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This story starts in the middle of Ouran High School Host Club episode 8. You might recognize the scene instantly. If you cannot remember it all, I suggest you go watch the first half of the episode.

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Chapter 1: A Question of Lust

She had eaten too much, swallowing too fast, and she had not been able to hold it in anymore. She then had chosen a random toilet, and when she left it again, she was surprised to find a stranger sitting in the room connected to it.

"Are you done?" sounded a male voice. The stranger sat bare-chested on a chair with a towel around his head, drying his hair of unknown color. Haruhi froze immediately, then bowed humbly.

"I am sorry for coming into a stranger's room," she spoke politely.

"How rude," the boy answered and revealed raven black locks underneath the towel, "It is just me." When the brunette saw the glasses on the table, the boy's identity was now no more a mystery to her.

"Kyouya-senpai?" she asked, wanting a precise confirmation upon her assumption. When he did not reply, and she saw his face fully, she then continued:

"Ah, I am sorry. It seems like I got everyone worried about me." Silence fell upon them, and they made a clear eye contact, when finally Kyouya stood up.

"I was not worried," he said and drank some water from the flask that had been standing besides his glasses on the table, "Hikari and Kaoru were beating those pimps to death, and stopping them took some effort…"

Haruhi already imagined how furiously the twins had hit said pimps, but she felt no pity for the bullies.

Kyouya began moving toward her, continuing to speak:

"And to all the girls that came to have fun, I had to go through the trouble of preparing apology bouquets for them."

A tight feeling appeared in Haruhi's stomach; she knew she was the one at fault this time, and as the responsible girl she was, she felt a need to do her part of the apology.

"I will pay for those flowers," she interjected hastily. Kyouya passed her and reached the wall where the light switch was. He let a finger touch the tab.

"It is 50.000 yen per bouquet per person," he stated stoically, "In total, it will be 600.000 yen." He then turned off the lights, and for a moment, they stood there in the darkness, silently staring at each other.

"Why did you turn the lights off?" the girl asked, ignoring his last statement.

"You could pay for those flowers with your body," Kyouya said while leaning closer to Haruhi, his dark eyes glinting with something she had never seen him express before, and before she managed to utter a response, he had grabbed her wrist and swung her over to the bed. She gave a light gasp, and then found herself pinned to the mattress.

"You should fix that 'being a boy or girl does not matter' naiveté of yours," he said, still lingering above her, "It is your fault for being too defenseless." The girl took a moment to suck in his words, then smiled slightly.

"Paying like this will be a cheap kind of shortcut, will it not?" she questioned, feeling how a warm feeling rose to her cheeks, "Besides, I do not believe sleeping with me will turn out as a merit for you." Now, it was the boy's turn to smile. Then he lowered himself a bit and let his lips brush over hers; feather lightly, as if it was an undecided action, or as if it was something forbidden. Haruhi felt her heart throbbing faster.

His lips left hers after a couple of seconds, and their gazes met intensely.

"Sometimes, my actions can be based upon something else than merits and benefits," he spoke softly, watching her lips as if expecting an instant reply, "It is merely a question of lust and the right opportunity." Again, she took some time to swallow his words.

"I had never guessed that you wanted me," she said softly, testing the waters; was he really serious about his words and actions? Kyouya let a finger brush stray, brown locks away from her face, then smiled softly again. She noticed his smile and was surprised to find her heart throbbing faster yet again.

"Haruhi, I am a man of self-control and discipline; I am just good at restraining my feelings, unlike some," he answered, referring to Tamaki, who most of the time was completely blunt when it came to his feelings and emotions. This detail did the girl not miss.

"But," she replied, gently placing a hand on Kyouya's naked shoulder and pressing slightly, "So am I. I do not think this is such a good idea. You are a great guy, Kyouya-kun, but I am confused. My heart is confused-"

"Then let me convince you," was the quick reply, and just as fast as his words, his lips were on hers again, but this time there was a bit pressure, a depth, beneath his lips and kisses. They moved feverously to her throat. Haruhi pressed her eyelids together and exhaled deeply and somewhat disturbed.


"Do you doubt my words?" he asked between kisses, and anticipating her reply, he grabbed her hand and moved it to his chest so that she could feel the rhythm of his heart, "Does this seem fake to you?" Her eyes, which before had held just a bit of disbelief, were now softened and deeper than before.

"No." And by these words, she let her hands embrace his face as she kissed him, inexperienced and not really knowing how to handle such a situation, but she found it all irrelevant – the burning in her chest and body told her just what she needed to know, and that was what now had taken over her. Lust. As simple as it was. She wanted him, but how long time she had felt like this was unknown to her. That moment, only the present was important, past and future be damned.

She loved the feeling of his lips against hers, loved the sinful dance of their tongues, and loved his hands that roamed all over her body as if there was not enough time in the whole Universe for him to do all the things he wanted to do with her.

Gently, he broke away.

"It is almost a shame ridding you of that dress; it is rare to see you in a dress, and you look so cute," he murmured, his eyes burning with passion as he stared into her brown ones while slowly undoing the buttons of her lacy, pink dress.

She smiled in return – an angelic smile, so innocent and pure – but it faltered ever so slightly when she realized what they were doing. What they were going to do. What she was going to do.

She was going to lose her virginity.

Instantly, he felt her nervousness and placed a gentle peck on the tip of her nose.

"Do not be scared; it is also my first time," he assured her. She was almost shocked to hear him open up like this; had she been blind and deaf, she would never have guessed who was pinning her to the bed with kisses and caresses. The usually stoic Ootori Kyouya apparently had such a soft and passionate side.

Smiling, she nodded curtly and loosely wrapped her arms around his naked upper body so that he still was able to continue unbuttoning her dress, which he did. Again, her smile faded slightly, and a guilty look washed over her face.

"But what if Tamaki-senpai finds out about this? I am not sure he will look lightly upon it…" she murmured sorely, "I know he likes me. It will break his heart, right?"

"You are poor, you pay off some of your debt with your body; it is not complicated. I am sure he will understand that this is also a way of doing things," Kyouya answered, well knowing that there was something deeper behind what he and Haruhi currently were doing. His voice had been cold, stoic, while speaking, and Haruhi guessed that in the end, their action would cause Tamaki a hard time and Kyouya himself would not be enjoying it. But he did not seem to want to stop even so, and he placed kisses down her newly revealed stomach.

"Do not worry. We can do this," he assured her and gently slipped the dress off her. It was then carelessly discarded on the floor. Once again, the boy drowned his lips in hers, passionately and longing. She wrapped her arms around him, her fingers digging into his dark locks which still held a bit of moist.

With their tongues moving against each other, Kyouya took the chance to rid Haruhi off the last pieces of fabric. He slipped one hand behind her back and loosened the clasp of her bra, forcing the girl to let go of him if he ever should get a change to get it completely off her. As she did, they stared intensely into each other's eyes, both gazes clouded with lust. When the bra hit the floor just about where the dress lay, they kissed again.

This time Kyouya's hand sought her breast, and he caressed them, kneading them by turns. When he broke away again, the girl beneath him was breathing very disturbed. He smiled the sexy way he sometimes did whenever she was near, and his face traveled down to her breast, which now had become the objects of his attention. Without hesitation, he gathered his lips around one erect bud, nibbled, sucked, licking, and Haruhi was surprised to find these movements of his tongue very pleasurable. Her face reddened, and a jolt of lust ran through her body, causing a strange warmth to gather in the lower part of her belly and between her thighs.

Then, suddenly, he pressed his clothed crotch against hers, making her moan in surprise and longing. She could feel the tightness beneath his underpants and figured that he somehow had managed o get rid of his pants without her noticing. Not that it took up too much time in her mind, really, because in the next moment he repeated his movement and the girl once again felt her mind whiting out, lust filling her head and body.

This time, she noticed when his hand travelled down, not on his own body, but on hers, and said hand dug into her panties, aiming for one particularly sensitive spot and struck it. With another moan, Haruhi bit her lower lip lightly and grimaced. How could such a simple movement really feel this good? She never found out because Kyouya's hand left again, not moving too far away, though, because he then intended on removing her panties, which was not much of a challenge.

Haruhi knew what was coming next and the whole situation made her slightly dizzy. It was all so hard to comprehend, so hard to believe.

Once again, all thoughts and wonder were knocked out of her head when he let go of her breast and crushed his lips against hers again. Now, his kisses were hasty, shaking with anticipation and more than just longing. She let her hands embrace his jaw, softly gliding down his body, first neck, shoulders, abs, shoulders again, chest, abdomen, hips, and she was just about to let them enter his underpants when he grabbed her wrist and forced her hand down in his erection.

She gasped lightly. It was so big. With only the movements of his hands, he instructed her how to grind him, but she never had the time to do it on her own because he then slipped his underwear down, off, completely off.

He had grown quite bold in his actions, she noticed when suddenly he grabbed her thighs by turn and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Haruhi felt her heart beating so fast she could have sworn it was about to explode, and she deepened the kiss, longing, craving him. She wanted him so much right now.

She could feel him hard against her thigh. She was sure it would hurt like hell, but this never stopped her from arching her hips against his to show him that she was ready for him to get inside. Immediately, he got the message.

Teasing, goading her, he first let his tip enter her. Her muffled reply was drowned in between his lips, and he pulled out.

Then, in one smooth and elegant movement, he entered her completely, causing her to throw her head back in the pillow and cry out in ecstasy against his moving lips.


When Kyouya opened his eyes, Haruhi was breathing softly, letting warm and moist air caress his neck and chest. She was sound asleep, her lashes flicking lightly once in a while. She was dreaming.

Kyouya moved out of the bed, lightly so that he would not wake the girl up. In the process he tugged just a tad too hard at the blanket, causing one of Haruhi's breasts to be revealed. By the sudden cold, her nipple tightened, stiffened, and Kyouya found himself wanting to let his fingers brush over it, but controlling himself, he ignored the urge, turned away and got dressed.

He then strode silently over the carpeted floor, heading for the door, and he passed Haruhi's clothes on the way. He stepped over it, unaffected by the revealed underwear. His lips wore a triumphant smile, his eyes glinting with victory. When he reached the door, he let his hand rest a bit on the handle, throwing a look over his shoulder to see the sleeping girl just one more time before leaving.

Foolish girl, he thought, grinning smugly, and left her sleeping in the darkened room.

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