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A blue/gray she-cat was staring into a pool of crystal water when a tortoiseshell she-cat padded briskly up to the pool.

"Bluestar, is it true?" Her voice was full of worry, "Yes Spottedleaf it is true, Firestar will soon be a member of Starclan." Bluestar starred into the pool of water watching the near future as it played out.

"But Bluestar, Firestar has 2 lives left surely he won't lose them at the same time?"

"I don't know Spottedleaf, but a prophecy has been made," Bluestar's voice became hoarse and rough, "The fire that has fueled the thunder for so long will die leaving behind a pile of cinder for the new reign to be born." Spottedleaf closed her eyes and shuddered when Bluestar finished speaking.

"Is there anything we can do, Bluestar. Sandstorm will soon realize she is pregnant, Firestar can't leave her with kits!" Bluestar's voice returned to normal and she looked at the medicine cat. "I'm sorry Spottedleaf, I know how much you care for Firestar's kits but this will happened and all we can do is warn Jayfeather and prepare for Firestar to join our ranks. But his name will be long remembered as the cat who saved the clans and destroyed Tigerstar's plans.