Dear Spike

oh god. I'm an idiot. I'm writing a letter to a dead man.

Cause I watched you burn, you know? And your last words were no you don't, and I do love you, okay? And I keep wishing I had pulled you out, had made you understand that, cause it's freaking killing me. No one should have to go through that.

God, now I know how Giles felt when he found Ms. Calendar.

and now I'm wondering where you are, if you're in hell or heaven or nowhere in particular.

you should be in heaven.

You sacrificed yourself for me. For us. For Willow, and Xander, and Dawn, and Giles, and the whole damn world. I can't say thank you.

wherever you are I hope you can see me. I hope you know how much I love you.

and if you ever find yourself here, on this earth full of happy meals with legs and Man U football - cause you saved it - then come find me, ok? Wherever I am.

Just come on home.

Love love love love Buffy.

Dear Buffy,

I got your letter. Don't know how, especially since there was no address written on it, just Spike William the Bloody William Pratt Stupid bleached blond vampire who never believes anything I say Spike (somewhere in the universe).

That last one's more than a bit maudlin, pet. You been hittin' the whiskey again?

Anyways, as to how I got the letter, I'm suspecting divine intervention in the form of Willow and Dawnie. Give them hugs for me, yeah?

Anyways: I'm coming as fast as I can Buffy. There's some business with Angel and the law firm of evil, but we'll get it all sorted out fast as we can. I'm not half bad with plans, and I've been good at saving people when I try it.

You saved me, you know, and I suspect I saved you a little. Though being smacked around hurts.

I'm on the same earth as you love. Same dimension, the one with spicy wings and Jack Daniels. I may be on the other side of the earth- and I may not, but I'll track you down unless you find me first.

And yes, Buffy. That's a challenge.

Love, Spike (the bloody awful poet).