and Tobias. Rage filled him, filling his sight, blinding him. Why had we been so stupid? Why? The thought rolled in his head over and over, until he was left with nothing but a feeling of emptiness. He glanced up again.

The rain had slacked off, now down to a light drizzle. The sun peaked through the clouds. Slowly a rainbow began to show itself. It got brighter as the sun came through the clouds more. Marco began to feel peaceful.

Yeah, he thought,even after a downpour, a rainbow shows through. Just like us. Even though we might have some hard times, good will always shine through. He smiled. Rachel and Tobias would want us to fight for them. And fight we will