Finn called Mr. Schuester

"Mr. Schuester? Get the Glee Club. Quinn's water broke. We're at the hospital. She's going into labor. The baby's coming," Finn said and hung up.

When the baby came, Finn called Puck in. Finn smiled grudgingly at his friend. Puck smiled at the baby in Quinn Fabray's arms.

"We need you to pick out a second middle name. I mean biologically she is yours," Quinn said.

"You guys picked out her first name and first middle name?" Puck asked. Quinn nodded and kissed Finn.

"Aurora Santana," Finn said. Puck smiled. He didn't even hesitate.

"Aurora Santana Rachel," he said. Quinn smiled.

"Perfect. It has Rachel Berry, who is annoyingly sweet. It has Santana, my best friend and someone who will always be important to Finn," Quinn said.

"So it's Aurora Santana Rachel Fabray-Hudson," Finn said.

"That's a mouthful. Can I bring the rest of the club in?" Puck asked. Finn nodded and kissed Quinn and Aurora. Santana was the first one in. Then the others came.

"What's her name?" Artie asked.

"Aurora Santana Rachel Fabray-Hudson," Quinn and Finn said. Rachel beamed. Santana felt her heart tear.

"Who picked what?" Mercedes asked.

"Quinn's choice for first name was Aurora, which I love. She had to consent each other choice. Puck chose Rachel and we came up with Santana together," Finn said. Santana smiled at him, the boy she would never fully get over. Rachel pushed Jesse away from her and threw herself at Puck, hugging him tight. Santana looked at Quinn, her best friend.

"Thank you, San. Thank you so much," Quinn said. Santana smiled.

"Can I hold her?" Santana asked. Quinn nodded and gently handed Aurora over to Santana, who smiled at the little angel.

"She's gorgeous," Santana said.

At two years old, Aurora was gorgeuos. She looked more like Quinn than Puck but she inherited good genes from him. Finn had graduated college and gotten a job in NYC. He moved Quinn and Aurora out there, and lucky for them one of their closest family members, Santana Lopez (Who had been Quinn's maid of Honor) lived there too. Puck and Rachel were partners in their marriage and in their work. Kurt had conquered the fashion industry and Brittany invented Brittness. No one has any clue what the hell it is but she describes it as each time someone writes about a dumb person they have to give her money for using her likeness. She acutually made good money off it. Artie and Tina made like a thousand little Tina's and little Artie's and own a record company. Mercedes is a star. She's a celebrity. But, most arguably, Finn and Quinn are the happiest.

A/N: My Aurora Fabray-Hudson looks like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, just for description.