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"I shouldn't be here," I moaned looking up into his eyes as I pushed against his chest weakly. I should have been putting up a bigger fight I know, but I couldn't help it. I wanted him. I couldn't lie.

He shook his head as his hands tangled in my hair and his lips found mine once more. There was that taste of blood again, swarming over my taste buds as his tongue swirled around mine and his hands squeezed my breasts. I was on fire underneath him, slowly burning, panting and wanting more as his hands and mouth consumed me.

"Eric, I can't!" I moaned loudly pulling my mouth away from his and pushing harder against his rock hard chest. He gave way and I sat up, moving to run toward the door to his bedroom. He caught my arm turning me back toward him and yanking me on top of his body so that I straddled his hips. I could feel him pressing against me and it made me wetter. I moaned again as he gripped both my wrists and pulled me to him, our noses touching as I gazed into his deep eyes. He kissed me again, his tongue massaging mine with his own as he groaned into my mouth.

"What do you want?" he asked pulling away his intoxicating mouth, leaving me gasping above him as I unconsciously grinded myself against him. "What do you need?"

"You, Eric, please I need you," I whispered touching his bare chest. "Please..."

I awoke with a gasp, sitting straight up in my bed in a cold sweat. I looked around finding my bedroom empty and Eric-less which made me groan. I laid back down, bringing up my hand to smooth back my sweat soaked hair. It had been a week since I had met Eric Northman and I had been dreaming of him every night since. All the dreams had been the same, him kissing me and touching me, fire burning through me until he asked me the same questions.

What do you want? What do you need?

I always answered the same.

You, Eric, please I need you.

I knew what my dreams were trying to tell me. I wanted Eric Northman, but I did not know why. I had always tried to stay away from vampires, but now I was dreaming of one. He had invaded my thoughts and dreams and as much as I tried, I just couldn't get him out of my head. I had tried to keep myself busy during the day to keep my mind from wandering off and into Eric land. It worked for the most part, but when the night came he was in my dreams with such an intensity that I thought sometimes I would actually wake up and find him in my bed. I could always hear his voice loud and clear and his touch felt so real that my skin still tingled from the dream.

"I need a shower," I mumbled aloud to myself, rising from my bed and trudging to the bathroom. I glanced at my clock along the way seeing that it was only nine thirty. I had only gone to bed thirty minutes ago. I sighed as I hopped in the shower and scrubbed myself, wanting to wash the imaginary feel of Eric away. When I got out of the shower and redressed in fresh pajamas I wasn't surprised to find that Cassandra was awake and sitting at our kitchen table with a spoon in a tub of vanilla ice cream. She turned to me as I came out of my bedroom toweling my damp hair as I walked toward her. I plopped down in the seat opposite her and sighed heavily.

"Another Eric dream?" she asked looking at me.

I frowned at her. I sometimes imagined she had mind reading powers as well, that or she just knew me so well. I had told her everything that had happened in Eric's office. I didn't have to touch her to know that she was jealous, I had seen it in her eyes, but I hadn't said anything about it. She admitted she was sorry for blabbing about my talent to a room full of vampires, but she was drunk while doing it so I didn't give her to much shit for it. She didn't know what Eric wanted me for and neither did I, but I wasn't very likely going to go ask him.

"Yeah…I just can't get him out of my damn head," I growled holding my head in my hands. "He's like a sickness that you can't get rid of with antibiotics or anything."

Cassandra huffed. "Yeah…that's Eric for you," she mumbled before taking another spoonful of ice cream.

"How did you get mixed up with him anyway?" I asked tossing my towel over the back of my chair and taking the spoon from her.

She sighed and ran her hand through her curly blonde hair, looking at me with her oceanic blue eyes. She had always been the prettier one in our friendship, not dramatically, but she usually caught the attention first. It had never bothered me because I was not that interested in boys or relationships. I wasn't really surprised that Eric had taken notice of her, most guys did.

"I went to Fangtasia with some friends from one of our classes awhile ago and just like you saw he was sitting there in that chair…looking like…a god," she said her eyes glazing over as she looked past me. "He had Pam summon me over and we were talking for awhile before he invited me back to his place and…"

I looked down as she trailed off already knowing where things had led. I had seen it in her head the night I had met him. The both of them rolling around on some unknown bed as she moaned for more of him. I felt that hint of jealousy again and forced it down with a large sigh. I looked back up at her and found her still staring off in a daze.

"Did he bite you?"

She jumped slightly and looked at me with wide eyes before sighing. She lifted her slim hand and brought down the neck of her tank top to reveal two small circular wounds right above her right breast. Eric's fang marks. "Oh…" I said looking back up at her face. "What was it like?"

She huffed again and smiled weakly. "It was…amazing," she admitted. "Made the orgasm ten times better."

I blinked in surprise but said nothing as I ate another spoonful of ice cream and she yawned sleepily. There was a long silence on both of our parts when she sighed. "You should just go and see what he wants you for," she said making me frown. "I don't know what it is honestly and maybe you should just ask."

"Or maybe I should stay away from him so he doesn't rip my throat out," I countered. "Or try to turn me into some fang banging human pet."

She chuckled lightly and took the spoon back from me. "Or maybe you should stop being so damn dramatic and not to mention a chicken shit and just go see him," she replied.

I shook my head. "No…No…And uh hell no."

"Chase what is the worst thing that could happen if you just go and ask him?"

"Uhh let's see… I could be killed!" I shouted making her jump.

Cassandra rolled her eyes and sighed. "We're going. Go get dressed."

I shook my head and frowned. "No. Not this time," I said. "You can't make me."

"Fine, I will just call him and ask him to come here," she replied shortly and rose to her feet. "I do have his number you know?"

"Wait! No!" I said jumping to my feet as well and grabbing her arm. I ignored the flood of images that overtook my brain. Most of them were of Eric.

"So we're going then?" she asked me with a small smirk and a raised eyebrow.

I sighed. "Fine we can go."

I went with more casual attire this time. I wore a pair of my blue jeans, a tight back button down, and the black strappy heels I had wore the last time. I felt much more comfortable in my regular clothes even though I still did not like high heels. I left my hair flowing down my shoulders and didn't bother with makeup. I wasn't trying to impress him, I wanted to know answers. And how was I going to find that out if I was distracting him with my outfit?

I drove again to Fangtasia's and found the parking lot nearly empty. I wasn't that disappointed. I hated large crowds. Cassandra led the way into the bar, holding my hand as I blocked her thoughts. There was no one guarding the entrance so we just went right in finding the bar nearly as empty as the parking lot. There were a few vampires and humans sitting around the bar, and the Indian vampire Long Shadow was tending bar, but other than that the place was pretty much dead. No pun intended. I looked immediately to the chair in hopes to see Eric sitting there. I had no such luck.

"Shit," I muttered looking at Cassandra who was frowning as well.

"I'll go ask Long Shadow if he is in the back," she said squeezing my hand before releasing it and moving toward the bar.

I put my hands on my hips and sighed, feeling a chill run up my spine as I felt a shadow creep over me. I turned quickly jumping when I found a man standing behind me, only a few inches taller than me and his hair longer than mine. His eyes were brown and when he smiled I saw fangs. Shit.

"Hello...," he said, his tongue sweeping over his fangs with practiced ease.

"Uh…hi," I breathed taking a step backward from him.

He took a step toward me, gaining back the space that I had just put between us. "And…who are you?" he asked his smile widening.

"I'm uh…" I started, there was a hitch in my voice and I looked over my shoulder quickly to find Cassandra in deep conversation with Long Shadow. "My name is Chase."

"Chase, hmm? Interesting name for a girl…" he said leaning in closer as he breathed in deeply and sighed as if I was the greatest smelling thing in the world. "Virgin huh? Even more interesting..."

I swallowed hard as I took another step backward. "I uh..." Cassandra get your ass over here and help me!!

"You what?" he said raising his eyebrows as he stepped towards me.

He was so close now we were half an inch from touching. I stepped back, trying to gain space between us when I hit a crack in the floor and felt my heel give. I lost my balance almost instantly sending me falling backward. Mr. Vampire caught me quickly, his bare hand touching mine, sending a flood of images my way. They were of me of course, covered in my own blood, lying across a coffin that I assumed was his. My throat was torn out and I was completely naked although my body didn't look like how it really was. My breasts were bigger and I had a little more meat on me than I actually did. My eyes were open in a dead stare and my arm was curved around my head. I broke contact with him with a gasp feeling myself continuing to fall backward. I was about to hit the hard floor when strong arms caught me making me yelp in surprise. I heard a hiss and a low growl and looked up to find that it was Eric who had caught me and he was glaring at Mr. Vampire, fangs exposed. He set me back on my feet, placing his hand on my stomach; his eyes still on the other vampire. I placed my hand over his, invading his thoughts, allowing me to see him thinking about ripping Mr. Vampire's head off in his mind. I gasped in surprise removing my hand from his.

"Eric..." I started.

"Shush, Chase," he ordered still not looking at me. His complete attention was focused on the long haired vampire. "Justin...do we have a problem?"

The vampire, who I assume was Justin, shook his head before bowing it respectfully. "No, Sheriff. I did not know that she was claimed by anyone...I apologize, Eric."

Eric frowned. "She is my human and she is not to be touched, understood?"

I frowned next. His human? I was my own person thank you very much. But I still felt a little thrill at the thought of him claiming me, but I didn't let it show on my face. I glanced toward the bar and found Cassandra watching the whole event. I beckoned her over with a wave of my hand and she walked toward us slowly. When she reached my side she gripped my arm tightly, thankfully I was protected from her thoughts by my long sleeves.

"Yes, Sheriff, of course," Justin said with a nod finally looking up and right at me. "I will not touch her."

I couldn't help, but get the feeling he was lying. "Perhaps it is time you head home for the night, Justin," Eric said lifting his chin. I could tell it was a command and not a suggestion.

Justin nodded once again and turned to leave without another word. I saw him glance back at me once again as he frowned before he disappeared out of the door. I took a deep calming breath and felt Cassandra release my arm as Eric finally turned to look at us and I saw that he was frowning. "Cassandra…Chase," he said calmly as his frown disappeared. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

I opened my mouth to answer and found that nothing came out. I was nervous and suddenly at a loss for words. Cassandra swooped in to my rescue. "Chase would like to ask you a question," she said glancing at me from the corner of her eyes. I didnt know whether I wanted to thank her or kill her.

Eric raised an eyebrow as he took his eyes from Cassandra and gazed at me. I almost melted right there in front of them both. I blushed in spite of myself.

"Very well then," he said as he turned and headed for a door marked 'employees only', looking back over his shoulder to beckon me with two fingers before disappearing behind it.

I hesitated, looking at Cassandra who gave me a little shove and mouthed 'go' as she pointed toward the door he had disappeared behind. I smiled at her weakly before I moved toward the door quickly, finding that I was once again in his office. It was small with only a desk , some shelves with various things on them, and the black couch that I had fallen on the last time. I hadnt taken much notice the first time I was in there seeing as he had distracted me. I looked around until I found him. He was sitting on the edge of the desk, arms crossed as he watched me shut the door behind myself. I felt my heart beginning to thud in my chest and tried to calm myself by taking a deep breath as I looked him over. He was wearing a pair of black jeans with a blue shirt and a black leather jacket over it and man did he look good. He was watching me intently and it made my hands tingle as I wanted to know what he was thinking. I clenched them into tight fists to keep from reaching for him and put them at my sides.

"So..." I said leaning against the door, trying to be casual. "I am 'your human'?"

His face remained the same, but he uncrossed his arms and put his hands at his sides on the desk. "If I had not claimed you, you would be dead. Didn't you see what was in Justin's head?" he asked softly.

"Of course I did, but how did you?" I asked him.

"I don't need to be a mind reader to know that he was thinking about killing you or raping you...or both," he answered with a small shrug, his eyes darkening.

"So what does that mean? Me being your human?" I asked pushing myself off the door and crossing my arms.

He tilted his head as he gazed at me. "It doesn't mean anything seeing as we do not share a blood bond," he answered slowly. "I was merely saying that to protect you."

"Oh," I said my eyes dropping. I felt disappointed and did not know why. I pushed the feelings back down and lifted my chin proudly. I had come here for a reason and still intended to gather my information. "What do you want me for?"

He smiled slowly, those delicious looking lips curving across his face to reveal white teeth beneath. I felt myself melt on the inside. God how I wanted those lips. He pushed himself off the desk and took a single step toward me, making me have to tilt my head back to keep holding his gaze. I felt my body tense in anticipation of his tense, but forced myself to relax. I was going to resist this time. It wasn't going to be easy this time for him to touch or kiss me. I was determined to resist.

"As I stated before, you intrigue me... and I have use for your talents," he answered honestly.

"Is that all you want me for?" I asked with a frown, feeling offended. "Just because you want to understand and use me for my power?"

"I would think that after being inside my head and seeing my thoughts of you, you would know that is not all that I want you for." His eyes went darker if possible and in the blink of an eye he was right in front of me making me jump.

I walked backwards, my eyes still on his until my back hit the door and I gasped as I realized I was trapped. Oh shit. Fuck, shit and more shit, I thought as I looked up at him. He reached for me and I didn't stop him because I was a chicken and god help me I wanted him. I gave up on my resisting and opened myself to his embrace, wanting to know his thoughts, wanting to feel his touch and more. His hand came up to caress my cheek I took the flood of images that rushed me with a gasp.

I was naked on his bed, face down as he trailed kisses down my spine, his hand curving around my ass as I moaned and begged for more of him. He rolled me over onto my back, his hand tangling in my hair as his lips brushed over mine and he brushed himself against me. He was in me with one thrust making me throw my head back and let out a pleasure and pain filled cry. His fangs unsheathed at my exposed neck making him moan as he leaned forward, his teeth scraping again my flesh before he plunged them into my artery.

"Oh god!" I breathed withdrawing myself from his brain and looking up at him.

He was smiling devilishly, fangs exposed. I was panting from the vision, still feeling his want and need mixed with mine. His hands cupped my face as he leaned toward me, his lips finding mine. His fangs retracted just as my tongue slid into his mouth and massaged his. I let out a small moan that made me shiver and I let my hands explore him, not caring about boundaries or being shy. I pushed his jacket off his shoulders letting the material fall to the floor as he reached down and cupped my ass before squeezing it.

"Do you still think that your talent is all that I want you for now?" he asked me, his lips brushing against mine.

I whimpered, unable to answer him as my blood boiled with want for him. He gripped my hips roughly pulling me hard against him so that I felt every inch of hard muscle he had. I gasped at the feel of it, my hands gripping the material covering his body, wanting to rip it to shreds. I didn't know what was happening to me. I was making out with a vampire, hell I wanted to do more. I had gone from staying away from vampires to wanting to sleep with one, one that had literally told me that he wanted to use me for my gifts and I had only known him for a few days. But I wanted him in return, which made it worse. I should have been pushing him away, telling him to never contact me again and wearing silver all over my body to keep him at bay, but I didn't.

"I know you are a virgin…but have you ever been touched by a man…or vampire?" he asked pulling away from my mouth as he looked into my eyes.

I know he didn't mean in general which made me shake my head quickly as his hands slid up from my hips, brushing over my chest before caressing the smooth skin of my neck. "Never…" I whispered, a low groan escaping my throat.

"Do you want me to touch you?" he asked huskily, his thin fingers beginning to unbutton my shirt. "I will not do this without your consent."

"Yes," I moaned as his fingers reached my final button and spread my shirt open revealing my black laced bra beneath.

His eyes fell to my breasts, letting out a low sigh before one hand reached up and squeezed my right one. I let out a moan making him look into my eyes, his own full of passion and want. He pulled the material of my bra cup aside revealing my hardened nipple, his eyes never leaving mine as he bent his head and sucked it into his mouth. I gasped at the warmth of his mouth, feeling him suckle me as his other hand squeezed my other breast. I felt something well up inside of me quickly, stronger than any other feeling I had ever felt and it quickly consumed me as he continued to suck on me. I threw my head back with a small cry, gripping the doorknob tightly as the feelings continued to sweep through me.

"Eric…oh my-."

I didn't get to finish. The feeling within me burst with an intensity that had me shaking in his arms, his name rolling off my lips in a cry as fluids gushed from me. Every muscle in my body tightened for a moment as I felt a throb between my legs leaving me gasping before slowly all my muscles relaxed and I leaned against the wall. His mouth finally left my breast and I gazed up at him in shock as he straightened.

"Did I just...?" I began slowly looking up at him as his lips slid into a smirk. I blushed, embarrassed. I had just had an orgasm and he hadn't even touched me that intimately. If he could do that just by playing with my breast, I didn't know how I was going to manage actually having intercourse with him.

His smile widened and he pressed himself into me allowing me to feel the hardness of him, it made me shiver as it pressed into my stomach. "Allow me to check," he whispered holding my gaze as his hand slid down my side.

"Wait…Eric?" I started as I felt his hand slide toward the top of my jeans. I was suddenly very nervous and scared. This was getting real all too quickly. Men had sucked on my breasts before, but no man had ever been to the "southlands" as Cassandra and I called them. I had been told it would hurt and I wasn't good at dealing with pain.

He didn't stop moving his hand even as he spoke. "Yes, Chase?" he said so politely as he dipped his hand into my jeans.

I moaned at the feel of his fingers, my panties officially soaked as my eyes rolled and he pressed his fingers against me. "I just...I'm not sure if...oh god..." he pushed the material of my panties aside his fingers brushing in between my folds and right over my clit making me let out a small cry. Pleasure consumed me once again and it over took me, leaving me vulnerable to his thoughts as I let my guard down. I saw myself in his head, laying on the black couch of his office, my hair framed around my face, my pants and panties off as he leaned beside the couch, his face pressed in between my legs. I was moaning loudly, my hands tangled in his long blonde hair, my body trembling as I was just about to-

He withdrew his hand from me quickly; breaking the connection and making me look up at him in surprise. "Stay out of my head," he said sternly, I knew it was an order and it made me shiver. "I want everything I do to you to be a pleasant surprise." He didn't even give me the chance to respond before his fingers were back against me, rubbing me back and forth. I grinded my body against his fingers, moaning as I felt the pleasure begin to build up again, right where it left off. "Aww Chase...you are so wet," he whispered into my ear making me moan in response.

The pleasure was slowly consuming me this time, my eyes rolling as my head lulled back and I reached forward to grip his shoulders to steady myself. All my muscles tightened again, and he quickened his pace, brushing his fingers rapidly back and forth over my clit. I gasped as the pleasure filled me up, rushing me like a tidal wave as my body began to tremble. I could feel the orgasm creeping up and I braced myself for impact biting my lips as his head dipped to my neck and I felt his lips caressing my skin.


I jumped at the loud yell of his name on the other side of the door, snapping me out of my erotic state and making my orgasm recede back to wherever it came from. The person calling his name began pounding on the door making him growl in anger as he withdrew his fingers from me and eased me away from the door. He pulled it open, fangs exposed and I stepped back to see a woman on the other side of the door. She looked older than any of Eric's other employees and her hair was short and blonde. She wore a black tank top and a miniskirt with black heels and she looked absolutely horrified. I quickly closed my shirt to hide my exposed flesh.

"Ginger, what do you want?" he growled looking at the woman who stood in the doorway.

"There's a dead human girl in the parking lot! Someone called the cops too!"

Eric frowned deeply before turning back to me. "Chase, stay here," he ordered before he was rushing out of the door past Ginger.

I sighed and began buttoning my shirt as a cold feeling swept over me and I froze. I felt my stomach sink and was bolting out the door before I had finished buttoning all my clothes. The bar was empty now as I ran through it and burst through the entrance door finding a small circular crowd. I could see blue and red lights coming from the distance and stopped short just outside the door, my heart pounding. Eric turned to me from where he stood in the crowd, his face dropping.

"Chase, stay back," he said sternly looking at me with a frown.

I ignored his commands and came forward, pushing people aside to see the body that lay across the pavement. I saw her curly blonde hair first, such a contrast against the black pavement, then the blue eyes open in a dead stare. Her body was twisted, her skin pale and her throat an odd mix of blue and purple. I felt tears falling down my face as I realized I was looking at the dead body of my best friend Cassandra.