Title: Waiting

Info: Some stuff for Arthur/Guinevere, I feel like I have been neglecting them. Soundtrack includes lots of Incubus and some Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

I do not own Merlin or a pair of decent socks!

They had come such a very long way from "I'm afraid my father would never understand."

Both of them had waited forever for the day that could finally parade around showing affection for each other without having to worry about the issue of Prince and servant.

She'd felt a loss of hope after the jousting tournament, he had kissed her and he was refusing to explore their feelings. She knew in her mind he was right and nothing could ever happen, the exception being her dreams. But her heart felt a deflation of hope, of love, the love that Arthur had shown her.

Then she'd nearly run off with Lancelot. How stupid she'd been! To think that she was nearly ready to leave Arthur and run off with her supposed lover was quite concerning. She had her doubts about him; she knew at that point in time that Lancelot was absolutely perfect for her. He could provide everything Arthur could not, but when the Prince had come to save her she knew her feelings, had once again, changed.

After that he had ignored her. Completely taken absolutely no interest what so ever in her life or the life of anyone else. He had become depressed and she had never felt so guilty in all her life. When Uther had married Catrina, she had gone to him and she had tried to talk to him. Making him promise her he would never change, he had accepted her acknowledgement and they were back to the awkward part of working out exactly what that kiss was.

Of course, the second kiss, it had changed everything. She had hated him that day. She thought they were going along nicely until he decides to get caught in Lady Vivian's chambers. But when Merlin had come running to her, swearing her was under an enchantment, she was not quite able to believe him but Gwen being Gwen, she had kissed him anyway.

It hadn't been pleasant forcing herself upon him, but eventually she could feel the old Arthur returning and kissing her back. It had been one of the best moments in her life. She had watched him declare peace between himself and Olaf and not share a second glance with Vivian. Later he had declared he'd "Never loved another," but blinded by the recent events, she had made him come to his senses, "I cannot be your Queen."

But much to Arthur's belief, oh yes, yes she could. Gwen had never felt as more horrified as when he declared he was going off to kill a dragon she begged him not to go but what good could she do? When he came back, she'd clung to him like her life depended on it and he'd promised it was real. That she was his Queen.

And she couldn't complain, could she?

Thanks for reading! Sorry I haven't written anything for Merlin lately! Hopefully this will make me lovable again. :D