TPOV (Tawni)

Portlyn and I giggled as we came in the house.

"You mind if I stay here?" She asked. I nodded my head.

"Of course! Not my house!" I laughed and she joined in. We walked over to Sonny's room. Our eyes bulged open at the scene. Sonny in a nightgown and Chad shirtless with lipstick marks on his chest and th-they were snuggled. Ewwwwwww!

"Whoa! I leave you two alone for one night and you guys get it on." I laughed. They immediately jerked up. Sonny blushed.

"N-Nothing happened." Chad assured.

"Y-Yeah, I kinda-was drunk." Sonny stuttered. I smirked.

"Ya, sure. So you two made up?" Port asked happily. Sonny and Chad smiled.

"Yes." She smiled toothy. Portlyn started cooing and awing over them. I smiled. My plan has been successful. I mean, Tawni always gets what she wants, right?

"So, now we're a big happy family?" I asked. They nodded.

"Chad, please put on a shirt." Sonny laughed. He pouted.

"You didn' mind yesterday night." He smirked. W eall laughed while Sonny blushed red.


"Mommy! Daddy!" the kids jumped in our arms. I sighed in content. We truly are a big happy family. Me and Chad are together and everyone is happy for us.

2 months later

"Chad! Hurry up!" The brunette called loudly. She hastily carried the boxes in their brand new L.A house.

"Well can you atleast help?" He came in breathing heavily with four boxes and Tawni was sitting on top of the boxes filing her nails.

"Tawni!" Chad whined. She sighed.

"Must I do everything?" She complained. Sonny laughed at the two Demi, Chase and Alex played in their new house. She sighed in content and Chad and Sonny had a very bright future ahead.

The End..

Aww I had fun with this story, too bad it ended. I really hate adding sequels to stories cause there's not much to add after a story is done, only if it is a sad story =] Hope you enjoyed thanks for reading we finally reached 100+ luv u all!