I snapped my eyes open and tried not to scream, remembering the dream that I had just had. The dream where Dimitri had found me again.

Groggily, and feeling - even more than normal- angry and confused, I walked over to the mirror and stared at my reflection; and began to scream.

Because the dream mustn't have been a dream; otherwise how would I have red eyes? Like a Strigoi. Hell, how was I not all crazy yet? I sucked in a deep breath, even though I knew it wouldn't help, and closed my eyes - maybe I was still asleep.

Then I opened my eyes, I still saw the palest person I have ever seen staring back at me, with glowing red eyes. The only thing that made me recognizable, was the fear in my eyes and the scowl fixed on my face. I couldn't help but start screaming again.

Me, Rose Hathaway who was supposed to be a kick ass Guardian; screaming in fear? Yeah, almost as unlikely as just waking up Strigoi - but just as true.

My bedroom door swung open to reveal Adrian standing there grinning. "Hi Rose, what's the matter? I've just come 'cos I need to ask you something."
I just remained silent and gripped my bedside cabinet, trying to remain in control.
"Adrian, please... just leave."

He seemed to notice the unnatural coldness in my voice, and edged forward slowly, closing the door behind him.
"Rose,what's wrong? Bad dreams? I haven't been in your dreams for days so..." he trailed off. I sighed, knowing that Adrian would never walk my dreams again and that I'd be lucky to survive the day.
"Just, please go," I begged but Adrian didn't do anything. Didn't even move closer.
"Come on, what's wrong Rose?" he opened the curtains, and I was just thankful that the Academy's day was at night. Otherwise I'd be... trapped. That meant that Dimitri must have came in the last few hours.
"Adrian, look at me." I whispered it, as I turned around. He drew in a breath, but didn't say anything, not even shout for help.

Finally he spoke. "Oh God, Rose. Your aura." He didn't explain what he meant, but I knew it wasn't good.
"You're Strigoi," was the next thing he said, and I slid to the floor, trying to keep calm, trying to keep in control. It was getting harder. So much harder to be me, and I could feel the anger I had felt since waking, growing in magnitude.
"I know, what the Hell am I meant to do?" I shouted, ignoring the fact that people might hear.

Adrian searched around my room for the stake he knew I normally carried and when he found it, stood up. Then he pulled me to my feet, staring into my eyes, as if looking for something. "I'm so sorry Rose but I-". He stopped mid sentence. If I hadn't been the "danger" then I would have been proud of him for defending himself.
"What you're going to do is you are going to get some contacts- which I'll find, and you'll do your damn best to appear normal for five hours; if you run now you're more likely to be found - more people outside. And then; when lessons finish, you will steal a car and you will run. I can't kill you, but you can't stay here." I nodded slowly, turning back to the mirror to see my reflection.

I, Rose Hathaway, am Strigoi. Yet I'm still able to think like before. For now. But how is that even possible?

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