This is a songfic to All American Girl by Carrie Underwood

I've had this stuck in my head constantly knocking on my brain …soooo here it is?

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Esme and Carlisle had been hoping for a little boy and wanted their family to be perfect with 1 little boy and one little girl and but they wanted a surprise when their baby came out so they waited a while longer…….

Esme (POV)

"CARLISE!!!!" I screamed . " IT'S COMING!!!!!" we dashed to the hospital and 2 hours later a little baby was born and later the nurse came in and we expected a little blue blanket but it was a little pink blanketed screaming girl.

Carlisle (POV)

It was a girl… we thought it was a boy…. I had a baby girl!!!!! I'm a daddy! Finally. I thought to myself as a held my beautiful baby girl. Alice…. Mary Alice Cullen. Instead of a trophy for football…. We would have one for a pageant. Instead of fishing we would be doing make - overs…. OH she is gonna be a daddy's girl. My all American Baby girl. She is already wrapped around my finger she's the center of my whole world ….. my heart belongs to her!

3 years later

" I want icecream!" Alice pleaded. " No Alice mommy said no." Esme replied. " Fine I'll ask Daddy then!" she ran to Carlisle and asked him for ice cream and he fulfilled her wish with strawberry ice cream. Carlisle's only reply to Esme was … I can't say no to my baby …she is wrapped around my finger.

16 years later

Alice was a cheerleader on the Forks High squad and Jasper was a star football player. But little did Alice know Jasper liked her more than she knew. He was droppin' passes and skippin' practice to go to the movies to be with her. The coach said "Hey son what's your problem? Tell me have u lost your mind. Daddy said you'd lose your free ride to college if u don't tell her goodbye." But now he wrapped around her finger she's the center of his whole world, and his heart belongs to that sweet, little, beautiful, wonderful, perfect, all American girl. He wouldn't trade her for college! She was his everything.

When they got married and decided to have one of their own. She said be honest tell me what u want and he said honey u outta know … a sweet little beautiful …one just like you… I want a beautiful wonderful perfect all American girl

Now he's wrapped around her finger she's the center of his whole world and his heart belongs to that …….

All American Girl

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