Three days after the events of the battle between Super Star Chopper and Perfect Staris, peace was once again restored in the Mushroom Kingdom. To make up for what he had done, Staris had returned the Mushroom Kingdom back to its state before the heavy damage. As for Chopper and his friends, they returned back home. Of course, only C-2 Choppor didn't have a home, so he decided to stay around Toad Town and live with Merlon, who gladly accepted him.

Chopper, on the other hand, didn't leave Mario's world just yet. He only came here to go on a vacation, and he wanted to at least have one without any trouble. He decided to spend his vacation on Mario's roof while laying down with sunglasses on.

"Ah, yes! Now THIS is a vacation!" Chopper declared. "Being up here where it's nice and sunny, it's really nice! It's a good thing this didn't turn out to be the worst vacation ever, or else I would've just left by now."

Mario walked out of the house and he looked up to see Chopper on the roof.

Mario: What are you doing up on the roof?

When Chopper took off his sunglasses and looked down, he jumped down and sweat dropped.

"Oh, sorry," Chopper apologized. "I probably do some of the weirdest things around here, so don't get mad at me, OK? It's what I do the most of the time, I'm afraid."

Mario slowly nodded as Parakarry flew over the house.

"Oh! Mario and Chopper! I was looking for you! I've got mail for the two of you. Here you go." Parakarry pulled out two letters and Chopper took one and so did Mario. Once Chopper opened the letter, he began to read it.

Dear Chopper,

Thank you so much for all you've done. Because of you, the Mushroom Kingdom is back to normal! I'm throwing a little party and I invited everyone to it! We hope that you can make it! We've got something great!


Princess Peach

"Hey! An invitation to a party! I bet that's what it says for you too, Mario!" Chopper smiled. Mario read his letter and it was indeed an invitation to a party, which made him smile. It reminded him of seven months ago when Peach threw a party after a couple of days when she was rescued.

"I've been invited to the party too, so once I finish delivering these letters, I'm going to go head to Peach's Castle! I hope I see you there, Chopper!"

Chopper waved goodbye to Parakarry as he finally flew off to deliver the letters to the others.

Koopa Village-

Parakarry stopped by at Koopa Village, where Koopla and Bruce were getting along just fine. Parakarry flew down to them and delivered their letters. When they took a look at them, they were surprised at what was going on.

"An invitation to a party? Count me in!" Koopla grinned.

"Yeah! Party time!" Bruce cheered as he ran off.

Boo's Mansion-

Inside of Boo's Mansion, Bow was looking at the mirror to see how beautiful she looked thanks to her new appearance suggested by the Boos. Bootler agreed about that, but then a Boo came into the room was getting shooed away by the ghost butler, but then he noticed the letter so he took it and showed it to Bow while shooing him. While reading the letter, she looked at the table to look at the picture of her and Chopper that was taken a couple of days ago.

"Oh, Chopper... It was fun hanging out with you and the others... I hope to see you at the party!" Bow smiled as she flew out of the mansion.

"La... Lady!" Bootler gasped as he flew off to follow her.

Toad Town-

By Merlon's house, C-2 Choppor was going out to get some Super Shrooms for Merlon, since he couldn't leave because of his job. Parakarry noticed him and flew down to the robot and gave him his letter.

"Scanners indicate that this is a letter from Princess Peach," C-2 Choppor confirmed. "I would love to go. Just let me finish my job first."

With that, he went to the shop to get the Super Shrooms before leaving.

Yoshi's Island-

Parakarry flew over the ocean and to Yoshi's Island. There, he saw Yosho and his girlfriend Yoshina walking on the beach. A lot of people in Yoshi Village were shocked, surprised, amazed, and even happy to see Yoshina back. Yosho still had his sunglasses and his personality, which wasn't as annoying as before. When the Paratroopa flew down to him, he didn't look all that happy because Parakarry bumped into him, which made Yoshina giggle. They were both invited to Peach's Castle for a party, which made them happy.

"Oh heck yeah! A party!" Yosho grinned. "Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!"

"We're going all right," Yoshina nodded.

City of Flowesville-

Going to the City of Flowersville was pretty tough with all the crime going around. He was actually trying to be careful. The bad news was that a criminal was trying to force him to hand over his money and any other valuables he had, but the Dayzeeflower Girls were able to take care of him and send him to jail. Parakarry felt relieved and he gave a letter to Kayzee, who squealed after reading the letter.

"Yes! An invitation to a party!" Kayzee squealed.

"What? How come she gets to go while we can't?" Blayzee whined until Parakarry gave the other two girls letters. "Oh..."

"Yeah! A party!" Tayzee grinned.

Nimbus Land-

Now Parakarry had to go up to the skies to find Prince Mallow. Valentina was there, but she had a different job instead for what she did to both King and Queen Nimbus. Her job was to…clean the castle up. Dodo stayed too, but instead, he was able to relax since he was never really evil to begin with. Parakarry was allowed to go see Mallow, because he said it was OK and delivered the letter to him. He asked King and Queen Nimbus to go, and they said yes, which allowed him to leave immediately.

"I can't wait to see what's at the party!" Mallow cheered as he took off.

Ghost Town-

This letter wouldn't be so hard to deliver - if he didn't get scared of the ghosts. While he was flying through Ghost Pass, some ghosts tried to get him, but he told them he was a friend of Ghoster's, so they stopped and let him pass. Going past Ghost Yard, he saw that Ghosgar was not evil now and respected Ghoster for being better than his brother. When the postman made it to Ghost Town, he went to Ghoster's house to deliver the letter. When he got it, he looked happy to be invited to a party, so he got himself ready.

"Just gimme some time. I'll be there soon!" Ghoster assured.

Staris's Shrine

Parakarry had to go to one more place before going to the party. He flew all the way up to Star Haven to Staris's Shrine. He was able to barely make it there, but when he did, Geno noticed him coming, and Staris used his power to bring him up. Parakarry panted for a little bit and pulled out two letters. One for Geno and one for Staris.

"It's a letter to Princess Peach? We've been invited to a party! We must go, Staris!" Geno declared. Staris nodded and took him off the floating island. He also was nice enough to bring Parakarry back as well.

Mario's house-

Back at Mario's house, Luigi came out and Mario told him about the party. "A party? Oh, yeah… That. Of course I know about it, Bro! Let's go to it right now!"

They all headed over to the pipe and used it to go into Toad Town. When they jumped out, Luigi turned over to the other two.

"OK… Listen, Mario and Chopper. I'm just gonna run ahead. There's something important that I have to do. What is it? Sorry, you two… It's top secret!" Luigi explained as he ran off.

"Y'know, it would've been awesome if you were with us through this whole adventure," Chopper mentioned. "You'd probably experience A LOT of things. Maybe someday we'll be on an adventure together. What do ya say?"

Mario agreed to this and headed on to Peach's Castle with Chopper. Once they reached the front entrance, the Minister was there to greet the two.

"Ah! Mario and Chopper!" the Minister noticed. "Welcome to the castle, brave heroes. Princess Peach should be here very shortly."

Chopper could see the Shamans in the room, as well as his partners. There were also some Toads that he didn't know about, as well as Professor Toadsmeth, who greeted Chopper.

"Good news, Chopper! You managed to save the Mushroom Kingdom!" Toadsmeth smiled.

"Indeed I did," Chopper nodded as he noticed Staris walk into the castle. Everyone was notified that Staris was no longer evil, so everyone felt just fine.

"And now… Princess Peach!" the guards announced as Peach walked out of the door and walked down the stairs.

"Greetings to all of you! I'm so glad everyone could be here on this special day." Peach smiled. "The Mushroom Kingdom and Star Haven are now saved…thanks to Chopper! Staris has become a peaceful Star God, and peace has once again finally returned to the Mushroom Kingdom. Above us, the stars shine with more beauty and power than ever before. It seems that they're sending us our thanks."

Because of Staris's power, the castle looked absolutely gorgeous.

"Chopper… Mario, Koopla, Bruce, Parakarry, Bow, C-2 Choppor, Yosho, Kayzee, Mallow, Ghoster, Geno, Staris, and everybody across the lands of the Mushroom Kingdom, we've regained peace because of all your efforts. Thank you very much, indeed. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I hope that the Mushroom Kingdom will enjoy peace and prosperity for a long time to come. Perhaps forever! This is my heartfelt wish."

Chopper smiled as Mario gave him a proud look.

"So, let's celebrate! Enjoy the festivities, everyone!"


On an empty road, Luigi in a conductor's outfit while holding a baton began to lead a whole parade as he carried on. Behind him were some Toads playing the trumpet and then the Star Ship, where Chopper's partners were all waving. Geno was simply crossing his arms and nodding.

There were so many exciting things. The Koopa Bros were on the shell of the Trojan Bowser, along with the Trojan Maquano. However, four Bob-ombs ran in and exploded, covering them with soot.

Moustafa and the mice and Rolf and his son walked by in the parade, and then King Tutankoopa came running in with the Chain Chomp chasing him. Luckily, Tutankoopa was able to turn sideways to avoid it. Buzzard was at his nest with some baby vultures.

Tutankoopa got chased by three Chain Chomps afterward, and Bootler came next with Bubba Blubba trying to eat him, but he was surprisingly being carried by other Boos. Bubba Blubba's disgusting blue heart was bouncing around as well.

What was next was a small island with the Yoshis sitting on it. Yoshina was there too, waving to everyone. Bloopink was rising up from the fake water. King Lakilar came after and was being chased by Blayzee and Tayzee, with the Mayor trying to chase him in his pickle costume, thinking he was a pickle.

After that, two Crystal Kings appeared and ended up turning into Duplighosts. Unfortunately, there was no sight of the REAL Crystal King, so he was not in the parade. What came after that was Frogfucius and the Lakitu that was trying to make him float, but then the hook came off, making the old frog fall.

The ghosts came up next and were scaring the Toads around, and then following that was a Toad using parts of Metal Chopper to play a song. Metal Chopper's head was still blinking, and he was definitely ticked.

Goombado was on his wheelchair still and Kent C. Koopa was behind him. There were some slot machines, with one exploding in front of a Koopa. The boss was still wondering where Chopper's partners were.

Up next was a cloud float, and King and Queen Nimbus were waving, with Valentina trying to clean up the cloud. Dodo was simply sitting down and watching her do the work, making her annoyed.

What was interesting was the next one. There was...Sir Flyknightis? Ha! Just kidding! Flyer was just using the outfit as a costume. He took off the mask and quickly shook his head, giving a smile while Popple was fleeing from the lovesick Birdo.

Jr. Troopa and Kammy were having a magic battle, shooting magic at each other while Bowser was crossing his arms on his Koopa Clown Car in disappointment. Hammer Bros. were juggling their hammers, and the two magic wielders ended up hitting Bowser with magic. This was unfortunate for them, because Bowser breathed fire on them afterward.

Once it was nighttime, the Seven Star Spirits were on some Christmas Trees and brightening it. Bumpties were ice skating and the Shiver City Mayor and his wife were walking by.

A Toad with a mustache was conducting a band with some Toads playing violins, while a female Toad in a purple dress was singing. After two Amazy Dayzees passed by, the Shamans were conjuring up a spell.

A C Robo that somehow managed to live came walking by and was being chased by three Stars, which were C-3 Cosmo, C-4 Crater, and C-5 Nebula.

Toads came up ahead with trumpets, drums, and flags with a star on it with the spots on their cap lit up. Koopa and Toad from the party came and then Toadsmeth was giving everyone good news. The last person was Staris, who came walking by with a bunch of Star Kids cheering. On a mushroom float after Staris, Chopper, Mario, and Peach were on it and were waving to everyone. Twink came down and they waved to him, and then he took off by Mario's house.

Mario and Peach got off of the mushroom and Chopper did too. The two were walking to Mario's house, but Chopper stayed behind for the whole parade to be over. It ended right after some Toads passed by.

With that, everything was silent.

"Well… It looks like it's time for me to go. I wish I had a chance to say goodbye to my friends." Chopper frowned as he began to walk away from the parade and back to Toad Town.


Chopper turned around and saw his party members were behind him. They must've gotten off the Star Ship to go see Chopper and say goodbye to him.

"You're goin' to leave without saying good-bye?" Koopla asked. "C'mon, that's not the way things end! We need to go too, so don't worry so much either."

"Yes, that's true. It's too bad I have to leave now..."

"Don't worry about it, man! You were great to travel with! At first I was a little annoyed with you, but I ended up getting used to you."

"Really? I never knew that..." Chopper blinked. "I apologize for doing anything bad to you."

"Honestly, you didn't do anything wrong. I was just lettin' myself get too annoyed with you. I'll admit, I was a bit mean to others, especially to Yosho. I can't help but feel bad... Sure, I'm tough, but I don't want to be called a bully."

"Well, we've all got our mistakes, Koopla," Yosho noted. "Ya let yerself get a little too angry at times, while I was bein' too much of an idiot."

"But I was being really harsh toward you. I will admit some of the things you did were dumb, but I don't want to be like a bully, and for that, I apologize to ya."

"Well, I guess I accept yer apology. I hope we can become better friends in the future."

"Yay! I love happy endings!" Kayzee cheered. "It makes our friendship so much better!"

Everyone couldn't help but smile or giggle at Kayzee's exclamation. Sometimes what she said at times was a bit too cute or nice.

"As for you, Chopper... I will remember you, and I ALWAYS will. Don't forget that! And maybe if you ever come back here, you can come visit Koopa Village! My uncle's bound to be there, so we can see what he's up to!"

"That sounds really nice!" Chopper smiled. "Kolorado was always kinda entertaining!"

"Yeah, that'll be cool! Well, see ya, man." Koopla began to walk off, going back home. Bruce decided to approach Chopper next.

"Chopper, I have to say… It was really nice traveling with you." Bruce stated. "I wanted to blow up some stuff, which you let me do, and you seemed to help me get over losing Bombette. I don't know where she went, but maybe one day you'll find her, and if you do, maybe you could tell her I said hi. Y'know, a friendly one!"

"Sure! If I ever find her, I will tell her you said hi! I promise!" Chopper declared, making Bruce smile.

"Thanks, Chopper. I really appreciate that. Anyway, see you some other time! And good luck with any future adventures too!"

With that, Bruce took off.

"There's so many things I wanted to say to you, but I forgot about them," Mallow sighed. "All I can say is thanks for helping me find my real parents! If it wasn't for you, I would still think of myself as a tadpole and wouldn't find out my true background. I promised my parents I'd be back a little later, so I need to go. I hope we'll meet each other again some day!"

Chopper smiled as Mallow got on a cloud. The cloud prince was about to take off, but Chopper thought he should do something for him first.

"Wait, Mallow!" Chopper cried, making Mallow stop and come down. He took out his Diamond Hammer and gave it to him.

"What? You're really giving me your hammer?" Mallow gaped. "But… Why?"

"I don't need it anymore. I think I can trust you the most with it." Chopper assured as Mallow smiled and took it.

"Thank you, Chopper! I'll never forget you! Remember that!" the little cloud prince then flew off to Nimbus Land as everyone waved.

"I guess I should say my goodbye. Thanks for letting me on this adventure. I wouldn't have found out so many things if you didn't let me join you. Sorry, I don't have much to say... Well, I guess there's one thing I can do. Put it there!" Ghoster had his hand out, so Chopper shook it and got a shock. However, instead of getting angry at the ghost, he slightly laughed.

"Haw haw haw! Works every time… I can't wait to do that to my ghost friends! Well see ya, Chopper!" Ghoster waved goodbye as he began to fly off.

"It was really nice hanging out with you, Chopper!" Kayzee smiled. "I feel like I could travel anywhere in the Mushroom Kingdom! It also seems safe without Kojo Pete and those Frenzyweed Boys! You're more than welcome to come to Flowersville if you want!"

"Maybe I will! Tell the professor I said hi!"

"Tee hee! Of course I will! I hope to see you some time, along with the others!" Kayzee let out one last giggle as she began to fly off cheerfully.

"It's tough to say goodbye, especially around a time like this..." Parakarry trailed as he approached Chopper.

"Admittedly, I have to agree," Chopper nodded. "I always liked having a postman travel with me. I really did appreciate your help too."

"And I appreciated your help too. Just so you know, I'm always traveling around the Mushroom Kingdom, so maybe if you ever returned, we might end up meeting each other again! Or you could always come to the Post Office in Toad Town if you want. It would be really nice to meet you again! Well, I'll be seeing you. I've gotta make a few more deliveries before going home.

"Good luck, Parakarry!"

Chopper waved goodbye to his Paratroopa friend, who began to fly off in the distance. Now that left only four of his friends.

Yosho was the one to approach Chopper next.

"Well, Chopper, buddy… I think this is the end." Yosho said as his eyes began to water up and hugged Chopper, crying. "I'm gonna miss ya, buddy! You were always one of the coolest people I've ever hung out with!"

"I'm going to miss you too, Yosho," Chopper nodded. "Even though you acted weird at some times, you were always great. You have Yoshina with you, so you're not alone!"

"Sniff… Yeah, that's true." the Yoshi sniffled. "...No, I can't cry like that. I'm too manly to be cryin'. An' it would be real embarassin' too."

"You know, I don't think there's a problem with crying, no matter how old you are. If you wanna cry, go right ahead! I was taught that it's all right to cry, especially at the end."

"Y-Yeah... Thanks, kid." Yosho smiled. "Well, I guess I better get goin'. Yoshina likes gazin' at the stars at night, an' I wanna be there with her to gaze at 'em too. I guess I'll be seein' ya."

Yosho began to walk off, and Chopper and the three remaining watched him walk off until he was unable to be seen in the night.

Geno decided to approach Chopper and shook his hand.

"Chopper, this was a great experience we had," Geno smiled. "I feel like I can do more now in this body. I'm glad Staris wants me to stay in here, because I honestly enjoy being in this body more than as a star!"


"Yes. I feel like my power has grown stronger in this body, and it even gives me an easier time to explore the Mushroom Kingdom. Maybe I will when Staris allows me. But for now, I guess this is good-bye."

"Yeah, I guess so..."

"Chopper, may the stars shine upon you…"

"You too," Chopper nodded Geno flew off. All that remained was C-2 Choppor and the Boo princess, who flew over to him next.

"I'm really going to miss being with you, Chopper. We had some great times together." Bow commented. "I'm surprised you were able to tolerate me despite all of the times I've messed with you."

"Well, even if I didn't really like those moments,I still think we had a great experience on our adventure." Chopper smiled. "Sure, your snobbishness got ourselves in bad situations, but I still think you have a heart, and I think that heart can really shine! ...Do ghosts have hearts?"

"Oh, Chopper... You're really flattering me!" Bow grabbed Chopper's cheek and began to pinch it while looking away from him. "I will agree with you on some points. Being snobbish probably isn't the best way to go, and if I caused any trouble for you and your friends, I apologize."

"Ow! Stop pinching my cheek?" the pale green boy cried, making Bow release his cheek. "Thanks... Anyway, I guess I can accept your apology. And I apologize for anything I caused to you that was bad."

"You don't really have to apologize to me, Chopper," Bow blushed. "You know, now that we're one of the few people left here, there's something I've been trying to say to you, but I never got to tell you it throughout our adventure."

"I believe I should stand back," C-2 Choppor decided as he slowly began to walk away from the two.

"What did you want to tell me?" Chopper wondered.

"Well, you see... I... I..."

"You what?"

"I...never understood what the point of those antennae were," Bow stated.

"These?" Chopper began, putting a hand on one of them. "They can sense whenever something dangerous is coming-"


The sight of Bow's Spook caused Chopper's eyes to widen in surprise. Though it didn't seem like it was filled with terror, it certainly caught him off guard.

"So much for that," Bow chuckled before she disappeared.

"Hey... That wasn't fair! She tricked me! ...Again!" Chopper frowned.

With C-2 Choppor remaining, he approached the pale green antennaed boy and extended his arm out. Noticing this, Chopper grabbed his hand and shook it.

"I must thank you for this experience, Chopper," C-2 Choppor thanked. "Our adventure was a great one, and it is one my data will always keep. But I have one question to ask you. Why did you bring me back?"

"Well you didn't deserve to have your life end like that. I wanted to let you have another chance. I apologize if you didn't want to come back. That was a little selfish of me..."

"I forgive you, Chopper. Perhaps I don't need to go just yet. There's still plenty of more things to do outside of the Mushroom Kingdom. Perhaps I'll go check those places out." C-2 Choppor pondered. "Until we meet again, Chopper. And remember... No crying until the end, OK?"

"Yeah, no crying until the end," Chopper nodded as C-2 Choppor began to fly off. Chopper sighed as he hung his head low and began to walk off toward Toad Town. When he reached the teleporter at Toad Town, he noticed Staris was waiting for him.

"Staris? What are you doing here?" Chopper asked as Staris opened the door and revealed that the teleporter was ready for him. He smiled at Staris and walked into the teleporter, waving goodbye to him as he left.

With that, he headed back to his house on Clara and got some sleep.

Four hours later-

While Chopper was sleeping, he heard the front door knocking, making him slowly open his eyes and get up.

"Huh? Who could be knocking on my door at this time of the night?" Chopper wondered as he walked down the stairs and opened the door. He saw a white box at the front of his door addressed to him.

"What's this?" he picked up the box and closed the front door. Once he opened the box, he saw a cake with Mario, Peach, Luigi, Chopper's partners, and also himself, who was on the top part of the cake between Mario and Peach. Chopper read the words written on the cake and couldn't help but smile.

The words were, "Thank you."

And that wraps up Paper Chopper. My thoughts on this? Well to be fair, I consider it my least favorite in the trilogy because I just don't find it as exciting as the two sequels. Plus, I couldn't help but feel that the characters were kind of one-dimensional most of the time (C-2 Choppor is a major exception), kind of like most of the partners in Paper Mario. However, I don't think that this story is terrible in any way. It definitely did have its moments. I suppose it was good for the people who wanted a long story.

For those of you who want more, don't worry! There's a sequel to this story called "Paper Chopper: The Crystal Stars", which is probably my favorite in the trilogy! And if you read through this whole story, tell me what you think of it. It doesn't hurt to give out an opinion anyway.

With that, I guess this is it. I hope you enjoyed this story!