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"She's my new lover!" Allen Shezar, knight of Caeli exclaimed proudly. He kissed the young girl suavely as he did so.

Kanzaki Hitomi gasped in horror at his words. Anger swelled in her and without thought she whirled around and back-handed the Knight.

"WHAT!" she screamed loudly, "I just meet you. You-you hentai!! Okay, I'll admit you saved me from that other hentai in the forest but…but you and me? Uh-uh! No, nadda. I don't think so! I'm still a virgin, shimatta! What is it with you men on Gaea! I'm not a slut! And for your information, I heard your men talking and I am not that easy, bub, so give it up. I'm not stupid! Geez that's a line half the guys on earth use! Okay, I'll admit, you're very, very cute, sweet, and even kind. But, it'll take more then that!"

Growling in frustration Kanzaki Hitomi whirled around coming face to face with the Zaibach Empire's General.

"Unless you want a piece, out of my way!" Hitomi yelled as she pushed past him.

Fury blazing hard in her soul she stomped out of the meeting room, any men in her way leaping out of her way, fearing her wrath may turn on them. The instant the doors shut the Zaibach General couldn't keep in his maniacal laughter, nor could his slayers.

The Knight held his head high, though a flush crept its way up his face brighter than the sterling hand print on his cheek.

"I guess your not such a great playboy, are you Allen Shezar?" Dilandau mocked lightly, a smirk etched firmly on his face.

Inwardly he burned the memory in his mind. He was sure he would want to recall upon it often. The great knight Allen Shezar, knight of Heaven, man all women fell for...had just been rejected! It was hilarious!

"Losing your touch, perhaps?" He questioned, not bothering to hold back the mocking laughter behind his words," Mayhap you should put more effort into our provisions, instead of chasing every skirt, Allen Shezar. Especially, since it appears they now reject you."

Ocean blue eyes raged cold fire at the young general. Ruby eyes merely glowed as he realized his remark had struck home. Turning on his heel he walked toward the doors, his Dragon Slayers followed. A few looked back at the beat red Knight of Caeli snickering. Ah, to see the 'master of seducers' turned down. A memory to cherish for sure.

Dilandau Albatou could not keep the smile of amusement from snaking across his features. This girl...Hitomi, wasn't that what the knight had called her? She intrigued him. Few women would actually smack Allen Shezar and have the courage to do it in front of all his men and Dragon Slayers and their Commander.

He wanted her.

He wanted the girl that the Knight of Caeli couldn't have.

Besides, it would definitely show up the irritating knight.

And there was also that look. That cold raging fire that had been in her eyes when she had yelled at Shezar in her fury. She was different, that he could tell with but a glance. Besides, he needed something to occupy him while they were searching for that blasted Dragon of Dornkirk's.

He smiled slightly, arrogantly.

He would find her.

And then she would be his.

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