Jonathan is trickier than she has ever, ever imagined. He'd have to be, to be king- do things that surprise people- but she hadn't thought this.

Tactician meetings normally have more than one person there. But it is just her and the king, sitting at the end of the table. He had invited Raoul, he says, but the other man had declined. Buri is back from wherever it is she had been.

Kel understands that, but she's still extremely uncomfortable. She's always been uncomfortable in the presence of Jonathan, but he's staring at her. It's strange.

Her hand drifts up to touch her hair. Maybe there's something stuck in it, or it is wildly arrayed all over her collar.

"You will serve me, yes?" Jonathan speaks, blue eyes staring her down.

"I swore your Majesty fealty when I received my shield," Kel responds. Her face is set calmly despite the strange intensity of- whatever this is.

"But what does that mean to you?" The king stands up, walks around the very long table until he is standing behind her. She is aware of his presence. He isn't a particularly tall man, but the shadow he casts is larger than life.

"It means that I will serve you," Kel says, still looking straight ahead. "However you ask. It is my duty."

"Stand up, Keladry."

She stands slowly. He grasps her shoulders and turns her around so that they are entirely eye-to-eye.

"Good," Jonathan replies. "Very good."

Kel wants to go, but he is still holding onto her shoulders. He gives a slight pull until she is closer to him than she has ever been. Eye to eye, nose to nose.

Mouth to mouth.

He kisses her. All that she can think is oh, shit.