Regret by Nehan Shinzui

A/N: short drabble I came up with after piecing together all of the appearances from the mysterious blonde adventurer guy. Hope you like it!

He wished he hadn't left him.

Even though it had been for the best, what with the thousand pirates overtaking his ship, he felt he should've risked it. Just so they could've been together.

When he'd met him at the docks the boy hadn't wanted to go. He had wanted to be with the blue man--K'nuckles. Why wouldn't he? the man lamented, his blue eyes filling with tears. That cruel creature had at least been around. Had at least looked after him, even if most of the time it was for his own selfish gain. At least he hadn't abandoned him.

He remembered holding him after he was born. His love had gazed tiredly at him through hooded lids. She smiled at him. Blood poured from between her legs. It wouldn't stop.

There were hundreds of them, maybe thousands. They lept onto the ship, cutting down sails and destroying anything they could reach. The child lay sleeping in the crib. He had to be away from all this. The man ducked out of the cabin and stood over the edge of the ship staring down into the tumoultous sea, clutching the boy tightly. Someone had started a fire that burned throughout the stormy night. They were coming for him. He threw the boy not entirely for his safety. He had taken away his love and he didn't want him much anyway.

Now as he watched the boy at age seven, he wished he wouldn't have. the boy was so eager for adventure. Occasionally, he would try to take the boy along. He wouldn't come along though. He loved his family too much.

He had met the old woman and fallen in love with her, though not as true a love as he would've liked. She owned an orphanage for boys and collected children like trading cards as he went adventuring.

"Did Flapjack want to live with us?" he asked her eagerly.

When she declined, he lamented.

Flapjack. It wasn't such a bad name. It was more than he had ever given him anyway.

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Nehan Shinzui