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"Save him? I think he is beyond saving now, Lisa..." Adrian whispered as Dimitri ran with Strigoi speed towards the group of waiting guardians; ready to pounce. "I'll kill them all," Dimitri snarled with a toothy grin, and I almost dropped the stake with shock.

My Dimitri. My poor,poor Dimitri. I had thought that even as a Strigoi, some form of affection - some desire to help me - would remain; but he could not love me anymore - not even in a simpler, more animalistic way.

It was a calculated killing, not the primal instinct of a monster. It was me making the decision, that he was too dangerous to live. I had no choice, to stop him. If I didn't, then it would prove that I myself was too weak.

I lunged at him with the stake, the stake that was burning my hands more than ever before. Adrian had made it seem like he saved me, both from the monster lurking beneath my skin - and from death itself. Yet the world felt so cold, and the stake burned so hot.

Like fire, resting between my fingertips, as I did the only thing I could to stop the man I loved. He fell to the ground, and a dry sob escaped my throat. I couldn't cry, not any more. That release was forbidden to me.

Adrian prized the stake from my clenched hands, and whispered reassurance in my ear, that could never help.

"Help me-" I whispered, as I felt the entire world sliding away, while I reached out my hand to touch it.

"They cannot help you now," I heard a voice whisper, and I tried to ignore how familiar it's taunting tone was. There was no hint of apology or understanding.

"It wasn't a choice..."

The man, who I couldn't see in the darkness, laughed. "You chose it, Roza. You chose it all."

I opened my eyes, to see myself tied down to a hospital gurney. There were about half a dozen Guardians posted around the room, and I wondered what I could have done.

"Rose, how could you?" I heard my mother whisper and looked up at her face from where it loomed above me. "What?" I managed to slur, feeling more disconnected than I had before. "You let him do this... You let him turn you Strigoi..."

I shook my head. No way would I ever do that. Not for anyone, not knowing what I could do.

"I don't understand," I managed to whisper, shaking at the pain the sunlight caused as it streamed through the window onto my hand. I could not move, and I didn't dare ask to close the curtains. My hand was burned, blood red, but I was alive - or as alive as I could be.

"Adrian, when you 'slept' he... looked into your dreams." She sounded amazed, and I remembered all the times he had entered my mind, and talked to me as I slept - but this must have been something more. "He saw a memory. A memory of that day, and how cowardly you were."

"Roza!" she heard a voice cry, and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. It felt like a dream, therefore it must be. "Roza!" she answered the door, to come face to face with a monster, a red eyed monster. And as she drew her stake, she looked at him and started to cry. Stepping back slowly, she didn't shout or fight - she just whispered for help; that could only come too late.

Rose was stronger than that, if she had wanted to - she could always have stopped him...