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No More than a Dream

Ch. 2: Change was Never So Difficult

Kari looked at him with her sad hazel eyes. Her face was filled with embarrassment and a feeling of being guilty. Her limp lengthy strands of hair touched the sides of her face, but she pulled the strands over her eyes afraid of her appearance toward him. She looked at the boy who had felt so much pain because of her. He was the boy who admired her, who tried with much hope to win her attention, the boy who was her friend. He was her friend, but he wasn't anymore. She could feel it in the pits of her stomach. She couldn't believe he loved her. All she did to him was hurt him, and he still loved her. She knew she just teased Davis and taunted him day after day. Knowing she now caused him great misery, he didn't mean to hurt her------not even after what she said to him.

The words were unspoken, and Davis knew what she felt. He didn't want to look at her turning his head trying to hide the formed tears that ran down his cheeks although they witnessed his pain and his true feelings. She chose T.K. She didn't care about him anymore; all he was to her was a goofy guy who had a "big crush" on her. That was all it was to her. He couldn't even think about what she considered him now. 'She must think I'm too selfish and that I don't deserve to love her.'

"Davis, I ….. I didn't know. I didn't know," tears were forming and started falling from her eyes, "Please believe me. I didn't ever want to hurt you. Please forgive me. I… I…I"

He interrupted her by saying, "What Kari? You don't ever want to hurt me again. That can't be possible you know. Everyday I just think about you, and it hurts me so much. I know my love for you is truly love and it's nothing else. You make me feel different, you make everything special, and it's my own will I can't control. It's not that easy Kari. I can't forgive you and that's what's killing me. You're right I am a fucking jerk because…. I…. I'm not trying. I could, but I … I just can't. It's better off this way. You love T.K. I shouldn't ever take your happiness away. Please don't c-cry. You don't deserve sadness. I do. I'm really sorry I ever brought this up," his voice trembled as the tears continued to flow.

T.K. watched as all of this was newly revealed to him. He watched as his girlfriend broke down into the sadness drawing her in with forms of glistening water drops of regret. He watched Davis' sensitivity unravel before his very eyes, watching him break down as he slowly ruined his inner being. He sighed in regret. 'It isn't like him to do such a thing. At least I never knew he could act like this. I shouldn't have been so inconsiderate. Who could blame him for loving Kari?? She's simply perfect in every way.'

"I do deserve it," she replied. "I shouldn't have hurt you. What makes it worse is that I did it for all these years."

Morgan watched them break down into their sorrow. "Kari, it's okay. Don't cry." She gave Kari a hug trying to show her comfort. She looked over Kari's shoulder finding Davis very distant from them. For once, he felt so out of place when he was suppose to belong somewhere------ from all places it was here. She worded out the words 'I'm sorry. You'll be fine. I promise. Don't worry.' He nodded and she smiled. She let go of Kari looking at T.K. giving him a look saying it's your turn.

He turned and looked at Kari. "It's alright. Don't cry," T.K. replied. "Look Davis. I think this is all a little misunderstanding. Look I'm really sorry for just saying what I said. I just made your problems more of a bitch, and I'm truly sorry. Now come on you could forgive Kari. We're all friends."

"Look T.K. I know this isn't a misunderstanding. It's not that I don't want to forgive her……… it's just… that… it'll be better off this way. It'll help me. Maybe I could forget this, but nothing can change my feelings for her. I wish I could forget them, but I can't. It's like shit…. the one thing that means so… so much to you isn't part of your life the way you want it to be, and for that I'm being an asshole. I'm sorry you had to hear that."

"Come on Davis. You're not like this. You don't have to drive us away. We can help you." T.K. grabbed his shoulder.

"I don't need your help!!!!!!!" he pushed T.K.'s hand away. "If you knew what I was going through maybe you'd understand, but you… you of all people has everything. We have been rivals ever since we met in Jr. High and don't try to deny it. This doesn't matter. I know we're friends now but still it's the fact that you're with her that still separates me from you. That's the thing that'll always drive me away. It's the fact that it's hard to just…. look at you….knowing you're the one that will make her happy and the one she thinks about each day. It's still hard for me to…stop. I j-just need time to myself." He looked at them and said, "Good bye." He then turned into the fainting brilliance of the sunlight and ran into the path that led him out of their lives.

The others watched in confusion and amazement. Not one of them tried to stop him. Kari yelped through her sorrow trying to shout his name telling him to come back, but her tears overcame the words leaving them as mumbles and short sobs. T.K. held her close putting his arms around her. She felt the security of his presence as she rested her head on his chest. Somehow she felt something was missing.

'I still love T.K. don't I?? It must be that I'm just overwhelmed by what happened today.' She looked up into his childish innocent eyes and gave him an assuring smile telling him thank you for all he did for her. Her tears had died while the dried remains lingered on her face. They would forever remind her of this day. He stroked the softness of her cheek, and the two pulled each other into a hug. She tried to let go, but she reluctantly held on as he pulled her closer into their embrace. They looked at each other and pulled away extending their arms slightly touching the others as they reached for each others' hand.

"I'll walk you home Kari," he smiled. "Davis has gone through an emotional phase. I never saw him cry like that. He doesn't seem like the type who would be so sensitive."

"Oh! What type does he seem like to you?"

"Well, he seems like the funny type who just tries to cheer someone up instead. You know he shouldn't have said that to you. He knew we were going out for four years, and he still had those feelings for you. I'm not jealous or anything it's just he hid them so well."

"What do you mean by that? When he said that he didn't mean to hurt me even after what I said to him."

"No, that he couldn't forgive you."

"I could understand that." A feeling of sadness crept over her face as she stared at the now darkened sky. The blackness of night had taken its place reigning over the city. Watching Kari and T.K. and somewhere the moonlight beams shone around Davis at night and maybe giving him an ounce of faith. Hoping she could assure him she needed him there with her as much as she needed him. She didn't feel pity for him but certain emptiness without him. Knowing he wasn't the same Davis to her now.

She closed her eyes as she listened to the stillness which had brought about the time of slumber. His lips caressed over hers as she sent a signal of unwillingness as she freed herself from his strong hold on her. She opened the door of her home and closed it leaving him there feeling slightly cold with much bewilderment.

She ran to her room ignoring the simple inquiries of her mother. She opened the door to find her brother was in the room staring outside at the stars ------ one of his many things to do to amuse his boredom. Gatomon was curled on top of her bed. She slammed the door as she burst into tears. Gatomon woke up, and Tai turned to find his younger sister facing downwards on her bed.

"Kari, what happened to you? Did T.K. say something to you?"

"No. It's…It's nothing."

"You wouldn't cry for any reason. You can tell me. I'm your older brother. You'd be surprised how much I could understand your problems."

She smiled at him saying, "It's a girl thing. I guess I'm just being emotional….too emotional."

"Oh if it's the time of the month… I get too much of that from Sora and Mimi……. occasionally from my teachers ….even the male ones. They just shout too much." She giggled, but tears still streamed down her face.

"If you don't mind, I'd just need some time to myself. I need to think a little… too many thoughts in my head."

"Sure. I have to meet with Matt and Izzy anyways. I just lost track of time. See you later." He patted her back as he grabbed his jacket and left.

'It's funny how Davis is an exact duplicate of my brother. They were both so stubborn, but somehow they were both in control and how he was so brave. Did I just say he was so brave? Well he is. He does have the crest of courage.' Gatomon looked at Kari sensing it was more than being too emotional.

She watched her as she looked at the pictures on her desk. They were mainly the ones of her friends during the time of their adventures in the Digital World. There was a group picture where they were all on their digimon smiling. A frozen moment she would never forget. There was another of Yolei and Kari shaking hands because of the bet they made that day. There was another when Davis was giving Cody a piggy back ride while Ken and Davis laughed. The digimon were confused that day. There was another one of her hugging Gatomon.

The others were the most recent ones: one where she was dancing with T.K., one was when she visited Yolei at her school, there was another when she was arm in arm with Ken and Davis at their soccer game, another with Morgan fixing her hair, and the last one was when they all did a pyramid with Cody standing on top of them. She smiled.

She then opened the album as one of the pictures fell out. It was the picture of when she was hugging Davis after he gave her a teddy bear, and Yolei had happened to snap a picture while they were at their lockers.


"Kari, umm… I…I umm..." said Davis.

"Why what is it Davis?" she asked sweetly to the blushing boy. She gave him one of her best smiles making him almost fall against the lockers. He slightly tripped and stood up trying to gain back his confidence. She giggled. She loved making him so clumsy.

"Well, I just wanted to give you this…this… this umm… bear. I hope you like it. My…my…s-s-sister thinks it's c-cute. It reminded me of y-you." He was stammering on practically every word. Small sweat drops fell from his forehead as his heart was beating faster each second.

She looked at it in surprise as his hand was outstretched holding onto the bear tightly. She reached her hand out as she gently took the bear out and held it close to her. "Oh it's very cute, Davis. I love it. Thank you so much."

"No problem. I'm really happy you like it." He blushed again as he set a breath of relief out.

She looked at him and she held the bear with one hand as she went closer to him pulling him closer with her freed arm placing it around his neck. He put his arms around her back with acceptance as they both held each other tightly. She smiled as he felt like the luckiest boy there.

Yolei longingly stared at them with an expression of enjoyment. She grabbed her camera out of her bag as she waited for the right moment to take the picture. The two didn't notice, as she took a picture of them. The flash scared Kari as she held on more tightly to Davis. When she noticed what happened, she slightly blushed as she let go of the smiling Davis. She looked at him and left holding the bear. Davis stared in confusion and felt sadness as he watched her run into the halls. For one moment, he felt she might have felt the way he did.

*end flashback*

She looked at the picture after reminiscing of that moment. She was so happy that day when she just held onto him. Her tears had now dried as she wished things could be the same. "Kari, what do you think of Davis?" Gatomon asked.

"Well, he's as much as my friend as Ken, and Yolei, and Morgan…"

"Kari, you don't have to lie to me. I know you, and you know me. You wouldn't cry for just being emotional. Something else got to you. It's with Davis. Isn't it??"

"Maybe…I don't know. It's just he said that…that he loved me, and it was so painful for him that I love T.K. I mean we have been through so much. He was there when I was having problems with T.K. He understood my pain, and now I know why."

"How would you expect him to react Kari??"

"I thought it was a crush but love……that's totally different."

"What do you feel for him??"

"I just don't know anymore. It's that confusing. Maybe I…. well I know so much that I don't feel the same way about him. I just don't see him as my friend."

"If that's how you feel, then how do you feel about T.K.?? I'm sure it's not the same either."

"I just don't feel the same way about him anymore. I feel something is missing, and he can't feel that emptiness." Right there she looked at the teddy bear and looked down.


Davis stared at the sky from his window. It had witnessed the worse of him today, but yet it knew more of Kari than he would ever know. The best he could hope for was she was looking at it from her window as well. He just couldn't keep it inside --- the fact that he still loved her or that he even loved her. Out of everything he knew why did he have to admit his love for her only caused him pain? 'What makes me love her? I know I never have a chance and still I can't stop loving her. It's her smile, or it must be her eyes. The thing I love most is when the sun shines on her hair is as it to falls on her shoulders. The blue digimon looked at him knowing he was thinking about the same thing. It was the only thing that occupied his mind so much.

"Davis, what is love to you??"

"It's the thing that hurts me the most because it's the only thing I feel. It's the only thing I wake up thinking about and go to sleep dreaming about. It was something shattered because I don't have a chance with it."

"Why do you say that? You have a lot of chances Davis. A lot of girls like you. They're practically all over you at your games. You're one of the most popular guys at your school, and you're great at soccer. Everybody loves you. Tell me one person who doesn't feel this way about you."

"Well…..there's one person. Kari." He snickered.

"She likes you too."

"Not the way I do. She likes…no, she loves this guy who she deserves. He's just perfect for her. They're the perfect couple like everyone says. I don't disagree on that ….. it's just a fact."

"He's no better than you. You don't know if she doesn't feel the same way about you." Davis smiled then turned quickly to knock off something on his desk onto the carpet. He shook his hand allowing the pain to spread through as it slowly wore down. He picked up the object which fell, and just set it face down on the desk. Veemon eagerly wanted to see the object which Davis didn't show concern for. He found a slight crack in the middle with a picture of Kari smiling with an arm around Davis. The crack separated the two people. He looked up with confusion as he saw Davis intently stare at a neatly wrapped gift with hearts in his hands. He opened the card which was attached as he took much concentration on his next move. He wasn't sure he should give it to her now. He knew another girl would appreciate it more than she ever will. It was time to change a dream that wasn't a possibility, but it was up to him to make that decision.

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