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Harry Potter Returns
A Harry Potter/Superman Returns Crossover

Chapter Twenty-Six

Updated September 2, 2011

The day after the confrontation with Dormammu, Harry and Kara arrived at Dumbledore's office to fill him in on the details. "I wish I'd known about Illyana's Soulsword before the Ministry made a deal with Luthor to use black kryptonite against Superman," he said, chagrinned by this small wrinkle to the jubilation inspired by the defeat of the Dread One, as Dormammu was called by the inhabitants of the Dark Dimension.

"It seems to have all worked out, however," Dumbledore said, mildly. "Dormammu has been dispatched, along with Voldemort, to a place where they can no longer harm anyone except themselves. And you, Harry —"

"I'm the happiest I've been in a long time," Harry interjected, smiling at Kara, who smiled at him in return.

"We're both happy," Kara said to Dumbledore. "I have my cousin back; he's at home with his family — he told me that you knew his true identity, Professor," she added. "I'm very grateful that you kept that information from the Ministry, along with my identity of Linda Lee."

"What the Ministry doesn't know won't hurt them," Dumbledore said, his eyes twinkling with happiness for Harry and his new-found friend.

Harry snorted. "There's a lot that they don't know. I have a feeling that if Scrimgeour knew the real extent of my magical abilities, his head would explode."

"Well, we can't have that, Harry," Dumbledore said, with mock seriousness. "After all, I'm afraid that the Ministry would try to recruit me as his replacement, and I have no desire to enter politics at my age."

Harry smiled, and stole a glance at Dumbledore's right hand. Now completely healed, the headmaster had a new lease on life due to Harry's intervention with the curse that had been slowly killing him. "Neither do I, sir," he said with a grin.

Dumbledore looked at him curiously. "Professor McGonagall told me that you had some ambition of becoming an Auror after you left school. Does that ambition still hold true?"

Harry sat back, then glanced at Kara, who looked back at him inquiringly. "I don't know," he said honestly, after a moment. "I thought, once I'd gained super-powers from Clark, that I could become sort of a Super-Auror, doing in Britain what he does in America.

"But," he continued. "With everything I've learned in the past year, and all the time I spent in the Dark Dimension with Clea learning advanced magic, I think my role as a — well, a 'superhero' might be more of a hindrance to Wizarding Britain than a help."

"In what way?" Dumbledore inquired, interested.

"Well, Clark, and now Kara, both handle emergencies that are beyond what most human agencies can do for the people of Earth," Harry explained. "They do get some requests for help from individuals, but I think most people realize that Superman and Supergirl are helping the world at large — they are rarely asked for personal favors, and Kara tells me that people who tend to ask for such generally have ulterior motives.

"In contrast, Wizarding Britain thrives on personal interactions between all of its citizens. Most witches and wizards know everyone else in their community, or at least know a select group whose connections spread outward, reaching across the community. Like the Order, for example. I'm afraid that if I were to become —" Harry shrugged, "— something like 'Super-Harry' or 'Captain Sorcerer,' that I'd be caught up in the minutiae of personal requests."

"I don't think it would be quite that bad, Harry," Kara said, sounding a bit chiding. "You could do a lot of good as 'Super-Harry,'" she added, teasingly.

"Probably," Harry admitted, amused by her teasing. "Maybe I should talk it over with Ron and Hermione," he suggested. Kara nodded in agreement, and Harry stood. "If it's okay I think I'll go talk to them now," he said, and at Kara's smile of agreement he vanished from Dumbledore's office.

Kara stood, looking at the headmaster. "If it's alright, Professor, I'll leave to go back home to Kansas — tell Harry I'll talk with him soon."

Before she could leave, however, Dumbledore put up a finger, forestalling her exit. "Before you go, Miss Zor-El —" Kara smiled at Dumbledore's use of her father's family name "— I have a matter of some import to discuss with you, concerning Harry's future."

Kara sat down, confused and a little uncertain. "Harry's future?" she repeated. "I don't really know what he's planning," she said, "but I know he wants to do something to help the world at large."

"I'm quite sure he does," Dumbledore nodded. "But I believe he has not yet considered the full implications of his defeat of Dormammu. I have been in discussion with several individuals whose lives will be affected by his choices, and I believe your life will be affected as well.

"Will you hear me out," Dumbledore finished, "and help decide what you should do help Harry?"

Kara nodded. "Any way I can, Professor."


Harry appeared in the Gryffindor common room, arriving so innocuously that no one even noticed him for several seconds, until he had strode up to the table where Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Dean Thomas were seated. "Hey, Harry! All right, there?" Dean said, standing and offering his hand. Harry shook it, then sat down in a chair between Dean and Ginny.

"All right, Dean," Harry nodded. It was only a small lie, he rationalized. The question wasn't meant to elicit a truthful reply anyway; it was merely a greeting. "Are things all right for you?"

"Never better," Dean said, with a grin, and Harry saw his eyes flick towards Ginny for a moment. Harry caught a vibe that told him there was something going on between them now, that Ginny had abandoned her quest to steal him back from Kara. Harry hid a smile of relief; it was high time Ginny realized that he and she were never going to be together, that there was just no — spark — between them, the way he now felt about Kara.

"Glad to hear it," Harry said, glancing toward Ginny, who gave him a small, wistful smile in return.

"Gin," Dean said, looking at her. "D'you want to take a walk, let Harry get caught up with his friends here?" Ginny stared at Harry for a moment, but then smiled and nodded. They both got to their feet and left.

There must've been a look on Harry's face he wasn't conscious of, because as soon as Ginny and Dean left, Ron leaned forward, asking, "So, really all right there, Harry? It seems like you have something on your mind."

Harry waved a hand in an attempt to dismiss the idea. "I'm just — glad that everything's back to normal."

"Oh, bollocks," Hermione said, and both Harry and Ron gaped at her in surprise.

"Language, Hermione!" Ron said reprovingly, though secretly he was amused by her use of vulgarity.

"Oh, you know what I mean," Hermione said, matter-of-factly. "We're a long way from being normal, aren't we?" She stared expectantly at Harry, waiting for him to agree.

Harry smiled. "I suppose that's true, Hermione," he said. With a mental command he erected a barrier about the three of them, one that would keep their conversation from being overheard by Extendable Ears or other bugging devices. "I still have super-powers and I'm still the most powerful wizard on Earth, even figuring in Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate, among others."

"I'm glad Superman was able to find Dr. Fate," Ron spoke up. Harry had told them last night that the Man of Steel had recalled where Dormammu had placed her while Superman was under the Dread One's control. She had been placed in a pocket dimension adjoining Earth, in suspended animation, so she could not use her mystic energies to help Harry and Dr. Strange stop Dormammu.

"I am, too," Harry agreed. "I hope they'll be able to work things out." Chloe had been somewhat traumatized by the experience; she acted distant to Clark now, protecting her boundaries. It would take some time before they reconciled, if at all, though Chloe understood that Superman was under the control of Dormammu at the time he trapped her.

"So what about you, mate?" Ron asked, getting to the reason for asking his original question. "What're you thinking about?"

Harry shook his head. "I dunno, really. I can't stick around Hogwarts anymore — I've already learned all the magic there is to be had here. I think I need to do something more substantial than spend my time reading about magic. But I don't really want to tag along after Supergirl —"

"Wait," Hermione interrupted. "Why not?" She appeared a bit irritated by Harry's remark. "What's wrong with what Supergirl's doing?"

"Nothing, nothing!" Harry said, defensively. "I just mean — well, I don't think the superhero thing is for me, you know?"

Ron looked at Hermione, rolled his eyes, then looked back at Harry. "Come on, mate — you've been acting the hero practically since you got off the train in first year. The Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, on the Gryffindor Quidditch team in your first year, the first student who's done that in a century. And you've beaten You-Know-Who at every turn, too. I mean, let's face it," he concluded. "You're pretty bleedin' special!"

Harry might have blushed; he knew Ron was being sincere. "Thanks, mate," he said, gratified by Ron's admiration. "I appreciate the sentiment. I just hope I can do something that I'll enjoy doing, that can help as many people as possible."

A brilliant light suddenly floated down from the ceiling of the common room, landing on the table in front of the three Gryffindors. As Harry's eyes adjusted to the light, he saw that it was a silvery-white phoenix — a Patronus. "Please come to my office," it said, in Dumbledore's voice. "All three of you." The phoenix faded into nothingness.

"Wonder what that's about," Harry said, standing. "I just left his office before I came down here to talk to you."

The three of them left the common room, walking along several seventh-floor corridors until they came upon the one with the gargoyle guarding a section of wall, where Harry know the entrance to Dumbledore's office was hidden. The trio rode the moving staircase up, standing before the large oaken doors for a moment before knocking. "Come in, Harry," Dumbledore's voice spoke, and they stepped inside.

In the office, Harry was interested to note that several people were waiting for them: Remus was there, smiling but tired, dressed in worn, shabby robes that had become his trademark look over the past few years; from the Academy were Professor Potter, Dr. Strange, Illyana and Chloe Sullivan, who smiled at him even as she avoided looking toward Clark, who was there in his Superman uniform. Next to him was Kara, looking more solemn than he expected in her own costume. "Welcome to the three of you," Dumbledore said, gesturing for them to be seated along with the others. Harry, Ron and Hermione took a seat next to each other on the divan, looking at the others expectantly.

"Harry, I wish to discuss an issue with you which seems to have escaped your attention," Dumbledore began, without preamble.

"It hasn't really, sir," Harry answered. "I just wasn't sure what I was going to do about it." They were speaking, of course, of the titles of Sorcerer Supreme of Earth and the Dark Dimension. Dormammu, in defeating Clea while in Superman's body, had wrested both titles away from her, and Harry in defeating Dormammu, had done the same with him.

"What would you like to do?" Dumbledore asked, gently.

"Well," Harry considered a moment. "Honestly, I thought about becoming Sorcerer Supreme of Earth — I mean, Earth has Superman and Supergirl to protect it, and Doctor Fate —" he nodded toward Chloe "—can handle most magical issues.

"But," he went on. "I know Dr. Strange was Sorcerer Supreme of Earth before I was, and while I have the Eye and the Orb of Agamotto," both artifacts suddenly appeared around Harry's neck as he spoke, "I can return them to Doctor Strange, so he can resume his duties, if that's what he wants."

Dr. Strange stood. "That's a generous offer, Harry," he said, bowing slightly in acknowledgement of Harry's offer. "But my concerns lie elsewhere at the moment. In fact, if you'll allow it, I would like to take the title of Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension."

Illyana groaned slightly. "Are you still hung up on Clea, Doc?" she asked, incredulity in her voice. "Hasn't she hurt you enough?"

Strange looked at her almost apologetically. "I know there is good in her, Illyana. With Dormammu contained in your domain, I believe she will put behind her paranoia about her uncle and allow us to be together again, guiding the Dark Dimension to aid its inhabitants."

"I have no objection," Harry said, and began to remove the Eye and Orb. But Strange put up a hand, stopping him.

"No, Harry, I will not need those. They rightfully belong to the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, as they are artifacts of Agamotto, Earth's first Sorcerer Supreme. May you wear them proudly and with honor, in safeguarding the Earth."

Harry nodded in gratitude. "And I hope you and Clea reconcile quickly, and make the Dark Dimension one of light and love."

He turned to Superman. There were a lot of things he wanted to say to Clark, but he still felt bound by the Fidelius Charm, even if he was no longer constrained by it, not to say anything that could reveal Clark's identity as Superman, even though almost everyone present already knew who he was, except Ron and Hermione. "Do you have any objections, Superman?" he asked. "After all, you helped Dormammu defeat Clea and claim the Sorcerer Supreme titles for Earth and the Dark Dimension."

Superman shook his head. "I did nothing to help Dormammu, Harry — in fact I was fighting him every step of the way, after we returned to Earth. I knew what his evil plans were, after all. But Dormammu gained more and more control the longer we were back on Earth, until finally you came to understand I was no longer myself.

"I will be resuming my duties as Superman once again," he looked at Kara, who smiled affectionately back. "To help Supergirl in the battle for truth, justice and the way of righteousness. I wish you Rao speed in your new position as Sorcerer Supreme of Earth." He stood and offered his hand to Harry, who stood and accepted it, then stepped forward and hugged Clark in admiration and joy.

Harry stepped away from Superman, into the center of the room, and gestured. A moment later his jeans and T-shirt faded away, replaced with a red and gold wizards robe and cloak, the Eye and the Orb of Agamotto hanging proudly on his chest. "I accept the title of Sorcerer Supreme of Earth," he said, formally, feeling the magic flow into him, empowering him even more than before. It was a heady feeling, even more so than he'd felt when he'd first gained super-powers.

Everyone in the room was clapping, applauding his choice. Harry hoped it was the correct one. He caught Kara's eye, then extended a hand toward her. She reached out and took it. "We'll be back in a bit," Harry said, and he and Kara disappeared.

They reappeared in a place Harry was pretty sure would let them talk uninterrupted — in the Antarctic valley where Superman's Fortress of Solitude had been located. Dismantled after Lex Luthor had invaded it, gleaning information from the artificial construct of Clark's father, Jor-El, Luthor had turned the Fortress into a deathtrap for the Man of Steel — one that would have succeeded if not for Harry and the bravery he showed that day.

Harry was hoping a bit of that bravery would come back to him; he had something important to ask Kara. "This is probably a bad time to ask," he began, trying not to sound too uncertain or vague in breaching the subject with her, "but I wanted to know if you'd like to join me."

"Join you?" Kara repeated. "What do you mean, Harry?"

Already he was messing this up. "You know," he said, swallowing nervously. "As Sorcerer Supreme of Earth — would you like to help me with that task?"

Kara cocked her head to one side, studying him curiously. "I've already got a task, Harry — I'm Supergirl, remember?"

"Yeah, but —" Harry was trying to find the right words. Strange how tongue-tied he'd become now that he was actually trying to work out something permanent with Kara. "I — I wanted to know what you thought of becoming my — my apprentice."

"You mean, apprentice to the Sorcerer Supreme?" Kara's eyebrows rose in surprise. "Harry, I'm not a magical, you know — I don't have any magical ability at all."

"Neither did Dr. Strange, before he became Sorcerer Supreme," Harry argued. "He learned everything about magic from his mentor, the Ancient One."

"Harry…" Kara spoke hesitantly, as if she was afraid of disappointing him. "It's not that I don't appreciate your offer, but…I really just want to be Supergirl, for now."

Harry nodded. Her decision was not one he was happy with, but — "I understand, I guess. I really wanted to be a superhero for a while, to fly around like Clark, helping people and stopping disasters. But I just never got around to it, or even to talking to him about it. I shouldn't stop you from doing what you want to do…"

Kara reached out, touching the side of his face. "It's not like we're breaking up, Harry — I still want you in my life. I just want to live my own life as well." Harry nodded again. Things weren't working out like he'd hoped, but at least he'd still see Kara, sometimes, when they could find a moment together.

"I've gotten the impression from Dr. Strange that being Sorcerer Supreme is pretty much a full-time job," Harry told her. "And you're going to be busy, too, working with Clark to avert disasters and stop crime. I don't know how much time we'll have to be together."

"We'll make time, Harry," Kara said, then hugged him. Harry hugged her back, enjoying the feel of her taut, trim body against his. "Just promise me one thing," she said, pulling away from him for a moment.

"Anything," Harry said, sincerely.

"Promise me you'll let me down easily when Ginny Weasley finally gets her hooks in you," Kara said, deadpan, through there was a smirk on her lips.

Harry laughed in spite of the apprehension that thought instilled in him. "Don't even think about it," he said severely, wagging a finger at her. When she finished giggling he added, "We should be getting back to the others. I guess I have a universe to start guarding."

"And I have some disasters to avert and crime to stop," Kara replied, smiling. A moment later there was nothing but the cold, Antarctic winds swirling about where they had been standing.

The End, for now…

Author's Note: Even though some have thought this story was a bit loosey goosey in its use of characters from multiple universes, I think it was an enjoyable trek. For now, with Superman back in action along with Supergirl, and Harry taking over as Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, the world is safe — at least until Luthor gets antsy again. Please review and let me know your final thoughts on the story and the ending.

The next story I'll be working on is "Harry Potter and the Vampire's Assistant." Its first chapter will go up two weeks after this one, on September 16, 2011. I am also thinking about a Harry Potter/Smallville crossover, which I'm working on as well.