Hello guys! I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while…my computer (aka "Old Man" Bob) died from a Trojan virus a month ago. I know, sad isn't it? But, when I was at my aunt's house, I read this amazing fanfic in The Gorillaz category called "Secret Behind a Smile"…it was super addicting and super duper sad! (Even though my aunt thought I found it funny, and we got into an argument about It worst night of my life) So one day I was in bed and came up with this whole fanfic, inspired by that amazing fanfic. So I hope you enjoy this prologue…

"Auuuuggghhh! D-san! I'm going to kill you!" Noodle screamed at the top of her lungs. Noodle was in tons of pain. Why you ask? She was giving birth to 2-D's child. 2-D was holding her miniscule hand, clutching it like it was keeping her alive.

2-D was coaxing her, "Love just breathe…and just try to push"


2-D flinched. Noodle never, ever said that to him. The doctor was sitting by her legs as the baby crowned watching the baby's head slowly appear. "Ok Ms. Noodle, I need you to give me a big push"

Noodle was gasping and wheezing for breath; nodding weakly, she started to push. 2-D's hand felt like it was being stepped on an elephant. "C'mon Noods! You're doing great!" After a good minute, she stopped and gasped for breath.

"Ms. Noodle, nice job…your child will be here soon"

2-D kissed his girlfriend's head, "Good job love"

Noodle nodded faintly; she wasn't even done pushing and she was already out of energy. The nurse saw she wasn't breathing properly and put an oxygen mask on her. 2-D started to panic; this wasn't going right.

"Ok Ms. Noodle, do it again please"

She nodded and started to push again, she screamed so loud that it echoed throughout the entire room. The doctor smirked. "Head's out dearie…keep pushing!"

However, Noodle stopped. 2-D gasped "No, No love…you have to keep pushing!"

She shook her head, whimpering. "Too painful"

"You can't give up Noods-think about the baby"

Noodle took in a huge, deep breath and pushed again, but harder. 2-D's encouraging face morphed into one of pain. Noodle was only 17, but she was as strong as an ox. As the doctor finally pulled the child out gently, Noodle fell back on the bed hard. 2-D didn't hear any noise, which made him lose all hope. 9 months of putting up with a depressed Noodle and the excitement of being a father…down the drain.

Then, a little cry was heard. 2-D's eye sockets filled up with tears. The doctor held up the newly born child, who was crying its little lungs out. "Congratulations you two, it's a girl."

2-D looked to Noodle. She looked terrible. Her short purple hair was matted and tangled, her bright green eyes full of weakness, and her usually glowing skin was white and chalky. Two other nurses hurried into the room. The doctor gave the child to a third nurse and rushed to Noodle. A fourth nurse walked up to 2-D as he let go of Noodle's limp hand.

"I'm sorry Mr. Pot but you must leave…"

2-D's heart was full of concern. "Why?"

"Ms. Noodle's extremely weak…"

2-D tensed up; pushing their child out must have caused her body to go into shock. He got out and sluggishly left.

"So, DAD, how'd it go?" Murdoc asked, legs spread apart in the chair. 2-D looked to the tile floor, saying nothing.

Russel looked at him seriously "2-D what's wrong?"

"…Noodle…she's-"he fell to his knees.

Russel walked up to him, "What's wrong with our baby girl?"

"When our little girl came into the world…N-Noodle didn't even look like she was all there."

Russel shifted his eyesight to Murdoc, very worried. Murdoc shared the same expression. Noodle was a great-no, legendary guitarist. If she dies, the whole band dies with her. 2-D put his hands over his face and started to bawl; he couldn't lose Noodle. She and the baby were now his new life. After 20 minutes, the doctor came to the men, looking upset.

"Doctor, how is she?" Russel asked.

He let out a heavy sigh, "Ms. Noodle…after she had her baby, her body started to shut down due to the stress the labor had put on her…I'm sorry guys, but she only has two hours to live."

2-D swiftly got up and rushed to the restroom, running into the nearest stall and started to puke. After five minutes of throwing up, he curled up into a ball and sobbed. "Why? Why, God? Why today?" The day his own flesh and blood breathed her first breath of air, turned terrible by the love of his life only having two hours to live. Someone came in, and started knocking the stall door gently.

"Occupied," 2-D hiccupped.

"D, its Russ…open up"

2-D slowly sat up and opened the door. Russel got down on one knee. "D, I know this is pretty hard on you…but we can't change fate…Noodle may be a goner…but don't you think you should be there when she leaves?"

2-D looked towards the ground, "I'm so selfish Russ. I don't want her to leave…me or our baby"

Russ sighed and patted his back, "C'mon let's go see Noods."

In Noodle's hospital room, Murdoc stared at her limp body like a hawk. 2-D immediately ran to the girl's side. "Love?"

She slowly turned her breath-taking head, looked into his eye sockets, and flashed a weak smile. "D-san…" she wheezed.

"H-How do you feel?" he asked her.

"Tired. Where's the baby?"

"In the nursery dear…do you want to see her?"

Noodle nodded. After a good ten minutes, a nurse came by with the sleeping baby. The nurse helped get the baby in 2-D's skinny arms. She had Noodle's beautiful face and 2-D's azure blue hair. He slowly took her over to Noodle. Noodle heavily picked up her hand up and touched her newborn's tiny hand.

"Hiro…her name…will be Hiro Pot"

2-D looked to Noodle and then the tiny sleeping angel in his arms. "That's perfect for her,"

Murdoc looked sadly to the dying guitarist. "Oi, were going to miss ya dear"

Russel started to tear up, "N-No matter w-what happens…y-you'll a-always be our baby girl."

Noodle felt herself tear up as well, "You'll always be a dad to me, Russel-san"

2-D put the baby back in her plastic cradle, knelt down, and took Noodle's hand. "Noods, love…ever since you came to Kong Studios, I knew we would fall for each other, and now we have our little Hiro. No matter what happens love…I will love you…no matter what."

Noodle started heaving; 2-D knew she only had a couple of seconds left. "D-san, Russel-san, Mur-san…thank you…for…" her breath became slower and her voice softer "…everything…" Then, she closed her eyes, breathed her last, and was still. 2-D, Russel, and even Murdoc started to wail. Noodle, the seventeen year old guitarist of The Gorillaz, was now gone.

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