Change of Pace

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. They are property of CBS and ATWT.

Inspiration: The kiss scene was my inspiration for this. For more light-hearted moments between Luke and Reid.

"Come on, Reid. Get in here." Luke urged, splashing the older man with water. They were at Snyder pond, adorned in their swimming trunks on a hot, summer's evening. Although they had grown closer, it had taken Luke some effort in convincing Reid to take it easy for a day. It was an admirable trait to be such a hard-worker. But Luke knew everybody needed a break. Even the best neurosurgeon on planet Earth.

Reid stood at the edge of the pond, hesitant. "Don't worry. I guarantee you that there are no warty frogs or slimy mutants slithering beneath the surface." Luke grinned up at him.

"That's some imagination you got there. I thought that this was a pond, not a swamp." Reid commented as he stepped into the water.

Just the word 'imagination' had sparked a revelation within Luke. He gasped joyously as Reid gave him a puzzled look. "What?"

"Children's books for the disabled…it'll be a good addition to the ongoing project in my Foundation. Man, I haven't written a story in such a long time. I wonder if I'm still any good at it." Luke elaborated.

Reid's chest swelled up with the heat brought on by Luke's enthusiasm. It was that same enthusiasm that saved his job, and given him more in life to hold onto. This tender-hearted man had managed to dig deep inside of him and bring out his good side. With Luke, Reid felt like he didn't have to be alone any longer. He had someone to call his own. To steady him whenever he stumbled. To fall back on for support and reassurance. And it was safe to say that he was more than willing to do the same.

"I'm sure you'll come up with something that'll put Shakespeare to shame." Reid murmured, wrapping his arms around Luke's waist. Luke laughed. Reid wondered how long it had been since Luke had gotten anything in return for his unselfish acts. "Is there anything I could do to keep that winsome smile on your face?"

"I have an idea." Luke was practically purring as he hooked his arms about Reid's neck. It was amazing how well they fit together. "You could give me a kiss."

Reid was happy to comply.

Most of his life was filled with hectic schedules, only associated to work. Now that Luke Snyder was in his life, that all changed. There was a change of pace that he had adjusted to. And he wouldn't trade it for the world.