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No More than a Dream

Ch 1: Sweet Misery

Across the room, a beaming light shone across the face of a girl. The twinkle in her hazel eyes, the light revealing the true color of her hair as it glistened a light shade of brown. A slight breeze entered the room from the window to dance upon the features of her face and allowed her clothes to steadily cling to her tightly as it fit around the curves of her body. Davis closed his eyes to prevent himself of the misery of this dream, but still the sweet image of perfection imprinted into his mind and made him lose his sense of control and concentration. Her ethereal presence almost made him lose his balance. He had almost steadied his mind to the figures of the page until he heard the softness of her voice. He stared at her intently as he watched the words trail from her lips as she said, "So are you going to eat lunch with us Davis?" She then gave a smile that made his knees tremble although she didn't notice.

"Yeah why not. I've been thinking of food all day. I'm starving," he answered.

"Typical Davis," she said as she giggled at him. He slightly blushed at the smiling girl and almost returned to say something until he interrupted them.

"Hey Kari! What are you talking about with Davis?" T.K. inquired with a concerning voice. It wasn't like him to be so serious --- only when serious things came up. T.K. was a likeable guy. No one could hate him --- not even Davis for at least half of the time.

"Nothing important. Just lunch and how you would buy it for me," she said to the blonde boy. She gave him a serious look as he stared back letting the time slip by without a care. He suddenly laughed, and she joined with him.

Davis had accepted the fact that he would never be with Kari. Only in his dreams of course. He still loved her though more than anything in the world, but he knew she would never return his love. The young teenage boy had matured since the first time he laid eyes on Kari. He was more sincere and less egotistical, but still he was goofy and an excellent soccer player. He could glide across the field with his extreme speeds and with Ken's help over the years he learned to score a goal with ease.

He remembered the days when he tried desperately to get Kari's attention. He would run all around her whenever he could. He tried so hard to beat T.K. to have a glimpse of her smile knowing that he caused it. He yearned for her admiration, to hold her soft delicate hand with his hand and maybe share a moment where it felt like they were the only two people in the world. It would never happen like that. He had always been second to the best because of T.K. in Kari's eyes.

Davis began to slump his arm over the smooth wooden desk as he watched the couple talk amongst each other. He lowered his head onto the hardened surface feeling the texture of the smooth wood to avoid the pain of looking at them. "Hey Davis! What's wrong?" Kari asked.

"Oh nothing. I feel a little sleepy. June made me listen while she was talking about this new guy she met at college. I feel asleep while she was talking."

"How funny! June has someone new to hang around than my brother," T.K. joked.

"No, she still talks about him. It's really sad." They all laughed.

He spent his time thinking and tried to figure out his problems. `It would take an eternity to get over her. I wish she understood the pain she is causing me.' "I know what you're thinking. You're thinking of her again. Right????"

Davis turned to see the face of Kari's friend Morgan. He smiled and gave an uncertain nod of some sort and shook his head to snap back into the bustling surroundings of reality. She returned with a smile knowing those two would be together... some day.

Suddenly, the clattering of the bell rang through their ears as it alerted them it was time for lunch. "Come on guys. Let's eat lunch," Kari said as she smacked both of Davis' and T.K.'s head.

"Oww!" they said in unison. She giggled, and Morgan stared in astonishment. She admired her friend's changes over the years. The girl was once so shy and vulnerable, and now she had become comfortable to her aggressiveness. She was like her friend Yolei --- almost. They were still close friends even though Yolei was attending another school. Since Morgan had met Kari they had been through so much with each other. They could almost tell what the other was thinking with much concentration --- well at least Morgan could. Kari just had so many thoughts in her head.

"Kari, you surprise me in many ways," Morgan said.

"There is no other like me," she said.

"That's why I am lucky to have you as a girlfriend," T.K. responded. Enthralled by her boyfriend's response, she embraced him into her arms as she clung tightly to him as she looked into his blue eyes that she loved so much. Her lips locked onto his, as the softness of her lips made his upper lip quiver to the response. Her delicate slender arms held around his neck as his hands firmly held her small waist. They took a breath reluctant to let go but released from their embrace only to find their gaze lost and stares burning upon their backs.

Morgan watched as Davis' face winced in incredible pain as he saw the only one he loved kiss someone else. Tears had almost welled in his deep brown eyes until someone tugged onto his shirt. He held his tears back with utmost strength and turned to Kari who was eagerly waiting for him to join them for lunch. "Come on Davis. I thought you were hungry." She giggled.

"Of course I'm hungry. I've got practice today, and I'm a growing boy. You know I wouldn't skip lunch unless something really important is bothering me."

"What would bother Davis except ... Davis??" T.K. asked as he smirked.

"Gees I don't know umm... maybe you."

"Oh but I forgot you said something important would bother you, so you wouldn't count."

"And your point is that your point is that you are so... fucking... annoying." He was lucky Kari was far ahead of them. He knew that she wouldn't like him cussing at people especially T.K.

"Hey, hey you guys. We'll never get to lunch if you keep fighting like little school boys," Morgan said shaking her head.

"But little school boys are cute. They chase people and pull girls hair and..." She was about to smack him before he finished but he ran away.

At the table, the others ate as Davis took a small bite of his sandwich. It was unlike him to feel a sudden urge for more food. He looked around himself. The merriment of their conversation swirled in his head. It was so full of thoughts, worries and pain. All of the color's surroundings mixed before his very eyes. Kari had turned to find Davis in his uncertain condition. "Davis! What's wrong? Are you ok?"

He looked up. He saw her talking, but all he could do was look at her with his slightly closed eyes and try to figure out what she was saying. He tried to smile and maybe just maybe he could make her happy for just that moment, but all he could do was open his mouth to say something finding the words lost. He thought, `I hope this will take away my pain ----- the pain of seeing her with him everyday. I just need to get away from her--- forever. Forget my love for her forever.'

He tried to block her out of his memory and his heart, but all he could do was nothing. Maybe he could cause her pain like she had caused him for all these years. Then he looked at her worried expression as the contours of her face had deepened from her concern. An overwhelming feeling of dizziness took over him, as he drifted into the blackness that was drawing him in. His head fell over his arms, as his eyes closed to the response of his black out. He could almost feel the repetitive shaking as he felt it spread through his tired body, the calling of his name, her heavenly voice. He had almost forgotten it, but it kept calling him and calling him as he drifted into the temporary sleep.

He saw a soccer field ahead of him, as the smell of grass filled the air. He felt the warmness of the rays above him reminding him of the glory of the morning, and the gentle breeze swept by him. It was the breeze that surrounded her everyday. He looked up and saw her from the bleachers that were slightly misted from the light fog that morning. It had cleared as soon as she walked in. The light inside her drove all his fears away except she could never drive away his love for her. He tried to run away, but he stood still as he tried frantically to escape seeing her.

All he could remember was the dream. That dream was a reality. He could never get away from her; no matter how hard he tried. He woke up to find all of them staring at him. "Davis! We never thought you would get up. You must have been very sleepy to skip lunch," T.K. said. Everyone laughed, but Davis didn't look so happy.

"You know T.K., shut up! I don't need to hear this shit from anyone. You don't even know what... what..." He couldn't finish the sentence. It was just too painful.


"You know what Davis!!!!! You know you don't have to be so mean to T.K. He was just kidding you know. Maybe that's why people think you're a fucking jerk sometimes." She didn't mean to say that. It had just slipped. She watched as his expression deepened to fit his pain. She had never seen him like this. He had always been happy even to the rudest comments, but even she knew that no one had ever said something so hurtful towards him. Then she remembered what he said earlier that day about how nothing serious would get between him in eating. Only something extremely important would bother him. She never should have said that. `Oh my God. Why did I say that to Davis? I don't ever do that. He probably had a good reason to say that. He's my friend and I should apologize before it's too late.'

"I'm really sorry Davis. I didn't mean it like that. I..."

He had interrupted her by saying, "If you see me like that, then you shouldn't care what the hell happens to me. For all I know, I don't want you to consider me your friend if you think I'm a jerk. I'm not worthy of you. I never was, and I never will be. For some odd reason I had thought you were perfect, and you wouldn't try to hurt anyone, but being typical me, I screwed up again because I thought you were different."

Morgan watched as she saw another set of tears ready to explode from his eyes. She then looked at Kari who looked at him with a confusing look as she said, "I didn't mean it like that. It was just that you didn't have to be mean to T.K." She tried to fight back even though she didn't have the right reason.

"Oh, I see. Sticking up for your boyfriend. That's right I forgot that T.K. is more important than me. Stupid Davis you should have known that," as he smacked his head, "I hate to make you feel bad Kari. I really don't mean to, but you have to understand. There's a reason," tears were falling upon his cheek as he continued, "I mean who cares about a guy who just blacked about because ... because he's just trying to get away from someone he loves so much he can't bear to look at her because she doesn't love him back. Do you know who that someone is Kari?? Do you??............... That someone is..... you, but I see you wanted it to be like this for a long time ago. It should have been like this. Maybe then you could have ended this sweet misery in my life."

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