Name: Rhyming Doesn't Equal Friendship

Warnings/Info: Contains slash- (Sparren.) When you see italics, it's someone signing, writing on a whiteboard or just thinking.

AN: Hello! Summer holidays are awesome, aren't they? I love the summer! Oh, and there's a lot of dialogue in this chapter. There's a lots of things to be said- because this is the last chapter. But don't worry, you get an epilogue!

"You are here," Hessa said, "because of the crystal we sent down to your home."

"You sent it!" Spook cried out. "Do you know how much trouble that's caused?"

"We watch over everything all of you do, Spencer."

"Spook," he corrected her, but she waved his comment away.

"We watch over you, and as we watched, we saw that both of you had problems that needed to be resolved. The crystal helped with that."

No it didn't, Luke thought. Those things I said to Dax... I can't believe how harsh I was. I can never face him again, can I?

Luke suddenly noticed that Spook's wide-eyed stare was now focused on him.

"I thought it would be easier to talk," Hessa explained hurriedly, "if I could hear both of you. So Luke, your thought are amplified for a little while."

Oh. That's a little intrusive, Luke thought unthinkingly. Sorry.

"When can we go back?" Spook asked. "'Cause I reckon Darren's getting worried. And Mia will be frantic." Luke tutted.

Why would Mia be frantic about you?

"She wont be frantic about me, idiot. Christ."

Oh. Luke allowed himself to smile for a few moments.

"That depends," Hessa interjected, "on whether you have solved your problems. I have no power your thoughts and actions." Spook folded his arms.

"Well, I've solved mine. Can I go?"

"Have you?" Hessa asked. She glided over to the red-haired boy and took hold of his shoulders. Spook looked slightly unnerved.

"Yes..." he confirmed slowly. "Me and Darren-"

Darren and I.

"Darren and I," Spook amended through gritted teeth, "sort of... went public. In a way. Wasn't that my problem?" Hessa nodded.

"But how did Darren feel about that?" He thought about that for a minute.

"Well, he was a little scared, I guess- but so was I!" Spook narrowed his eyes. "I didn't force him into it, if that's what you're suggesting." He tried hard to ignore Luke's various comments on that subject. "Would you shut up?" he rounded on Luke.

I'm honestly not trying to say anything!" Luke sighed. Having his thoughts amplified was extremely annoying, and he said as much, in a fashion.

"Not intentionally," Hessa carried on. "But you should know that Darren would do anything for you."

"What, so I have to stay here?" Spook stepped backwards angrily and shrugged his shoulders so Hessa's arms would drop down. He glared at her. "Because I won't go without a fight!"

"No no," she laughed. "I wouldn't dream of keeping you here- you won't survive much longer in this atmosphere. I will send you home- just try to be more aware of people's feelings in future. And we will meet again, Spook. Just one more time." He nodded warily and disappeared when Hessa waved her hand. Luke scrambled to his feet.

Where'd he go? Is he back home? Can you send me back now?

"Yes, I will. Just think over this, Luke- you told Mr Jones how you felt, but now is the time to talk about it rationally, lets say."

All right, Luke conceded. Hessa raised her hand, and Luke thought of something. Wait! He called out in his mind. You've got powers, right? She nodded.

"Why do you ask?" Luke played with the hem of his shirt.

Can you... can you fix me? His cheeks burnt and he refused to look anywhere but the floor.

"Oh, Luke." Hessa smiled softy and raised her hand again. "You're not broken."

Luke waved half-heartedly as the molecules inside him fizzed and started to transport him home.


It had been a week since Luke and Spook had come back from the corridor. They'd promised not to reveal the details of what had happened there, but Luke had a sneaky feeling that Darren knew, or would end up knowing pretty soon. Luke didn't mind- he'd told Gideon, anyway. Mia had wormed it out of him as well- the one person he hadn't told was Dax. They hadn't spoken since.

"He hates me," Dax confided in Owen as they sat in his office. He had been called down under pretence of Owen 'needing help with the fire.' Dax knew that was utter rubbish. Owen just wanted to talk.

"Dax, it was the crystal that made him yell at you like that."


"Ssh! Yes, he was probably thinking those things, sometimes, but not as harshly as he was saying them." After Owen had said this there came a knock at the door. "Let them in, would you?" Dax got up, pulled the door open, and came face to face with Luke.

Luke stood still, his mouth an "o" of surprise. Quickly, he signed something. Not for the first time, Dax wished he were better versed in BSL.

"He's in there, mate," he guessed. Luke nodded and stepped inside.

"Luke!" Owen called. "Just the man I wanted to see. Sit down, please." Luke did so and sat gingerly in the chair opposite Dax. "I wanted to talk to the both of you." Luke nodded resignedly. He started to scribble on his board.

"Sorry, Luke. I know it's easier signing," Dax realised, but Luke made no response. Finally, he held up his board.

I'm sorry I said those things. I didn't mean to hurt you, honestly I didn't. I tried to get away before it all came out- I'd blame it on the crystal but that's just an excuse. And I don't blame you- there was a smudge after this bit that showed Luke had rubbed something out- not for everything.

"Not for everything?" Dax asked weakly. Luke shrugged. He certainly blamed Dax for some things, but definitely not as strongly as he had made out earlier. "You don't need to apologise," Dax started. "You were right, I should have told someone." He gulped as the memory of the wave and Luke's peaceful face swarmed into his vision. He saw it most nights, in fitful dreams. They only started to let up when they rescued Luke from France, but it wasn't enough. "I-" Dax stopped, feeling embarrassed but Luke motioned for him to go on. "I think about it every day. What would have happened if I had said something." He looked at the floor for a while- his face was burning and although he would never admit it, his eyes were filling with tears.

Finally, Luke tapped his shoulder and signed something that even Dax could recognise.

Friends? He asked.

Dax nodded.

"Thanks, mate," he answered with a grin.

Spook headed to the music room. He didn't need to look where he was going, his feet led the way towards Darren's voice that echoed throughout the halls, and the guitar melody that happily strummed out a familiar tune. Spook stopped and rested in the doorway to watch his boyfriend (oh yes, Spook thought smugly, officially mine) singing his favourite song.

"When the moon fell in love with the sun,

All was golden in the sky

All was golden when the day met the night."

AN: So there we are, guys! I'm dedicating this last chapter to Triple Dimension Key and Starowner, who have been utterly fabulous reviewers. If anyone's interested, the song at the end is called "When The Day Met The Night" by "Panic! At The Disco." I think the song describes Darren and Spook very well.

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