By: RedonTheHead00

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"Wow, this is the place you were talking about?" Bella asked in wonderment.

"Yes this is the meadow, my sanctuary," Edward replied, sounding gay. "You may look around in my sacred meadow, and I will coincidently step into a ray of sunshine," Edward said while doing so, while the latter was sparkling Bella was sniffing flowers as though they were her crack, which she conveniently left at home. Edward coughed loudly causing the brunette to whip around to she the sparkling vampire.

"Holy shit, dude- you're sparkling!" Bella exclaimed while jumping up and down even as she was pointing. The brunette suddenly stopped, "Does your penis sparkle too?" She asked curiously, her eyes flicking down to Edward's pants every now and again.

"Why do you want to know in the first place?!" the sparkling vampire asked bewildered.

"I'm a sex addict, get used to it," Bella said bluntly. "Well?? Does it?!" Edward pulled his pants out to look down and said,

"Holy fuck, it does!" Bella's eyes got wide and her face just about broke in half with the wide smile on her face.

"I'M TELLING EMMETT," She hollered as she turned and ran for the Cullen house.

* * * *

"Emmmmeeeettt," Bella called up the stairs, knowing the vampire would be able to hear her. Emmett raced down the stairs at vampire speed and was standing next to Bella.

"Yes?" He asked.

"OMG, OMG, OMG- Edward's penis sparkles!" Bella said jumping up and down. Emmett gasped, started jumping up and down, then said,

"I wonder if mine SPARLKES TOO!" He then proceeded to race up the stairs to his room.

"Why don't you just ask Rosalie, she would know." The brunette mumbled, from Emmett's room you could hear him booming with laughter- he obviously heard. A few seconds later the giant, curly haired vampire slumped into the room seeming depressed.

"What's wrong? Does it not sparkle?" Bella inquired apparently concerned.

"No," Emmett huffed, "It doesn't sparkle, it glows…"


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