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"Welcome to a trip into my hurt feelings

You better bring a light to find the house of meanings

In the labyrinth of yes or no"

For you, life is just like chess, if you don't make the move you use the game like this

Because you, your walkin' on the edge, you you choose the way of love and pain

You, don't you see the bridge I've made for you? Its one step to start again..."

"Welcome to a trip into my emotions...to the language of my heart

Your sailing on a river that becomes an ocean...which you can only cross with love"

--The Scorpions "Walking On The Edge"

Her mind was swirling with colors of black and vibrent red. The fires of hate and fury licked at her sensative, smooth flesh. It was all consumeing in its cleansening rage. Never before had the young Goddess felt anything like it. A mix of perfect pain and erotic pleasure that had no ending as it had no begenning.

She was danceing through a room of never ending pathways, dressed in a long heavy pearl white dress that drooped over her shoulders exposeing the porclien flesh of her shoulders and swan like neck. Her head was adorened with jewels that many a theif would have killed to claim as their own, esspecialy the Venus brought to life who wore them.

She was beauty and innocence in its purest form, her emerald eyes bespoke of somethig no man nor god had ever seen but were enticed by. Glass was broken beneith her feet, she was running suddenly, the dress becomeing ragged and dirty as she ran. It tore here and there, its silken coverings falling away until she ran in the tattered clothe that scanticly covered her lilthe form.

Breathe...in...out....in...out...yes, breathe...

A large castle window appeared before her, she charged forward and braced her hands on the hard stone of it. It cut into her sensative fingers, every touch seemed to hit her unexpectedly. Everything was so real that it wasn't. But then, what is reality? It is what you make it.

Thoughts ment nothing to the Goddess as she climbed out onto the window. A wind shuttled by, ruffleing her long brown hair. The gems that had held her heavy, thick hair up slowly had been comeing undone. They fell down from her hair and down into the abyss of clouds that lay below.

Her hair hung loose, flying over her shoulders as the wind bellowed harder. A voice was speaking to her...calling to her...it was distant yet so warm, filled with such...*longing*...

She shook her head and spreaded her arms out wide, teetering close to the edge. It'd be so easy to jump, to plummet down through the heavens into what ever dared to lie beyond. So tempting...

Arms like steel embraced her from behind, silken lips brushed against her ears, the scent of magic was thick around her. Swirling through her body, awaiting any command she should descide to give.

The body was strong and lean behind her, white blonde hair tinted silver flew against her cheek and she knew in an instant who it was that held her so possessively, but she didn't care. His embrace was comforting, animilisic in its possessiveness but so perfect.

"It could all be yours, my dear Hitomi...all of it"

The voice was like a drug, neither thick nor small, strong and perfect, a slight british like accent was under it even. Every word was said with such careful persuation. Not like others she had known that had seemed to waste their words, not careing how they said them or what they said. No, every word from him was said with the most perfect pronuction. Every sylabble slipped from his mouth like a careful gem of unique beauty being dropped into the world.

And her name...from his lips...it was like heaven itself...

She said nothing, drinking in his precence from behind her. Nothing harmful could touch her here. No more worrying about those blasted visions that tormented her sleep, no more fighting...gods above was she so tired of it...tired of fighting, of always being some pawn fate used at its whim...so tired of it all...so easy to slipp away into his promises...so simple it was nearly frightening...

The world splunged down through the perfect clouds and suddenly she was dressed in an elebrate dress of the purest black mixed with red. Silk clung to her every curv, the style of the dress was like the Romanion cultures from her world in the Ancient times she read about. She felt so beautiful in it, a crown of pure white gold sat in her hair which was strewn with pearls. A band of gold was around one arm, a single ring on her wedding finger.

Thousands of people were before her, bowing down on their knees in utter submission. To the west she saw an army marching, enough to reach up to horiezen...too many to ever really count...

"All for you, my Hitomi...all of it can be yours...just give me what I want...and everything you've ever wanted is yours..."

Two unicorns flashed in her minds eye. Beautiful, elegant, lovely creatures she once belived to mystical to ever truely be real. They seemed to bow their heads at her, moveing aside to reveal...a sword...a large red hilt with a blade of the deepest blue, two gems sparkled in the hilt. One white, one black. Colors of the pure and the tainted, of light and dark...of...order and chaos...Power unimaginable seemed to seep from such an innocent appearing object...so much...

The image diminished and she was back in the clouds, on the roof of a castle, Jaden stood infront of her, the edge of the castle at the edge of her suddenly bare feet. She was dressed...oddly. Half the dress was the Roman finery from seconds ago, the other the rags. Half her hair was up so elegantly, the other in a desseray, falling around her elfin face.

The crown remained.

"Hitomi...come with me..."he held out his hand, he was only an arms length away...a world without care layed with him...what did she have to lose, really?

"Take my hand, and all of it is yours. The world will bow before you, you will rule it...you can decide the fate of thousands, includeing yourself. You could even bring your old life back, everying just as it was before Gaea pulled you in...before Varie tried to use you..."

That caught her attention.

"What do you mean? Varie...she would never...I mean..."

"They were all useing you, Hitomi...all they wanted was your power, the power only you can weild and give...they never cared about you."

No...no...it wasn't true. Someone...they had to of cared. They did...she wasn't just some grand girl with powers to shape the world, she wasn't just a tool to be used and discarded...he was wrong...he had to be...because if he wasn't...everything she had fought for...it was all a lie...

"N-...No...your wrong...your wrong...they do...They--"

"They what, Hitomi?"He cut in, moveing closer, his lips hovered near hers, his whimsical voice carressed her ears,"Don't you remember how they treated you when you came here? Have you forgotten?"

He moved to her side, waveing his hand. A mirror appeared, reflecting her image. It shifted and swirled like churning water before stilling, showing Van fighting the dragon, herself, Amono, and Yukari huddleing in the backround...

{The past-her ran forward,"LOOK OUT ABOVE YOU!"}

Hitomi mouthed the words she had screamed so long ago.

Past-Van dodged the Dragon's tale before gutting it and retreiveing the Energist inside. It fast forwarded to Van being a chavinistic pig and saying she hadn't helped slay the Dragon and her only helping him for an award...the images wavered again to show her in Allen's fortress, him kissing her cheek and calling her his lover...the images faded to Varie pulling her into her arms and promiseing a future that was written in the wind.

It twisted again to show Ryou standing near, with Varie next to him. They were argueing it appeared, Ryou's elven face drawn in lines of seriousness and anger that was seeping to the surface. Varie's face as a mask of irratation as well, of loss even.

{"You know as well as I Fate won't allow it. And the only one to make Fate kneel down you've lost."Ryou said, his eyes narrowed in pin-points of emotion too deep to be understood.}

{"For now,"Varie hissed,"What did you tell her anyway"}

{Ryou smirked,"Why so curiouse now? I thought you didn't want me in contact with ehr in the first place...}

{Varie growled, loseing whatever cool had remained,"Stop playing games, Ryou! What...did...you...tell...her?!"}

{Ryou shrugged, expression of unconcern falling across his childish features,"Several things. Nothing for you to concern yourself with.."}

{Varie's fury was palpable, her slinder hands in fists,"It concerns me when you squander your time with the very pawn of this prophasey!"}

The images swirled and faded, Hitomi's own shocked expression reflecting back, Jaden moved infront of her, his eyes looked so sincere...

His hand ran along her jawbone,"You see, Hitomi? Your nothing but a pawn to them."

Hitomi's mind was a hurricane of emotion. Hurt howled through her, and, trapped inside her mind, part of her cried for vengence. Still...one question kept pulling the surface, nearly quieting all the others...

"And to you?"Her voice was hoarse, her eyes reddened with tears she refused to shed.

His lips lifted into a cruel smile of a predator, revealing sharpened cannines,"Much more..."

He dropped his hand from her face and held it toward her again, the soft velvote black gloves glistened infront of her. The sky was a swirl of different colors, the world around her darkened and lightened. So much to be gained by one simple thing...

"Be my Queen Hitomi, rule at my side...take my hand..."

Her hand lifted slightly, she felt so defeated and wanted nothing more then to stop all of this...take was he offered...it didn't sound so bad...not really.

Red wings the color of spilled blood flashed in her mind, a face hiden in the shadows that reached for her as well. His promise was silent but some how greater then the one offered by the ageless creature before her...

The image vanished and Hitomi rose her eyes to meet he mis-matched ones of the Dark One before her. A half-hearted smirk toke her full lips and she raised her hand higher to touch his cheek. She ran a hand down his cheek and shook her head slightly.

Confusion curled his brow. Hitomi dropped her hand away and aloud herself to fall backward, her arms spread out as though she was about to fly as she plummeted down through the heavens. Above her she could see disspointment marring the handsome features of the one who called himself "Jaden". She was not afraid as she fell, allowing the swirling mist of clouds to swallow her lilthe form...

And then she was caught. Long white hair filled her vision along with a pale face...Dilandau? No...the eyes were different, a slanted onyx in color...not the ruby red fire of the General that warmed her blood. He cradled her close and they fell slower, the clouds fadeing to be replaced with stars.

"A wise decision you've made, Goddess...but was it the right one?"his voice was low yet sensual, his lips pressed gently against her cheek,"'Till we meet again, lovely..."

And then there was only blackness.


Hitomi awoke gasping in her bed, her body drenched in sweat and her heart pounding like a frenzied drum in her chest. Tears were edgeing their way down her face. Hitomi shook her head wildly, running her hands up and down her arms. The sun was setting in the sky outside her window, shoots of blood red and pinks slasheing their way through the horizen.

Shimatta...the ball!

Jumping up Hitomi threw the veil out of the way and hurridly went to her dresser and lifted her outfit off of it, pressed and sweet smelling was it. She had changed into a simple night gown before laying down for her nap. If she'd known what would rise in her when she had, she probably wouldn't have bothered with it - no matter how tired she was.

Her hands were trembleing, she noticed to her disgust. Dropping her clothes she ran her hands up and down her shoulders, trying to dispell the chill that was raceing through her. Jaden's offer echoed through her mind. His depthless eyes that had bored through her. What did she have to lose by chooseing him?

Gaea would bow before her, and though she didn't have any desire for power she did long for her old life. The life where visions had never erupted through her, where fortune telling had been a simple game. Where she didn't have to fight. Tears were building in her eyes and she dropped soundlessly to her knees.

Though she despised the weakness that was filtering through her, she could not deny it. Sobs raced brokenly through her small frame. She was so tired of all of this. Tired of always haveing to play the heroine in this...this...GAME devised by Fate and gods know who eles. Tired of being a pawn for others.

Kanzaki Hitomi hated that most of all. The fact that in the end all she was, was a pawn in this eternal battle. That she had to be the one to tip the balance in favor of whomever she choosed. Was Jaden's offer truely so wrong? He didn't seem so horrible, not as the prophesy's had proclaimed.

And he didn't appear to see her like all the others. As a simple tool to be used and abused for that matter.

Was it so horrible to want her old life? To hand over the world of Gaea to the one called the Dark One? What did she have to lose really? Nothing. No one cared about her, no one loved her really. Oh, how that would make such a difference! If someone had cared...if someone loved her...that would change everything...

And Jaden...he seemed to care about her...love laid in his words and his gaze. Was it so wrong to try for that? To belive in something like that and take a leap of faith? Would that be so horrible?

Arms were around her and she basked in their warmth. Emerald eyes shot up to meet a hazy gray that knew more then they said.

'Mayella..'she thought, suprise filtering through her.

The girl smiled slightly and tightened her grip on her.

"S'alright ta crys m'lady...crys as much as ya likes...ol' Mayella doona mind..."She said softly, her voice seemed different from before...though for the life of her Hitomi couldn't say how...

Hitomi layed still in the young girls arms for a mere second before whipeing her tears away.

"I-...I'm fine...thankyou...Mayella..."

The girl smiled, though still looked worried...the careing in her eyes touched the young Goddess,"Its s'alright, m'ladys...do ya cares ta talk 'bout it? Mebe, it wou' help a lil'..."

Hitomi shook her head,"N-no...th...thats alright...I'm...fine now, thankyou..."

She looked unconvinced,"Are ya's sure, m'lady...?"

Hitomi nodded vigerously,"Yes. Has...Has the ball begun already?"

Mayella lowered her gaze,"Yes...m'lady, it has...Chid-sama sent me ta sees if ya were gettin' ready..."

"Tell him I'll be right down."

The serveing girl nodded,"As yas wish m'lady."The girl rose and bobbed a curtsy before walking over to the door, she opened it slightly, hesitating a moment before looking over to her,"The wind of change s'comein', M'lady...don't let ya own emotions get in da way of the true path..."

"Nan--"Hitomi's eyes shot up to see the girl, but she was already gone, her words rang through Hitomi's mind...

'What did she mean? How could she know...?'Hitomi thought, stareing at the closed door.

Forceing herself to her feet Hitomi pushed the thought away and reached for her clothes. She had to get ready. She could question the girl on her mysteriouse words at a later time...but even as she pushed the dread away that was settleing in the pit of her stomache, she couldn't deny the feeling that there may not be a 'later' at all...


Hitomi sipped her champagn slowly, watching the swirling nobel women and men dance laughingly before her. Each were dressed to their best, some ridiculesly over done with frills and gaudy jewels. Everyone who apparently was anyone was at this ball. Across the room she could see the suave Allen Shezar whispering things to a Nobel woman that was makeing her cheeks take a rosy tint.

Hitomi rolled her eyes. A feral grin takeing her lips she squared her shoulders and made her way over to him. Why waste a chance to humilate the Great White Knight?

As she walked toward him she could feel the soft beat of the moonlight over her body, casteing a silver glow over everything. The ball had been held outside, and the weather was perfect for it. The twin moons of gaea shown as much light as the sun nearly, the candles that were here were mostly useless. A warm breeze lifted her unbound hair as she reached Shezar and the young nobel woman.

"Allen-chan,"she mocked, grinning with the sweetness of a poison,"I didn't expect to see *you* here..."

The girl, about fifteen or sixteen with long wavy raven-wing black hair and eyes the color of onyx black and the superficial arrogence of one born with the silver spoon and no desire for anything different, looked at Hitomi with suprise. She was dressed in an elebrate gown of the deepest red, her skin had a natural tan, Hitomi assumed, as she didn't look like the type to run around in the sun of Gaea. She looked like the type that would find such things childish and unsophisticated.

Allen looked over at her with suprised brilliant blue eyes."Hi...Himeno...I didn't expect to see you either."

"I thought you'd still be recovering from when I whooped your ass all over the arena."Hitomi said, flicking a golden brown strand of hair over her shoulder. She hadn't had time to braid it before dressing so it hung loosly over her shoulders and hung long enough to reach just below her smooth hips.

The girl had shyed away from him now.

"So...this is the...*woman* that you lost to at the arena..."The girls intense drop of regaurd of Allen dropped as she toke in Hitomi from head to toe. If this was the kind of women he associated with...what would it do to *her* reputation to be seen with him...and to lose in a battle to a woman...that didn't rate high on her ideals for a man either.

Allen saw this and tried to quickly repair the damage as he sent a dazzleing smile at the girl,"Oh, Sofia, it wasn't really a loss. I mean, I did go easy on Lady Himeno at any rate."

Hitomi's eyes starbursted with anger."Right. Thats why you were sweating five seconds into the match, eh Shezar?"

The nobel girl was looking quickly for an escape,"Oh look, theres my friend Miyako, good night to you Sir Shezar."She walked away quickly, never looking back.

"That was uncivilized of you, Himeno Pretear."

Hitomi shrugged,"I was just trying to save that poor girl from the calamity of your affections. She could do better then the likes of you, Shezar."

"And what gives you the right to judge that? You don't know me, Pretear, I never forget a lady."

"Heh, ladies are nothing but trophies to you, Shezar. And your wrong, we did meet. Though it was a life time ago."

"And what does that mean?"

Hitomi smirked at him,"Something. I bid you adeu, Shezar."

With that she walked away briskly, not spareing a look over her shoulder at the confused knight. She got halfway before her arm was grabbed in a steardy grip.

"Take your hands off me before you lo--"Hitomi felt her voice break away as her emerald eyes looked with a redish brown that seemed to carry the weight of the world inside them."V-Van..."his name came out soft, it felt as though it had been too long since she'd aloud the name to escape her lips.


Straitening herself Hitomi pulled up the tough facade she had spent years perfecting. She glanced pointedly down at his arm and then at him, a single eyebrow arching.

He dropped her arm as though burned,"Gomen, I was just trying to get your attention."

"You have it. What do you want, Fanel?"

"I...wanted to congradulate you on our duel earlier. You are...a very good swordswoman."he said awkwardly.

Hitomi arched her eyebrows,"Arigatou, Fanel. You were...quiet good yourself. Though...you don't charge aggresively enough."

His body flinched as though he'd been slapped, his eyes darkening with rememberence. He nodded,"I know...I've...been told that before."

Hitomi nodded turning to walk away when his voice stopped her,"Wait, Himeno-san"

Hitomi looked over her shoulder at him, her face peaking with interest,"Hai?"

"Have...I know this sounds stupid but, have we meet before?"

Her thoughts crashed together instantly, her pulse quickening as her body began to break out into a cold sweat. So...he had recognized her more then she had thought. Aparently, the years had made him slightly sharper then she remembered.

"N-no...not in this life time anyway."She said, bending the truth slightly as she could not bring herself to lie to those eyes again.

Van's eyebrows dropped down into a frown, not understanding her words at first. Thats when it happened. All at once a dawning understanding began to fall across his face. He dropped his eyes down over her body before riseing them to her emerald eyes. Without saying a word he grabbed her arm again and dragged a suprised Hitomi to the balcony. She didn't have it in her to shove him off. He'd figured it out, and all along, maybe that had been the point. Maybe thats why she'd dropped her hint...because she was so tired of lieing to him. Tired of pretending to be something she wasn't.

"Hitomi...its you isn't it? I know it is..."he said, betrayle was laced in those reddish brown eyes of his.

Hitomi opened and then shut her mouth. Lies were unneccary, he'd see right through him. She'd wanted this, though. For her old friends to see her, recognize her and...to prove Jaden's words wrong. Prove that she wasn't just a tool to be used at a whim to them. That the ties of friendship went deeper then that, deeper even then blood.

She inclined her head at him, nawing on her lip nervously. So she'd been figured out, and from the feeling of dread stireing through her stomach, it wasn't going to be a loveing reunion...


His face twisted to disgust as her dropped her arm as though she had some sort of contegious desies.

"Van..."she whispered, her mind screaming for what was about to happen not to be true...it couldn't be...she had to of been more to him then a pawn...she had to of been!!

He recoiled from her,"How dare you...You...have no right to say my name, Kanzaki!"he growled, fury laced in every word,"You left me. You abandanded me to those...Zaibock dogs...you could have helped me...saved Fanalia from all of this indignity..."

"Is that all I was to you Va..Fanel?"she said softly,"Just a tool to be used to help you win that blasted war? Didn't you care about me beyond that?"Tears were burning at her eyes but she would not let them fall.

Silence streached between them.

Van's eyes lifted to heres, they seemed to bore through here,"You abandaned me, Hitomi. You knew full well the result of your actions. A tool? Maybe. With your power yoou could have changed it all, Hitomi, all of it. But you ran like a coward, turning your back on all of us."

Solid ground seemed to have collapsed beneith her. A tool, thats all she was to them all. To Van, even. That arrogent king, he'd only wanted her power. All of them. Each every blasted person had only wanted her for her visions, not her...not the soul beyond those gifts. Sorrow crashed against her like waves but also an anger that destroied everything in its path.

A coward? She was not a coward. What she had done...Varie had said...that everything would have been resolved without bloodshed...but then, what was Varie's word to her? Nothing. She was a liar like all of them. Just her power of bending fate was what had attracted them. And if she hadn't owned such gifts, would they have paid her any real mind? No, of course not.

Hitomi stared strait into his eyes, her lips lifting to a snarl,"He was right. Your all the same. Power, power, power! Thats all ANY of you ever wanted. Damn you, Fanel, you've proved him right. Gaea's fate is choosen."she said, her last words rang with a sort of echo that made fear bellow through the young Kings eyes.

What had he done, he thought suddenly, his words...they had been the final judement in her eyes. The straw of truth that had broken the camel's back, metephoricaly speaking.

Hitomi backed away from him, nearing the entrance to the room. A golden pentagrame appeared beneith her feat as she walked backward to the center of the room. Her head was bowed, tears that were streaming down were unseen by those who scurried away from her like rats abandaneing a ship doomed to flood.

Wind rippled slowly around her before picking up the pace like a storm. Hitomi's head shot up so fast the bones her neck cracked, her eyes glowed with a green light, wings shot from her back abruptly. The purest untouched white with the edges tinted dark blue. Golden light surrounded her completely, blinding everyone for a split second.

When it dimmed slightly Hitomi was dressed in the emaculate dress from her vision encoutner with Jaden only hours before. Her hair hung loose, sewn with jewels that made the young nobel women, that Shezar tried to put the moves on ony moments earlier, mouth water. She stared disdainfuly at the people of Gaea.

"The times come, people of Gaea, I have choosen your fate. I am Kanzaki Hitomi, Seer of the Mystic Moon and the Goddess Of Fate. And you...all of you...have done nothing to change my choice."Hitomi lifted her head higher, her eyes were hard and cold as ice,"....Jaden..."she whispered.

In all his smashing glory he appeared in a cloud of glitter, dressed in the outfit he'd worn the first time she'd seen him. Darkness seemed the reek through the ball room as he stood posed for his victory the young goddess had handed to him on a silver platter....

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