If you've found this story, then congratulations! ...Well, personally, it doesn't really matter if you did or not. But, this is the start of a large trilogy called the Paper Chopper trilogy that I thought of many, many years ago. Just a warning, if you're not into characters created by myself (aka OCs and the such), then this story may not be for you...

But, you can still read this if you want. I won't stop you.

Today… I'm going to tell the story of "Star Spirits and Good Wishes."

Far, far away, beyond the sky, way above the clouds, there is a haven where all the Stars live. They are protected by their God, Staris. Staris cares for his stars deeply, and though he cannot speak, he can always give the Stars what they need.

In the sanctuary of Star Haven, there rests a fabled treasure created by Staris, the Star Rod, which has the power to grant all wishes.

Using this wondrous Star Rod, the seven revered Star Spirits watched over our peaceful world carefully…very carefully. And then…

Oh dear… What the…? Where did this thing come from?

"Ha ha ha! Yeah! I finally did it! Gwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" a shadow got closer inside of the Star Sanctuary, near the pedestal where the Star Rod sat. "With that stupid plumber Mario on his vacation, getting the princess should be a piece of cake! Now that nobody can stop me, I'll take the Star Rod back!"

The figure revealed itself to be the evil Koopa King Bowser, who jumped into a helicopter-like vehicle.

"Do it, Kammy Koopa!" the old Magikoopa wearing a purple robe, known as Kammy, used her magic and suddenly, some light pink energy was emitting and unleashed.

Suddenly, the Koopa King appeared, and his vehicle was revealed to have a clown face on it. The Koopa Clown Car was always something he rode in for the fastest transportation.

While all seven Star Spirits were cringing in pain, Bowser spewed out a fireball at the Star Rod, breaking the barrier surrounding it.

No, you mustn't do that!

"Yeah! The Star Rod is finally mine!" Bowser cackled as he held it up. "Now let's take care of you seven stars..."

Stop it! Cut it out, Bowser! You're ruining the story!

All seven Star Spirits screamed as the power of the Star Rod struck them. Soon, their screams stopped and were now transformed into Bowser Cards.

"Bwa ha ha ha ha… We did it! That was a piece o' cake! Gwaa ha ha!"

However, despite thinking that this would be the same thing over again, it was not. A loud, angry roar could be heard from the outside, which began to make the sanctuary shake.

"What was that, Your Evilness?" Kammy asked.

At that moment, yellow stardust slowly began to form. Two sparkles emitted, revealing two green eyes that stared at the two.

"Huh? What the heck is that? Oh, who cares! Let's fly out, now!" Bowser, not caring what that puddle was, flew out of the sanctuary with Kammy.

The stardust then began to form into something. A strange, yellow creature with cyan eyes, a head that had parts that resembled a star with long, skinny arms, thick fists with three fingers, and legs with two toes. Sparkles not only emitted from the creature, but also left a trail as he took a few steps. As the two tried to flee, the figure attempted to grab a hold of the Star Rod by stretching his arm, but it was too far for him to grab a hold of.

Oh, dear… The Star God, Staris has become angry! With that Star Rod stolen, he might go after the stars and absorb them! But, not only that, but now wishes can no longer come true. With Mario on vacation, who can stop Bowser? Somebody must! There HAS to be somebody! Please, stars! Grant us a wish to help find a hero!

Yeah, that's just the beginning for now. Kind of short, but that's how it was meant to be for the beginning. We'll get to some action in the next chapter though.

And before you ask about what Staris is, things will be revealed a little bit later, so just relax for a bit about questioning him. With that, be ready for the next chapter. :P